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The big jump

jump 1

Scoop photos by John Shaw
A famous tradition at Wellington Girls’ College was bravely repeated today on the waterfront. Read more »

Rising sea levels and the runway extension

airport narrow
National Library

by Richard Randerson
News that Wellington Airport will shortly release a business case on the proposed airport runway extension is to be welcomed as a step to greater transparency. But how much transparency will it deliver? The tired mantra of ‘300 metres for $300 million’ has been around for a long time now, while plans have shifted and costs have doubtless risen. Read more »

Dave gets it right

by Lindsay Shelton
Roading problems around the Basin Reserve aren’t rocket science (even though the Transport Agency hasn’t been able to deal with them). Dave Armstrong got it right yesterday when he described them in one precise paragraph. Read more »

Lies, damned lies and weather forecasts

Exclusive! The Dominion Post is involved in a conspiracy. Read more »