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Another emergency – are they struggling?


by Lindsay Shelton
On Friday, Wellington Water’s chief executive said “we would be struggling if anything else was to happen.” Then yesterday, Wellington Water announced another emergency. Read more »

Dirty water


by Lindsay Shelton
It’s been a bad few weeks for the council-owned Wellington Water company. Its most recent problem is sewage contamination in Owhiro Bay, ten years after the pollution was first reported. Read more »

Our buildings and history – how to impress so many tourists

Old Government Buildings in 1877. Alexander Turnbull Library photo Ref: 1/2-070300-F from Wellington City Council

by Lindsay Shelton
When Wellington.Scoop was new, I wrote about tourists (ten years ago there were far fewer of them than now) and why they should be told about our city’s magnificent heritage buildings. With three (!) cruise ships in town today, it’s worth reminding visitors that Wellington offers a far more impressive range of places to see, during their brief stay, than they might realise. Read more »

Ten years planning to block harbour views (2)


Plans which led to the canyon that’s been created on Waterloo Quay were begun more than ten years ago, when the Wellington City Council started an attempt to restrict public consultation for new buildings on the Kumutoto site. The vote was the first step in a process that would result in the enormous new building that has replaced the panoramic views. Read more »

Ten years’ planning to block harbour views (1)


If anyone has wondered how Wellington allowed a bleak canyon to be created on Waterloo Quay, a look back at the first months of Wellington.Scoop shows that the plans first emerged at the end of 2008, when the city council began an attempt to restrict public involvement in planning for new buildings on the Kumutoto site. This was the first step in a process that would result – ten years later – in construction of the enormous new building that has replaced the panoramic views. Read more »

It was time for a change

by Lindsay Shelton
I’ve been a customer of Wellington-owned Nova Energy for more than ten years. Looking back through the first months of Wellington.Scoop, I was reminded of why I switched to them, and why I gave up on my previous supplier. Read more »

Big spending

by Lindsay Shelton
Looking back to the early days of Wellington.Scoop, there was plenty of evidence about how the Wellington City Council was torn between controlling its spending, and spending more on big projects that seemed, to many of us, to be unnecessary. Has anything changed? Read more »

Against the flyover, since 2008


by Lindsay Shelton
One of the most successful campaigns supported by Wellington.Scoop has been the opposition to plans for a flyover at the Basin Reserve. One of our first reports after this website was created described one of the first meetings called to oppose the flyover. Read more »

No swimming: a wasted 12 years


by Lindsay Shelton
Twelve years ago the Wellington city council said it didn’t want to have a large empty building site in Mt Cook. A year later it got what it didn’t want. It allowed the Boys Institute swimming pool to be demolished to make way for a supermarket. The prime site has been empty ever since. Read more »

The year that ended badly


by Lindsay Shelton
What a way to end the year – millions of litres of sewage flowing into the harbour, and questions about why Wellington is using sewage pipes that are 90 years old or more. (A 110 year old pipe was used in the rescue process.) Read more »