Extending the runway: one truck every minute, for ten hours every day

by Lindsay Shelton
The brutal reality of constructing a longer runway at Wellington Airport is revealed in one of the 27 reports that were published this week. It provides startling details of the number of trucks-with-trailers that will be needed to carry rocks through the city for the reclamation – one every minute, for ten hours every weekday. Read more »

In only five years? The airport’s runway campaign reaches new heights

airport to everywhere 2

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington Airport’s overpowering campaign in support of extending its runway has reached new heights this morning, with this advertisement showing flights from here to … almost everywhere. Read more »

A (brief) victory for pedestrians

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s a great idea that keeps coming back – the idea of removing all vehicles from Lambton Quay. It came up again last weekend, when crowds of shoppers came to town for the Elton John concert. Read more »

Democracy, the living wage, and Jonah

The Chamber of Commerce should be having second thoughts about its legal challenge to the Wellington City Council’s living wage decision. Read more »

Profiting from war: a conference in a city council venue

By Jan Bieringa
Open letter to Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, city councillors and council staff.

I am disgusted and appalled that the conference of the NZ Defence Industry Association has been held in Wellington, but most of all that it was held in a public venue which belongs to the ratepayers of Wellington. Read more »

22 months to stop a motorway

takapu valley

It’s been 22 stressful months for the residents of Takapu Valley, since they discovered that the Transport Agency was planning to bulldoze a four lane motorway through their farms. Read more »

No motorway through Takapu Valley, and no motorway widening at Tawa

The Transport Agency today announced that it will not be building a controversial motorway through the Takapu Valley, and it will not be widening the motorway at Tawa when it constructs the new Petone-Grenada road. Read more »

‘Minimal property impacts’ in final route for new Petone-Grenada link road

new road

News from NZTA
The Wellington region is one step closer to reaping the economic, safety and journey time benefits of the Petone to Grenada Link Road, with the NZ Transport Agency today confirming the preferred route. Read more »

Snail’s pace progress on “urgent” Petone-Ngauranga cycleway

cycleway 2

An off-road cycleway between Petone and Ngauranga was agreed as being urgently needed in 2008. Yet it’s taken more than seven years for the Transport Agency to announce plans to deal with the urgency. And last week’s announcement doesn’t mean that work is starting any time soon. It’ll be at least four more years before construction begins. Read more »

R.I.P. Peter McLeavey


by Lindsay Shelton
All of us who are saddened by the death today of Peter McLeavey will be remembering his unique strengths and charm and persuasiveness, and the under-stated conviction with which he represented many of New Zealand’s greatest artists. Read more »

Silenced in the House

assaulted mps
Photo via Twitter from Katie Bradford

Extraordinary scenes in Parliament yesterday when a group of women MPs walked out of the debating chamber after the Speaker refused to allow them to question the Prime Minister about his shouted allegation that they were “backing rapists.” Read more »

A shrinking Chamber, on the attack

On the same day that the Wellington Chamber of Commerce said it was “ready to move forward”, we learnt there’d been a substantial drop in its membership. And in the same week that the Chamber announced it was taking the Wellington City Council to court, the council announced cheaper bus fares to help the Chamber’s members attract more business for Christmas. Mixed messages indeed. Read more »

Protest at plan to demolish historic defence HQ on war memorial park

building heritage demo threat
Photo: Alison Dangerfield

by Peter Cook
New Zealand Defence Force plans to demolish the historic General Headquarters Building on Pukeahu National War Memorial Park on Buckle Street have been met with dismay by local residents and supporters of Wellington’s heritage. Read more »

Failing to learn the flyover lessons

flyover different

The Transport Agency has commissioned a report to tell it what went wrong with its failed application to build a 300-metre concrete flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. The “Lessons Learned” report tells the Agency some truths that it should have known. But it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Read more »

Being accountable, and finding a way to keep the (journalistic) lights on

by Gordon Campbell
Don’t know how you feel about it, but the selective unavailability of Ministers and senior public servants for media scrutiny seems to be a growing concern. Read more »

Cheers and adoration for All Blacks in parade through CBD

ab crowd
Photo: Lyndon Hood

Scoop report by Robert Kelly
While it wasn’t quite a carnival atmosphere, there was a neighbours’ BBQ vibe on Lambton Quay this morning. As the rumble of the buses ceased, the streets began to fill with people. By midday it was difficult to move on the golden mile. Read more »

Crowd fills Parliament grounds to welcome All Blacks to Wellington

Photo via Twitter from Felix Marwick

The grounds of Parliament were crammed this morning by a crowd welcoming the All Blacks after their World Cup victory. Read more »

MORE PHOTOS: Charles meets students at Tawa College

day 2 charles 5
Photos from Governor-General

Prince Charles met students at Tawa College this morning. Read more »