“Life is hell:” the fate of 9 families next to the Kapiti expressway construction site

by K Gurunathan
I urge the NZ Transport Agency to seriously look into the purchase of about nine properties significantly affected by construction of the Kapiti Expressway. Read more »

Managing it, or losing it

harbour porirua
Photo: PCC

by Jim Mikoz
If we don’t get better management of the Porirua Harbour, we will be the last generation to use it. Read more »

Washing cars and polluting the harbour

by Lindsay Shelton
I thought everyone knew about the dire state of Porirua Harbour, and the brave and belated attempts to reduce its pollution. But not, apparently, three people who say they don’t agree with a bylaw to stop the harbour being polluted through the stormwater drains. Read more »

What to do at the Basin? And who’ll be making the decisions?

basin panorama

by Lindsay Shelton
You thought the Transport Agency made all the roading decisions? Not according to the DomPost, which reports the Prime Minister as saying: “We need to find a solution …. I just don’t have answers to it at the moment.”
Read more »

Restructuring the Transport Agency

by Peter Dunne
Like many residents of Wellington, I was delighted when the High Court ruled that the appeal by the Transport Agency against the flyover alongside the Basin Reserve was to be rejected. And I want to say that this is the time to drop this crazy idea. Read more »

MIB, not BRT

by Nicola Young
Our bus service is in crisis, due to the failed and confused leadership of the two regional authorities responsible – the Regional Council and the City Council. Read more »

Back in court, on waterfront issues

kumutoto precinct plan

by Patrick McCombs
Waterfront Watch is back in the Environment Court today, contesting another building on the waterfront. The 5-storey office building is proposed for the site opposite the Post Office building on Waterloo Quay that’s currently used for campervans. Read more »

Seven years of community opposition, and the defeat of the Transport Agency

by Lindsay Shelton
Friday’s second rejection of the Basin flyover comes at the end of almost seven years’ community campaigning against the plan. Seven years when the Transport Agency persisted in ignoring the community, and eventually persuaded the city council to do the same. Read more »

High Court rejects Transport Agency’s bid to get approval for Basin flyover


The High Court today dismissed the NZ Transport Agency’s attempt to overturn the rejection of its controversial plan to build a 300-metre concrete flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Fixing public transport, from the inside

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellingtonians who are dubious about some of the Transport Agency’s decisions have a chance to change things, from the inside. You can apply for a job with the Agency … but be quick, because applications close today. Read more »

A broken promise in Berhampore – cycle-way delayed for 3 years

by Curtis Nixon
The Wellington City Council has made the politically-expedient decision that there will be no money for a cycle-way through Berhampore over the next three years. This dis-honours its previous commitment through setting up a citizens’ panel and hearing submissions towards building the cycle-way. Read more »

Saving, or losing, the Town Belt

by Lindsay Shelton
When city councillors last night capitulated to pressure from the Transport Agency, they agreed to change draft legislation (which they’d earlier unanimously supported) that’s supposed to protect the Town Belt. So much for protection – the changes would make it easier for the Transport Agency to put bulldozers through part of the Town Belt if and when they start widening Ruahine Street to build a motorway to the airport. Read more »

A duty to shareholders, a duty to the city

by Sea Rotmann
We need to state upfront that we do appreciate that Wellington International Airport Limited is a corporation, run by its majority shareholder Infratil, and as such has specific mandates to fulfil for its shareholders. Read more »

Why does Robbie need the council’s help?

basin robbie williams

by Lindsay Shelton
Why does the city council want me to buy tickets to Robbie Williams’ show at the Basin Reserve? And not just any tickets. It’s telling me that I should buy the most expensive “reserve lounge” package. Read more »

Fixing the problem in 90 minutes

by Lindsay Shelton
The city council is holding an ‘education summit’ tomorrow morning. It’s to focus on solving the problem that Wellington isn’t attracting enough overseas students. But the chances of fixing the problem don’t seem to be too great, because the summit will run for only 90 minutes. Read more »

Absentee owners

by Lindsay Shelton
Some of us were surprised last week to learn that a wealthy Hong Kong family is seeking permission to buy car parks in Wellington. It’s the Kwok family, which already owns the Wilson Parking company which runs 19 car parks in the capital. Read more »

$3m/$300m: questions and (some) answers about extending the runway

airport before and after
Lyall Bay – before and after the runway extension. From Guardians of the Bays.

by Stan Andis
I only had a few hours warning that a presentation by Wellington Airport was to take place before a Wellington City Council meeting on 4 August. The topic was a long overdue update on progress relating to the airport runway extension, for which the Council has paid almost $3million. It soon became evident that there are many more oceans to cross. Read more »

Arrogance at the Transport Agency, about speeding, and the flyover

by Peter Dunne
The news that NZ Transport Agency staff had racked up 8,500 speeding infringements over a nine month period was bad enough, but the subsequent comment from the chief executive that probably no more than 50 staff were involved turned bad enough into sheer farce. Read more »