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Sham trams, wishful thinking and the Zhuzhou experiment

by Brent Efford
Last month’s forum on ‘trackless trams’ was clearly no friend of rail, light or heavy. Read more »

Getting serious about fixing the Library


by Lindsay Shelton
The most powerful statement at last night’s public meeting about the Central Library came from a structural engineer with 40 years experience. He said that work to reopen the building could start in two months – “if you had the will to do it.” Read more »

Two new parties … three mayoral candidates


The election campaign has begun. In Wellington, not one but two new political parties say they’ll be naming candidates for the city council. And there’s an independent candidate challenging mayor Justin Lester. In Lower Hutt, Ray Wallace is being challenged for the mayoralty by Councillor Campbell Barry. And in Kapiti, Gwynn Compton has launched an active campaign full of specifics about how he would run the coastal community more effectively than Mayor K Gurunathan. Read more »

Overcoming a crisis of confidence

by Ben Schrader
A recent article by Ian Apperley and also a DomPost feature about Wellington’s general malaise suggests to me that the city is experiencing one of its periodic crises of confidence. These have been a feature of the city’s life since its colonial founding and have included the exodus of settlers after the 1848 earthquake, the 1932 Depression riots, and the botched 1990 sesquicentenary (when the city became a national laughing stock). Read more »

Strange behaviour

by Lindsay Shelton
Our “greater” regional council is behaving strangely. It’s asking us to tell it what we think about its new bus service, though it’s already had 12 months of being told – every day – about the problems. Read more »

Why we should all be running for the council


by Ian Apperley
Three Wellington issues have dominated local media over recent days. What we could call the death of the city by a dozen large cuts, the ongoing bus shambles, and what happens when you call for big ideas for the future but can’t define one. Read more »

Avoiding a flyover at the Basin

by Tim Jones
For a long time, since the final defeat of the Basin Reserve flyover proposal in 2015, all we’ve had to go on are private assurances that whatever plans eventually emerged would not include a new Basin Reserve flyover. But it’s taken until the past few weeks, with the release of a slew of Let’s Get Wellington Moving reports and technical documents, to get some idea of what those plans entail. Read more »

The costs of strengthening, vs the need for buyouts

by Geraldine Murphy
Inner City Wellington (ICW) has launched a second petition on Parliament’s website calling for a review of the earthquake-prone building provisions in the Building Act 2004, in response to the June public meeting. Read more »

Strengthen or demolish: petition seeks help for apartment owners


by Geraldine Murphy
Following last month’s public meeting of residential owners in earthquake-prone buildings, Inner City Wellington has launched an online petition on Parliament’s website calling for the Government to provide comprehensive financial, technical and advisory support interventions for residential owners. Read more »

Getting control of all those vehicles

In the last couple of articles we’ve been exploring how Wellington can meet the goals set out in the City Council’s Te Atakura – First to Zero climate response strategy. The document underlines the importance of addressing the climate breakdown by decreasing our carbon emissions, and puts tangible goals in place – a 10% reduction by 2020, 43% by 2030, 68% by 2040 and a big fat zero by 2050. Read more »