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Making change: candidate’s vision for Wellington

by Laurie Foon
Imagine Wellington as the smartest, coolest, most sustainable little capital in the world. This is my vision. It’s not a vision anyone can achieve alone, but I want my kids to grow up believing we stand up if we want to make change. Read more »

Hard to get? A rental WOF from the city council

On the coat-tails of reports that Wellington’s rental market is practically imploding, caught between the rock of rising demand and the hard place of investors apparently exiting the market, we wondered whether the Wellington City Council’s new rental warrant of fitness is making things better or worse. And how hard is it to get a rental WOF, really? Read more »

After cliches and putdowns, Waikanae is on its way again


by Norma McCallum
Having fought our way through the cliched journalism (‘Waikanae- God’s Waiting Room’) and the put downs (‘Waikanae is dying’) and the ‘That expressway is going to kill the town’ remarks, Waikanae – the Little Town that Could – is on its way again. Read more »

Not only carcinogens – a bad year for public transport

As Wellington’s train network ground to a halt with yesterday’s strike, people were wondering – how had we got to this point? And should the Regional Council deputy chair and Regional Transport Committee chair Barbara Donaldson be taking accountability for recent public transport debacles in the capital? Read more »

Are they flyovers? No, they’re bridges


by Lindsay Shelton
We called it a flyover. The transport planners called it a bridge – before and after it was rejected first by a Board of Inquiry and then by the High Court. And in spite of those two rejections, last night they announced not one, not two, but three options which include a bridge (or bridges?) alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

What they’re saying about the 24-hour train strike

What they’re saying (or not saying) about tomorrow’s 24-hour train strike : Read more »

Balloons and candidates in Newtown


by Lindsay Shelton
There were balloons in the hall at last night’s by-election candidates’ meeting in Newtown. Blue, red, yellow and purple. Probably not part of the political campaign. But they fitted the mood – it was a cheerful, friendly event, attended by more than 140 locals. Read more »

Two years later, a second airport deal with China


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington now has not one but two deals with Chinese construction companies who have both agreed to work on the airport’s expansion. Will they be competing with each other? Read more »

Peru vs All Whites ends in draw

Read more »

Hundred per cent diesel – they gave us the cheapest option

by Brent Efford
Dismantling of Wellington’s overhead trolley-bus wires – one of the most up-to-date such infrastructures in the world – has started on schedule, the first bit to go being around the west roundabout on Cobham Drive. It appears that removal from the State Highway is the top priority. Read more »