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Why Andy Foster would be a good mayor

by Ian Apperley
One of Wellington’s worst kept secrets popped out last Friday afternoon with Andy Foster announcing his run for the mayoralty with Peter Jackson in support. Read more »

Mayoral candidates: making their plans visible, or not

With the local elections less than two months away, it’s time to look at the mayoral candidates and how good a job they’re doing of letting Wellington know about their exciting policies and revolutionary ideas. So settle back and relax for a journey into the wild world of electoral cyberspace. Read more »

Coming soon: bustastrophe 2


by Glen Smith
Till the recent network changes, Wellington had a bus system that consisted almost entirely of ‘direct’ bus routes. People travelled on a bus which continued all the way without transfer to the CBD (or beyond in many cases) with many buses sharing a common route for part of the journey. This design served Wellington well for decades. Read more »

Way ahead of us – we should be copying Auckland

While it’s true that Wellington is the coolest little capital on the planet and that you can’t beat the place on any of our many good days, it’s instructive to get out once in a while and see how other cities are shaping up. The big surprise: Auckland is a long way ahead of us in public transport. Read more »

The ecological emergency, and the threat to our tiny snail

by Andy Foster
Last month the redoubtable PCGM wrote on Wellington Scoop about an ‘emergency with no urgency,’ following the Wellington City Council’s declaration of a Climate Change Emergency. At the same time as the Climate Emergency was declared, I proposed, and my colleagues all agreed, that we become the first city at least in New Zealand to declare an Ecological Emergency. Read more »

Fewer buses will make things better?

by Lindsay Shelton
In the second year of Wellington’s failing bus service, the woman in charge announced this week that the regional council will improve the service by reducing the number of peak-hour services. On ten routes. Read more »

Continuing concerns: transport, rates, housing …

by Ian Apperley
Last week was more or less the same as previous ones, with the Let’s Get Wellington Moving campaign under fire again (face it, it’s on fire), housing ideology, rates rises, and more climate change issues for the Wellington City Council. Read more »

Losing the right to vote – racism in the criminal justice system

by Christine McCarthy
The release today of the Waitangi Tribunal’s report He Aha i Pērā Ai today is further endorsement of the ongoing challenges to section 80(1)(d) of the Electoral Act which denies all prisoners the right to vote. While many responding to He Aha i Pērā Ai will rightly zero-in on the significance of the Tribunal’s recommendation that section 80(1)(d) be repealed, the report has potentially greater significance for future criminal justice reform. Read more »

A moving transport manifesto

Lest the hard-working contributors to wellington.scoop (or its clever community of commenters) ever be accused of not offering solutions to the city’s transport woes, here’s a biased but practical zero-carbon manifesto for moving around our fair city in the decades ahead. Read more »

Rates increases – coming to a letterbox near you


by Andy Foster
Most of us got our rates bills for the new financial year on Friday. This is the first rates bill after the recent revaluations, so if your property rose in value by more than the average, there is definitely some particular pain there. Read more »