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The new tech-savvy chief executive, and the (several) economic strategies

Saturday’s advertisement seeking a new chief executive for the Wellington City Council starts by describing the city, not the job, which makes it seem that the council wants someone from outside Wellington, or even from outside New Zealand. Read more »

Notebook: Willis Street

It was Unity Books’ 45th birthday on Saturday. They’ve always been in Willis Street, but they’ve had four different addresses. The latest shop is the biggest and the best. Read more »

Protecting heritage values on Mt Victoria

by Elaine Hampton
It has been a busy year for the Mt Victoria Residents Association. One of our objectives is to protect the heritage value of Mt Victoria. This does not mean that we advocate the return of the outside privy or petition against the renovation of your kitchen or other rooms. But it does mean we try to prevent the look of Mount Victoria being spoiled by a mishmash of new buildings. Read more »

Murder in Boulcott Street

We’re over-accustomed to reports of assaults in Courtenay Place and some of its murkier side streets. But not in Boulcott Street – where there’s a Baptist Church, and the new Telecom building, and the Historic Places Trust. Read more »

SCOOP IMAGES: McDonald’s picketed in protest against lockout of meatworkers

by Lindsay Shelton
There was old-style picketing outside McDonalds in the Manners Mall at lunchtime today.

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Audio and images: Goff and King to resign as Labour leaders

Scoop Report

phil goff, annette king
Click for big version.

Phil Goff announced at Parliament this afternoon that he and Annette King will stand down as Labour Party leader and deputy on Tuesday December 13. Read more »

A tree falls in Brooklyn – and no one had a chance to save it

by Billy Naylor
8 Kopiko Way is an “L” shaped piece of land in Brooklyn. The “long” part is in corner-to-corner contact with my property. The “short” part is three houses away. Read more »

Will the election results strengthen the fight against bigger, wider, higher roads?

Do the election results offer hope for strengthening the fight against the Transport Agency’s plans for a flyover across Kent and Cambridge Terraces and an eight-lane expressway through Hataitai? Read more »

SCOOP IMAGES: Hands around the Basin to protest against the flyover plans

Several hundred people took part in a “hands around the Basin” demonstration at the Basin Reserve today to protest against the government’s flyover plans.
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Transport Agency misleading public over height of Waikanae interchange, say campaigners

Comment from Save Kapiti
NZTA regional director Jenny Chetwynd and Alliance project manager Jim Bentley should resign if plans showing a 9.0-9.5 metre (3 storey) high interchange at Te Moana Road, Waikanae are in any way correct, says Save Kapiti spokesperson Jonathan Gradwell. Read more »

$1 billion, four watersheds, 112 stream crossings – the cost of Transmission Gully

Though Friday’s two official announcements about Transmission Gully were bland and re-assuring, the three-page notice published on Saturday contains more specific and more alarming details about the $1 billion plan which is being fast-forwarded by the government. It announces that the new road will result in irreversible changes to the environment. Read more »

Waterfront fanzone filled to capacity for first match of Rugby World Cup

Report from Newswire by Joshua Hyde
The All Blacks may have triumphed over Tonga in Auckland, but in the capital the Wellington Fanzone outside the wharewaka was the winner last night. Read more »

What they’re saying and why they’re not happy about the Wellywood sign

Let’s quote some of the opinions about the Wellywood sign. First, from Wellington’s morning newspaper: “A cheap, tacky gimmick which has more to do with marketing the airport than the city and threatens to undermine Wellington’s hard-earned reputation for sophistication, creativity and originality.”
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NZTA reveals Kapiti expressway route – “difficult time for property owners”

Report from AKT
Today was the day of reckoning for Kapiti residents anxious to know what alignment the government’s NZ Transport Agency has chosen for the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway.

At the southern end, the Agency has chosen the alignment proposed in November. North of the Waikanae River, the western alignment (option one in November) has been confirmed. Interchanges at Kapiti Road and Te Moana road are also confirmed.

The western option north of the Waikanae River will affect 16 properties, compared to the eastern option which would have affected 29 properties. Read more »

Lies, damned lies and weather forecasts

Exclusive! The Dominion Post is involved in a conspiracy. Read more »