Supercity opponents state their case(s)

Opposition to the supercity proposals continues to be strongly stated. In the NZ Listener this week, amalgamation is described as a “coalition of the unwilling.” And at a meeting in Carterton last week, hecklers slow-clapped Fran Wilde as she spoke in favour of the supercity plan which she is so strongly supporting. Read more »

Project Odyssey: a nasty surprise?

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that the Wellington City Council is “seemingly ignoring the lessons of history and choosing, in a way that can only be described as opaque, an Australian-based IT company to roll out a single IT system …” Read more »

35 questions about the new IT system

by Ian Apperley
The subject of the Wellington City Council’s Project Odyssey IT project has hit a huge nerve locally. The feedback is overwhelmingly in the “why can no one in Wellington, or New Zealand, do this?” category. We have other questions as well. Read more »

A snub to our orchestra

get lively!

The Wellington City Council has been embarrassingly unfair to Orchestra Wellington, by excluding it from its publication promoting “live in Wellington” events. Read more »

Ten questions for Rick Ellis

How’s he planning to fix Te Papa? Wellington art commentators Jim and Mary Barr are today asking this question about Rick Ellis, who’s now been in the top job at the national museum for 60 days. Read more »

Farewell Ath, a great New Zealander

Tribute from the Arts Foundation of NZ
Sir Ian Athfield was a great New Zealander, responsible for some of our most memorable spaces and an important voice for civic development. Read more »

How did we miss these 8 great ideas?

How did we miss these eight great ideas for Wellington? They were advanced last year by Erentz, in a constructive rant on the indispensable eyeofthefish website. Read more »

Plan your trip – free app to track buses and trains in real time


by Ian Apperley
This free app, called Moovit, allows you to track your buses in real-time, plan trips, and give feedback on how crowded buses and trains are, as well as the mood of your driver. It works on iPhone, Android, and Windows and is setup for the Wellington area. It is the Waze of Public Transport. Read more »

$10m or $100m for new IT system?

by Ian Apperley
I feel a Tui Billboard coming on. I commented the other day that it looked like the Council’s Ninth big project was a potential $100million plus, based on a Deloitte report that was published on the Local Government Commission’s website. Read more »

The need to modernise, seeking value for money, and the IT budget

by Celia Wade-Brown
I want to give you an update on the Council’s proposed IT upgrade solution. We were updated by Kevin Lavery at our CEO/elected member sessions recently. Since then, management have formally appointed TechnologyOne as the preferred supplier of a solution to significantly improve the Council’s IT systems and, thus, our services to the city. Read more »

A local IT deal for the city council? Well, no, it’s dealing with Brisbane

When the city council announced plans to merge its IT systems, it said there would be an emphasis on encouraging local IT companies to take an interest in the process. But when the deal was done, local companies didn’t get a mention. Read more »

Strange choice for $100m IT project

by Ian Apperley
The Wellington City Council has just awarded an Australian company what likely promises to be more than $100million of work. This is for a shifting Information Technology project called “Odyssey”. It’s a strange choice for a number of reasons, not least of which is that the Council is very pro-local business (of which we have some IT rock stars), very pro local IT (Wired Wellington and other events), is sinking a lot of money into IT incubators in the city, and is planning to spend more money on an IT precinct of which the star will be a central workplace for startup IT companies. Read more »

A new concert venue: not such a great idea

Last month’s collapse of one of the city council’s eight “great ideas” is a reminder that we should look again at the remaining seven. The concept of a longer airport runway has been widely challenged. But what’s the value (and the cost) of the idea that ratepayers should pay for a 9,000-seat concert hall for rock concerts? Read more »

Saving the Public Trust – a real hero

public trust

Let’s name Maurice Clark as a real Wellington hero of the year. He’s spending $10m to save and restore the extraordinary Public Trust Building which is a century-old landmark on Lambton Quay. Read more »

Happy new year

Happy new year to all our readers. We’re starting our seventh year of chronicling life in Wellington. And last year set records for us – more than 600,000 page views. Read by more than 257,000 people.
Read more »

“Complete denial:” Wellington’s unique and unresolved transport problems

by Brent Efford
Many Wellington citizens are concerned about combatting the ‘roads of national significance’, adapting to a post-carbon future, and providing a real transport choice for car commuters. Read more »

No boom time for public transport

by Paul Bruce
Yes, I was a strong supporter of the major upgrade of last century’s clapped out trains to the Matangis and I welcome the resulting 8 per cent patronage increase for rail services. But the benefits have not extended beyond the Wellington railway station, have not resulted in boom time for Wellington city commuters, and there is no resolution to bus reliability problems. Read more »

Goodbye Hilton at Te Papa: the collapse of one of the council’s great ideas

convention centre

One of the city council’s eight great ideas has suddenly crashed. The Hilton Hotel and convention centre opposite Te Papa in Cable Street, which was approved last month with a promise of more than $40million of council money, has been cancelled. In circumstances which are less than clear. Read more »