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Choosing 4.95% or 2.15%

by Dr Jenny Condie
At our meeting last Thursday, Wellington city councillors approved a timeline to finalise and consult on our annual plan, which includes our city’s budget. We voted for officers to prepare two options for rates increases – 4.95% or 2.15%. When the plan and budget are out for consultation in May, the biggest question for you is probably the choice between these two scenarios. Read more »

A petition: abolish the Regional Council

by Curtis Nixon
If you are as sick as I am of the bustastrophe caused by the Regional Council’s mis-management, made worse by their refusal to listen to the voices of everyday commuters and travellers, then I ask you to support my petition to the Local Government Commission to abolish the council. Read more »

An affordable option: rail and road in one tunnel


by Glen Smith
Planning is being undertaken for a possible light rail spine linking Wellington Railway Station with Wellington Airport. The evidence supporting this is compelling. And there is an option for overcoming one of the key obstacles – an affordable and minimally destructive route across Mt Victoria. Read more »

“It’s all go now!” $4m boost to fund-raising for music centre

News from VUW
Plans by Victoria University of Wellington, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and the Wellington City Council to create a national centre of musical excellence in central Wellington have taken another leap forward. Read more »

Driving blind in Brooklyn

by Lindsay Shelton
They repainted the white centre lines on our narrow Brooklyn street last week. But they didn’t realign them. So the crazy road design continues unchanged. Read more »

Taking the fun out of the Sevens

by Ian Apperley
The Sevens organisers and the city council are bullish about the Sevens. They think that 15,000 seats being filled, if they can indeed be filled, is just fine and dandy. Despite the fact that means there are 20,000 seats left empty. Read more »

Happy Christmas


Wishing a Happy Christmas to everyone who follows and supports Wellington.Scoop, with special gratitude to our contributors and all who join in the many diverse dialogues about our favourite city.

Communications and credibility

by Lindsay Shelton
The Hutt City Council said last night that the Queensgate cinemas and part of the carpark must be demolished. But initially the Queensgate management company didn’t seem so certain. It said a decision wouldn’t be made till till “later today.” Read more »

New, young, and digital

by Ian Apperley
Wellington has a new, young, tech-savvy Mayor. After two terms of a rather lacklustre approach to the technology industry, it’s good to see a renewed focus on what is an incredibly important part of the city’s economy. Read more »