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Choosing expansion for the Central Library

library option 3a

This 17-storey tower on top of the Central Library is one of three options for the building to be considered by Wellington city councillors at a meeting next week. The options are included in a paper in which staff make recommendations about “building print optimisation and sustainability options.” Read more »

Deciding on the future of Civic Square

civic square council drawing

by Helene Ritchie
I mourn the loss of what was until recently our magnificent inviting active world class Civic Centre. It is first and foremost the people’s place, a public amenity, not private property or property to be privatised. Read more »

Bringing life back to Civic Square

civic square perfect ex expedia

by Andy Foster
Te Ngakau – Civic Precinct should be the beating heart of our city – a place for events, music, entertainment, relaxation, casual fun, protests, celebrations; a place that reflects our heritage and our stories, a beautiful, flexible, resilient, connected place to enjoy and be proud of – a place for everyone, a place for life! Read more »

Treatment needed for Emergency Department


by James Hollings
The accident happened about 9.10 on a Sunday morning, two weeks ago now. One minute we were chatting in the sunshine on the grass at Kilbirnie Park. Next minute we were on the way to hospital. One of our children was injured, and paramedics told us we had to go to Wellington Hospital emergency department immediately. Read more »

70 NZ Bus cancellations “not good enough”

Opinion from Metlink
Passengers travelling on Metlink services operated by NZ Bus experienced almost 70 last-minute cancellations on Wednesday. Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher said the recent service from NZ Bus simply wasn’t good enough. Read more »

Getting change by making trouble

by Eugene Doyle
I want to talk about the role that activists like me have in triggering real change in the water sector. I want to share the stresses, some of the tactics and the way people like me think, all in the hope that it will encourage water sector executives, council staff and political leaders to work more constructively with us. But, first, a bit of context … Read more »

Missing the buses: why so many cancellations?

by Roger Blakeley
We know how disruptive bus cancellations are across the network. This is a response to readers who have been asking what is causing the cancellations and what is Metlink doing to stop them. Read more »

Preparing for more rates increases

By Jem Traylen
Wellingtonians are facing more rate increases on top of a previously signalled 5.77% average for the next decade. Read more »

Is the show over before we see the programme?

by Marcus Anselm
It’s autumn, the season for local government long-term planning and consultation. The intensely prepared, heavily workshopped consultation documents are let loose on an eager public. But do the councils really care what we think? Read more »

What must be done, and how to do it

by Guy Marriage
Both locals and imported experts have no problem observing the problems present in Wellington – you only have to stand on a street corner for 10 minutes to observe that our city has some real issues. Read more »