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Renters, landlords, and water meters

by Conor Hill
As every Wellingtonian knows, our water is in a complete mess. Pipes are busting, projects are blowing out, and change seems achingly slow. Luckily our Mayor, and the boffins at Wellington Water, have released reports with the same solution: water meters and volumetric charging. Unluckily, this solution ignores the half of Wellingtonians who rent. Read more »

Expanding the airport, in a climate emergency

airport extension 2

by Benoit Pette
Wellington Airport has issued a ‘notice of requirement” that it wants to change the designation of the southern part of the Miramar Golf Course to “airport operation purposes”. If the land designation changes, the Airport will be allowed to transform half of the golf course into parking for planes, right under residents’ windows. Read more »

Farewell to the Regional Council

no name signs

The Wellington Regional Council has moved in to its new offices in Cuba Street, but it has left its name behind. Read more »

A sheltered city

by Craig Palmer
The National Policy Statement on Urban Development is inappropriate for Wellington. In favouring widespread high-rise development, it steers this city towards exacerbating its climatic and seismic disadvantages. Read more »

Out of sight no longer – how the city’s water woes must be fixed

by Andy Foster
Collectively, Wellington City Council’s Three Waters network (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater) includes 2,653 km of pipes, 65 reservoirs, 103 pump stations, and three treatment plants, and is valued at approximately $3.86 billion. Read more »

Municipal Office Building to be demolished, and rebuilt – possibility of private investment

MOB Wcc photo
Photo from WCC

Wellington City Councillors today accepted a staff recommendation and voted to demolish the Municipal Office Building next to the Town Hall. The building was to have been leased by Victoria University as part of the new National Music Centre, but strengthening costs have risen to $84m, which councillors were told made the plan uneconomic. Read more »

The arguments against demolition

by Helene Ritchie
The mayor and Wellington city councillors would be well advised to vote against the recommendation to demolish the Municipal Office Building in Civic Square. The Council should only to be focusing on the most pressing issues. Demolition of perfectly good public buildings is not one of them. Read more »

Kapiti Airport: a plea to the PM about safety and saving lives

An open letter to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
From Kapiti Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan

I write this open letter to your Office as a last plea for your Government to make a clear and comprehensive decision on the current and future role of the Paraparaumu Airport as a strategic operations asset for the Wellington Region during a major civil emergency. Read more »

All I want for Christmas

by Conor Hill
I might be a little bit late to the party, but well done Labour on such a convincing election win. Now the handbrake is off, we get to see what they’ll deliver for Wellington. My Christmas wishlist is long, but today I’m going to focus on two specific requests – building a new master-planned community in eastern Wellington, and extending income-related rents to council housing tenants. Read more »

Raising money, spatially

by James Fraser
Last week I attended another public meeting about the Draft Spatial Plan, this one organised by Inner City Wellington at St Peter’s on Willis Street. We heard speakers including our Mayor and Councillor Pannet. Through the murky fog of these last few months of public presentations, debates, zoom meetings, submissions, lobbying, etc, all is now crystal clear: It’s About The Money. Read more »