Wellington Scoop

More screens in Lower Hutt, fewer in Wellington

by Lindsay Shelton
Will the Readings plan to reopen three cinemas in High Street be enough to start resuscitating Lower Hutt’s dead heart? Maybe High Street is beyond rescuing, but the three cinemas will have another result – they’ll divert some Hutt Valley moviegoers from coming into Wellington to see the newest releases. Read more »

Getting faster to the bottlenecks

by Ron Beernink
Most of the world has figured out that creating bigger, wider, additional roads does not fix traffic problems. It only makes it worse as it encourages more traffic. Transmission Gully will be an example of this. Read more »

Celebrating our steps


by Alana Bowman
This week has seen the launch of a website dedicated to the outdoor steps found all around Wellington. This little project is the result of my coming across the steps as I walked around the city – I was surprised by where they led and that there were so many of them. Read more »

Building roads – by stealth


by Glen Smith
The slick artist’s impressions in the ‘transformational’ transport plan put forward by LGWM present a vision of Wellington that reflects the type of transport solutions the public have long sought for our city. And the aims, including more cycling and walking options plus ‘moving more people with fewer vehicles’, appear laudable. However we know that artist’s impressions rarely reflect reality, and that LGWM consists largely of the NZTA, renowned for pursuing road-based solutions, and the Regional Council which has a poor recent record in transport planning. Read more »

Traffic vs pedestrians – the problem isn’t solved

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s regrettable that last week’s LGWM announcement does nothing to fix the problem of State Highway 1 traffic running through the entire length of Vivian Street.
Read more »

Uncertainties and contradictions among LGWM’s good intentions


by Lindsay Shelton
It’s expensive. It’s full of good intentions for fewer cars and happier and healthier walking and cycling and better buses (somehow.). But parts of today’s LGWM announcement are vague and sometimes contradictory. For example it talks about creating a dedicated mass transit route from the station to the airport. But there’s no decision on what the mass transit would be. Read more »

Nine years to nirvana?

by Kerry Wood
The Regional Council’s 2018 bus contracts will end in 2028, and new contracts could be nirvana. Read more »

Ten years to bustastrophe

by Kerry Wood
Five central-Wellington bus problems identified by Opus ten years ago are still unresolved. Read more »

A recipe for insurance disaster?

by Jenny Condie
The Wellington City Council is planning how to accommodate 80,000 new residents in Wellington over the next 30 years. Meanwhile, home owners in Wellington are facing insurance premiums up to three times higher this year. Justin Lester’s response was to summon insurance companies to a mayoral forum, presumably for a stern talking to. It’s an understandable response, but is the problem simply a case of corporate greed? Read more »

Fixing the trains, slowly


by Lindsay Shelton
The Regional Council’s poor reputation for overseeing public transport took another blow this week, with Barbara Donaldson’s explanation of why many of Metlink’s commuter trains have been running without enough carriages. The reason, she told us: maintenance inadequacies. Read more »