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Saving, and creating, theatres

bill sheat
Bill Sheat (1930 – 2021)

by Lindsay Shelton
“We’ve got to save the Embassy,” said Bill Sheat, when he phoned me in 1996. “We don’t want it to become a used car yard.” Read more »

Basics for redesign of Civic Square

civic square and town hall

Opinion from Inner-City Wellington
It is vital that any redesign of Te Ngākau – Civic Square recognises that inner-city residents now make up the largest suburb in Wellington in terms of population (in the smallest area of land in Wellington) and, as this population is expected to grow considerably, it is essential that, as well as being developed as the Civic heart and cultural hub of the city, the Square can also be seen as the heart of the inner city community. Key to this is retention of outdoor space, especially green space, and inclusion of surrounding internal community amenities at ground floor of ‘new’ buildings. Read more »

Unlikely deadline for ‘quake-prone’ buildings

by Geraldine Murphy for ICW
With seismic strengthening deadlines for ‘earthquake prone’ buildings looming for many owners, including apartment owners, has anyone given any thought to the availability of construction resources to complete the work within the timeframes? Read more »

Security review after axe attack at Parliament

beehive damage
Photo from RNZ

by Rafael Gonzalez-Montero, Parliamentary Service Chief Executive
Recent events around the world and this morning’s incident at our own Parliament Buildings have resulted in increased interest in the security measures in place for the New Zealand Parliament and parliamentary precinct. Read more »

We can’t get much satisfaction

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council has a problem that it hasn’t been able to solve – less than a third of residents are satisfied with how it makes its decisions. Read more »

Priorities, and spending

by Ray Chung
Who’s concerned about possible rates increases of around 23% that were being discussed at a Wellington City Council workshop in November? Yes, I know that our water pipes need repairing, and the LGWM proposal hasn’t been moving. But it appears that the council doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Read more »

A nimby in Newtown

DSP in Newtown
Hanson Street in Newtown

by Claire Nolan
The Draft Spatial Plan is designed to blame the home-owning people of Wellington. It has its own spin aimed at Newtown’s heritage areas – older housing is up for grabs. Read more »

Memories of prison

by Don Franks
Prison. My happy memory of it is forty years back, locked up in Lower Hutt with Tom Poata and another guy I can’t quite recall the name of. After a particularly chaotic anti-apartheid demonstration, several of us were busted to spend the night and face charges next day. Hot, sweaty, completely stuffed, no cigarettes and only hard benches to sit on till morning. Read more »

‘World class solutions’

fireworks nye 2
New Year’s Eve fireworks in Wellington

by Lindsay Shelton
Communications is a growth industry, even for the Wellington City Council as it plans for the new year when it’s been warning us that we’ll have to pay a larger than usual rates increase. Read more »

Strange days

phoenix woollongong

by Lindsay Shelton
What a strange year. “Our” Wellington Phoenix moved to Australia and we were all sent invitations via twitter to watch their games in Woollongong. Not that we could actually travel there. There was however no immediate sign that they were planning to become the Woollongong Phoenix. Read more »