Comments crash – an apology

Since Wellington.Scoop began more than six years ago, comments from readers have been an integral part of what we publish. So it’s embarrassing for us that our comments system has failed. Read more »

Rotarians partnering on plan to kick-start Wellington social enterprises

News from Akina
The Rotary Club of Wellington and the Ākina Foundation have joined forces to kick-start Wellington region-based social enterprises by providing $10,000 in cash to promising start-ups. Read more »

James Shaw snatches Greens co-leadership from veteran MP Kevin Hague

greens coleaders

Report from BusinessDesk by Pattrick Smellie
First term Wellington-based Member of Parliament James Shaw has snatched the male co-leadership of the Green Party, beating out veteran MP Kevin Hague for the post and saying he believed the Green Party could attract support from people who have been “holding their noses and voting for National.” Read more »

$90million, but only if …..

celia and justin
Photo: Infratil

When city councillors this week reconfirmed their decision that the city should pay $90million towards the unknown cost of extending the airport runway into Cook Strait, some pre-conditions had been added. The key one: that an international airline should have committed to using the runway, before the council hands over the money. Read more »

A second vote for strengthening the Town Hall – so when does the work start?

by Lindsay Shelton
There’ll be general approval that the city council has voted, again, to strengthen the Wellington Town Hall. But some of the details remain vague. And you have to wonder why the council needed to have a second vote for something they’d agreed to do two years ago. Read more »

The scandal of the Town Hall – closed for eight years?

by Helene Ritchie
According to a timetable received by councillors this week, Wellington’s Town hall is to be closed for at least eight years. The issue is not that it should be opened immediately but that strengthening should be immediately continued without delay. Read more »

The rain, the drains, the buses

by Ian Apperley
A week or so after 30 year, 50 year, 80 year, and 100 year rain events, no answers are forthcoming about why the city was shutdown because of a slip and a large puddle. Nor are any answers forthcoming on what the Wellington City Council in particular is going to do about the woeful state of its storm water. It’s a shambles and, in the middle of all of this, emergency management was really nowhere to be seen. Read more »

Tales from the floods

subway 2
Subway becomes swimming pool at Petone Station yesterday

So many stories from yesterday’s heavy weather. Read more »

Massive cleanup overnight, but more congestion expected

Cleanup of the slip on SH1 near Pukerua Bay. Photo: NZTA

News from NZTA
Wellingtonians are advised to consider alternatives to their usual morning commute on Friday morning. Read more »

Blaming the drains

by Ian Apperley
The Mayor was blaming older drains for this week’s flooding in Wellington. She points out that the council have already spent “millions” on stormwater and have budgeted $200 million for the next ten years. But that figure can’t be correct, because the new investment planned is $25 million per annum and that has to include all infrastructure, which means water and wastewater as well. So the actual figure is likely to be much lower. Read more »

Defending the waterfront

by Mary Munro
This year marks 20 years since Waterfront Watch was formed. It has been a long 20 years with some significant battles being fought. And clearly, with the present draft waterfront development plan, there is still a role for Waterfront Watch to play. Read more »

Photographing recipes and nudes

If there’s anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Unity Books and Whitcoulls, there’s a report this morning that makes things absolutely clear. Read more »

Feedback, surveys and statistics

by Regan Dooley
It was a shame to see Councillor Paul Eagle continuing to claim to speak for “the majority of Island Bay” in a May 6 letter to The Dominion Post. He also made a similar comment about representing “the silent majority” during the council debate on the draft cycling framework on April 30. Read more »

14 PHOTOS: Prince Harry given multiple welcomes during his day in Wellington

harry wave 2
Photo: Governor-General of NZ

Prince Harry arrived in Wellington this afternoon at the start of a seven-day visit to New Zealand. Read more »

First Rex, now Kerry – why the Town Hall should be re-opened

Rex Nicholls was right when he said last month that the Town Hall should be reopened. And now his wife Kerry Prendergast has repeated the message, even more forcefully. Read more »

Propaganda and a longer runway

by Ian Apperley
With oral submissions on the long term plan being heard by the city council this week, we see the airport runway extension plan starting to come undone. Consultation to date has been, in my opinion, a sham, typical of the arrogance of the uninformed and money men (and women) who try to sell us this snake oil. Read more »

$90m runway commitment, but no council decision and no business case

by Helene Ritchie
As the former Chair of the Airport Authority for eight years, and chair of all New Zealand Airport Authorities for five, I have followed the discussion on the airport runway extension with interest. In an endeavor to be helpful, here are a few perhaps disturbing facts, relating to costs and Council decisions (or lack of them) which the public may not be aware of. Read more »

Cycleways, software and openness

The city council praised itself yesterday for the “robust and open procurement process” that was used to choose its new single-platform software system. But in comparison with the prolonged debate about cycleways (which also reached a decision this week), neither robustness nor openness have been visible during the process of choosing new software. Read more »