Wellington Scoop

Why sewage shouldn’t be buried in the landfill

by Ali Forrest and Angela Wilson
As residents of Ōwhiro Bay and of Wellington, we are looking for an integrated approach to waste. We would like to see joined-up thinking and a regional strategy for the whole waste cycle. A forward-looking capital city must lead the way. We should change our thinking and treat waste as a resource rather than a problem to dump. Read more »

More buses all day: better travel to Karori and Miramar

by Mike Mellor
Metlink describes several of its bus routes as “high frequency”, commonly defined as a bus every 15 minutes or better from first bus to last bus, every day of the week. With frequency like that, people don’t need a timetable: it’s turn up and go. Read more »

Up the coast: a trip to Japan

cherry blossom in Waikanae

by Norma McCallum
So, your trip to Japan’s cherry blossom festival ended up in the ‘cancelled’ tray? That’s a shame, but there is an alternative. Read more »

Where they’re playing

childrens playground 1
Te Ara Hou Playground in the late afternoon

by James Barber
One of the many playgrounds or papa tākaro which we are lucky to have in Newtown is on the corner of Constable Street and Daniell Street. The taniwha on whose back I grew up, Whātaitai, is depicted in the fort. He is surrounded by pictures and sculptures of kararehe or animals. Read more »

Let’s do it! Costs and risks reduced for Central Library strengthening

library revised 2

by Andy Foster
Thank you Wellington for your feedback on the future of our Central Library. Your input has been thoughtful, informative, and your views have been diverse. Many of you sympathised with us in the decision we have to make – recognising that there were pluses and minuses of each of the five options. Read more »

A case for moving the Library

civic square two buildings

by Bill Beale
The Ian Athfield designed Wellington Central Library that was built in 1991 was placed just a stone’s throw, and a quarter turn around the square, from the 1940 Centennial Library building that it replaced. That building continues to provide great service as the City Gallery. Read more »

Socialising the benefits, but privatising the costs

There’s a slightly alarming trend in Wellington of thinking we can cure public ills by piling costs on private individuals. In an inversion of the usual claim that capitalism “socialises the costs whilst privatising the profits”, we seem to be on a headlong rush to do the opposite – with potentially disastrous effects. Read more »

The only way to get affordable homes

by Guy Marriage
There is a huge misconception amongst some people that building more densely in the inner city will automatically mean more affordable housing. The simple answer is: No, it won’t. The only way to get affordable housing is to legislate that a proportion of any new housing constructed includes affordable homes. Read more »

Affordable housing in the CBD – a pipe dream


There’s an old joke in project management circles: in any project, there are three variables of time, cost and quality … and you can pick any two. It’s a short-hand way of recognising the inevitable trade-offs that a project can be fast, or cheap, or high quality, but never all three. And that’s the heart of the conundrum about affordable housing in the capital. Read more »

No sign of a truce

by Lindsay Shelton
There’s no sign of a truce in the battle over Wellington’s Spatial Plan. Who’d have expected that town planning would create so much passion? Even animosity in some quarters, despite the fact that there’s so much common ground – all the opposing groups agree that Wellington needs more homes. Read more »