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Sex and the law

Concerned comments from women have been the key response to this week’s report of sexual harassment at one of Wellington’s biggest law firms. Read more »

Who’s to blame? How to change?

It hasn’t been a very good couple of years for Wellington’s public transport system. Our low-carbon trolley buses are sitting in the scrap-yard along with their cable infrastructure, the rail system has been plagued with failures and strikes, and the grandiose plans for electric buses and light rail and bus rapid transit are still firmly lodged in the file marked “pipe dreams”. Read more »

Rita Hayworth on the big screen


One of the many delights of the Wellington Film Society’s 72nd season, which begins on Monday week, will be to see Rita Hayworth as Gilda in the legendary 1946 film noir directed by Charles Vidor. And, like all the society’s films this year, it’ll be shown on the big screen at the Embassy Theatre. Read more »

A letter from a train (after getting on a bus, eventually)

An open letter to Chris Laidlaw from Feargus ORaghallaigh
Dear Chris Laidlaw,

You are the boss of the Regional Council, the ‘Big Chief’ as they say in ‘Westerns’ (or used to). I live with my partner Trish under your extended chieftainship: we are ‘Coasters’ out on Kapiti’s ‘golden coast’. I have a bone. Read more »

The holiday is over


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington city councillors end their long summer holiday today, with the first council meeting of 2018. Read more »

Light rail by 2027: proven, low risk and fast


Fit Wellington, stating the case for its Scenario A+, says that mass transit in Wellington City as proposed by LGWM is necessary but not sufficient. Read more »

Time to build light rail “urgently,” say Greens


The Wellington Central branch of the Greens has told LGWM that it supports Scenario A, which prioritises public transport, walking and cycling in the central city. But it wants more support for these modes of travel – “this is what the public supported loud and clear in the early LGWM consultation.” The Greens’ submission states: Read more »

Train chaos follows six months of rail failures – who’s responsible?

Photo: Patrick Morgan

In the midst of a heatwave, Wellington’s trains ground to a halt yesterday because of a major power outage. The result was chaos as thousands struggled to get home in the heat and traffic congestion, with delays and restrictions lasting well into this morning. This is the latest in a series of management failures and operational disasters that have plagued the network over the last six months or more. Read more »

Residents want better public transport and liveability

The Mt Victoria Residents Association has told the LGWM planners that none of their scenarios appears to fully reflect the principles which have been developed for transport improvements in Wellington, particularly those regarding climate change, health and the environment. Read more »

Living Streets wants a friendlier environment for pedestrians

Living Streets Aotearoa has told LGWM that Wellington has the highest, and increasing, rate of adults walking to work in New Zealand. It says there is nothing ‘broke’ about Wellington from a walking perspective but it could be much better with even more people out enjoying walking, by reducing the frustrations for commuter walkers among others (e.g. at road crossings). Read more »