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Town Hall strengthening costs go up to $112m – it’ll take 4 years

Wellington Town Hall strengthening project

The budget for strengthening the Wellington Town Hall has gone up from $90m to $112m. Read more »

The fight on the footpaths

by Kate Spencer
Wellington city is to have a trial of e-scooters. It’s happening a lot, where the private sector acts on a market niche and drags governments into action. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not ¬ but what’s clear is that in their discussions Wellington city councillors have been staunchly ignoring the elephant in the room. Read more »

Two town halls: Christchurch has completed the job, we haven’t started


by Lindsay Shelton
It’s more than five years since the Wellington City Council closed the Town Hall and decided to strengthen it – but after five years there’s been no announcement of any contract for the major strengthening work to begin, though $90m has been budgetted for the work. Read more »

An appalling year for the buses

by Daran Ponter
It’s been an appalling year for all concerned with Wellington’s public transport. The Regional Council let the side down badly – execution was just simply poor on so many fronts. Some of these issues were outside the Council’s immediate control, but at the end of the day the buck has to stop with the Council / Metlink. Read more »

The need for long-term vision

by Keith Flinders
Had NZTA been running things in the 1920s, then the Mt. Victoria tunnel would have been designed to be one lane only, with traffic light control each end I expect. Those running and governing the WCC in the early 1900s displayed a vision which lasted well beyond their terms at the helm. Read more »

Bits and gaps – everyone’s job, and no-one’s

by Talk Welly
Since Wellington cities rejected the amalgamation proposal in 2012, we’ve stuck with our structure for planning stuff: four cities, five district councils (most of the public-good physical fabric and operations of our towns and cities), and a regional council (air, soils and earth, natural water, biodiversity, bits of public transport). Read more »

An affordable option: rail and road in one tunnel


by Glen Smith
Planning is being undertaken for a possible light rail spine linking Wellington Railway Station with Wellington Airport. The evidence supporting this is compelling. And there is an option for overcoming one of the key obstacles – an affordable and minimally destructive route across Mt Victoria. Read more »

Cancelling buses and trains

by Lindsay Shelton
Metlink introduced its new bus timetables yesterday. Things didn’t go too well. Sarah Free reported that over 30 morning bus services were cancelled in the eastern suburbs. Dave Armstrong wrote: it’s sad that even people who want to catch buses and trains are losing faith. Read more »

A Chinese Garden in a Chinese place


by Helene Ritchie
It’s time to make progress on a winning Chinese garden. There’s been no progress except for one (recent) court case. But that’s not progress, it’s expensive argument with winners and losers – not good for the city. And the proposed waterfront site has no connection with the Chinese community, upsets many people unnecessarily and is a long way from being started. Read more »

An end to four decades of defending the city’s environment

by David Lee
With great regret, Action for Environment’s residual committee has decided that our organisation can no longer continue to effectively operate. Read more »