Closed and empty: time to reopen a significant city building

alexander turnbull house

by Rachel Underwood
During the recent celebration of Wellington’s 150 years as the nation’s capital, one of the few disappointments was that Turnbull House was not featured nor open. The sign on the front door simply said ” closed to public.” Read more »

Planning a white elephant

by Lindsay Shelton
This week’s release of cheap seats ($99) for AC/DC at the Stadium is a reminder that there’s only a limited number of touring groups who are able to ask and obtain high prices for their shows. Read more »

The billionaire and the rubbish tip

by Lindsay Shelton
Were you surprised to learn that the smelly rubbish tip in Porirua is run by a company that’s owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world? Read more »

The mayors will decide?

by Lindsay Shelton
While planning to change the roads at Basin Reserve continues as secretively as ever, the region’s mayors have started some secret meetings of their own – to decide how local government should be restructured after the massive rejection of amalgamation. Read more »

After 170 years, greater protection, and enhancement, for Town Belt

by Helene Ritchie
The Wellington Town Belt Bill as an Act will be an historic piece of legislation, designed over five years of consultation over the preceding management plan, drafting instructions and the Bill. Hundreds of Wellingtonians have fought to ensure greater protection, enhancement and management of the Town Belt for future generations. Read more »

No excuse for their continuing secrecy

by Lindsay Shelton
After the open public processes at the Board of Inquiry and the High Court, it is shameful that local politicians are working behind closed doors to discuss the next stage of planning roads around the Basin Reserve. They should have nothing to hide. Read more »

Town Belt takeover

by David Lee
Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson is dismissive of Action for Environment’s claim that the Wellington Town Belt Bill will override the Town Belt Deed, the governing document which gifted the land to the people of Wellington. Read more »

A good month for film books

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s a good month for Wellington books about the New Zealand film industry. Read more »

Protecting the south coast; residents challenge approval for 13 new houses

houghton bay CU

by Coral Hyam
The Friends of Houghton Valley are fundraising to pay for a judicial review of the Wellington City Council’s decision to grant a non-notified resource consent for a development of thirteen houses at 215 Houghton Bay Road, on the boundary of the Te Raekaihau Park Reserve. Read more »

He’s right, they’re wrong

island bay cycleway at last

A doomed cause. That’s the correct verdict today from the DomPost, assessing the threat of court action against the Island Bay cycleway. Read more »

It takes two?

by Lindsay Shelton
Less than a month after the Wellington City Council rewarded its chief executive for his revitalised economic strategy, the city has welcomed a second chief executive with a similar responsibility. Read more »

Move over Kevin, here comes Chris

by Lindsay Shelton
The newly-arrived boss of the newly-created Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency aims to listen, learn and lead. His mission is to create economic growth, and he’ll be starting with the city’s international education sector, which he says has underperformed. Read more »

Things to come: the expressway (four lanes? six lanes?) through Hataitai

expressway ruahine street

by Lindsay Shelton
Once decisions have been made about the Basin Reserve, our transport leaders will be turning their attention to Hataitai, and the expressway through the suburb that has long been planned to move traffic faster to and from the airport. Read more »

Dave gets it right

by Lindsay Shelton
Roading problems around the Basin Reserve aren’t rocket science (even though the Transport Agency hasn’t been able to deal with them). Dave Armstrong got it right yesterday when he described them in one precise paragraph. Read more »

No place for pro-flyover councillors in next round of Basin planning

It’s wrong that flyover supporters have chosen themselves as the “transport leaders” to decide what needs to be done to the roads around the Basin Reserve. Their preferred project has twice been rejected through legal processes. They should stand down in favour of people with a clean slate and an un-blinkered vision. Read more »

Chinese money? Chinese workers?

The Wellington City Council seems pleased with a memorandum of understanding that it has signed in Beijing. The signing ceremony took place in front of a banner stating “Wellington Airport Expansion Project Signing Ceremony.” A photo shows the banner behind Councillor Jo Coughlan, who sits between the bosses of a Chinese property development company and a Chinese construction company as the three of them exchange signatures. Read more »

Secrecy is not the answer – six people meet to plan Basin changes

by Lindsay Shelton
A secretive six-member group has made a move to decide on the next stage of roading changes at the Basin Reserve. But it’s indefensible that a majority of the group’s six members were supporters of the twice-rejected flyover plan. Read more »

Build motorways, prepare for more cars

What will be the result of completing Transmission Gully and the new motorway that’s being bulldozed through the quiet towns of the Kapiti Coast? Yes, you may be able to get to Levin in half the time. But worse: the new expressways are expected to bring over 11,000 more cars into the CBD – that’s 20 per cent more than now – every morning. Read more »