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Sex and the city council

by Lindsay Shelton
When I wrote that headline, I wasn’t thinking back to the Wellington City Council’s responsibility for controlling commercial sex premises, which hasn’t been debated since 2008 and 2009 when there was a fuss about a brothel in Pirie Street. Read more »

Council raising awareness of bees

Press Release – Wellington City Council
September is Bee Aware Month and there’s a buzz around the Wellington City Council as we help raise awareness around the crucial role bees play in our lives. Read more »

Secrets of Movie Museum revealed

mm 3

The Wellington City Council today released some of the secrets from its closed meeting which voted to increase spending on the building (which ratepayers are paying for) to house the Movie Museum and Convention Centre. Read more »

What I want from the new city council

by Ian Apperley
Transport is probably the biggest problem for the new Wellington City Council. Poor transport damages the economy, work productivity, the environment, liveability, movement, our health, tourist happiness, and a range of other factors. The council needs to get it right. Read more »

More car parks on offer for car share schemes

Press Release – Wellington City Council
Car share vehicles look to become increasingly common on Wellington streets thanks in part to a new Wellington City Council policy. Read more »

Human rights forum at Te Papa

News from Human Rights Commission
The Human Rights Commission’s 12th Diversity Forum, “Future Focus: Te Anga Whakamua,” will get underway at Te Papa Tongarewa on Friday. More than 400 people will be taking part. Read more »

Helene opposes another ‘slush fund’

Press release from Helene Ritchie
“Mayoral aspirant Leggett’s proposal for a $27million handout to communities to plan their futures might have some merit, but it smacks too much of an “vote buying” and another council “slush fund” being established” said mayoral candidate Helene Ritchie today. Read more »

Fran endorses Jo for “energy, experience and maturity”

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan today announced she is honoured to have the endorsement of former Labour Party Cabinet Minister, Mayor of Wellington, and chair of the Regional Council Fran Wilde. Read more »

VUW’s Karori campus to be sold; council trying to retain community use

After a report today that Victoria University will be selling its Karori campus as “surplus to requirements,” the Wellington City Council has said it’ll “explore options” for community use of campus facilities to continue. Read more »

Save the Karori sports facilities, but don’t buy the whole site, says Nicola

Press release from Nicola Young
“The sports facilities at VUW’s Karori campus must be saved for the local community”, says independent Mayoral candidate Nicola Young, “but Council must not be tempted to play the property market. Read more »

Council should buy the Karori campus, says Jo

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan today reaffirmed her position that as Mayor she would urge the Wellington City Council to acquire Victoria University’s Karori Campus to secure options on the land for the future. Read more »

Justin hopes Karori facilities can be retained

News from Justin Lester
Wellington mayoral candidate Justin Lester is urging Victoria University and the Ministry of Education to work closely with the Wellington City Council to retain facilities for community use on the old College of Education campus in Karori, which was announced as surplus to requirements today. Read more »

Keen competition in Porirua election

Press Release – Local Government NZ
There will be keen competition in many New Zealand communities in the upcoming local authority elections. Read more »

Spending up large. How costly are the campaign promises?

Last week there were campaign teams rushing around the city knocking on doors and pestering voters from one end of Lambton Quay to the other, but it was pretty quiet on the announcement front. Perhaps everyone was taking a breather. To make up for the dearth of new material, we took a trawl through the campaign websites. Read more »

Ghost candidate alive and well, with policies and straight-talking

by Tony Jansen
Recently in a Wellington.Scoop article I was labelled as a “ghost candidate”, ranked 8th and stone cold last in the predictions, and written off as a waste of a good vote. Read more »

Baring Head, compassion, and voting

baring head

by Dave McArthur
Election time in this colonial outpost on these islands in the far away Great South Pacific Ocean, and I am sitting gazing at our stunning Baring Head in Cook Strait. Its moods change with every moment of the interplay of the sunlight and the waters of these oceans, lands and skies. Read more »

More than 500 submissions oppose plan for extending airport runway

More than two thirds of the 775 submissions about the runway extension at Wellington Airport show public opposition to the proposal. Read more »

Candidates at the edge of the world. Part 7 – Island Bay and the Southern ward

by Ian Apperley
The Southern Ward has borne the brunt of poor consultation this triennium, and that’s putting it mildly. From the Island Bay Cycleway, to Owhiro Bay residents getting rolled over the worst campsite in the world, bad engagements around cycling in other suburbs, and other bumblings … the poor old Southern Ward has had a bad time.
Read more »

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