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For and against a longer runway

Wellington Airport has started the legal process of seeking resource consent for its controversial runway extension plan. Controversy surrounds not only the extension itself, but also the airport’s campaign for ratepayers and taxpayers to pay a large share of the cost. Read more »

Myths and facts about the runway

by Andy Foster
It is absolutely fair to make sure that people have facts and not myths in front of them, when discussing the airport’s plan to extend its runway. Unfortunately yesterday’s release from the Guardians of the Bays doesn’t do that in respect of two of its assertions. Read more »

It’s official: Wellington Airport applies to extend runway by 350 metres

BusinessDesk report by Sophie Boot
Wellington International Airport has lodged an application with the Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council to extend its runway. Read more »

Airport’s official announcement of application to extend runway

Media release from WIAL
Today Wellington Airport lodged the Application to extend Wellington’s runway with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) and Wellington City Council (WCC). Read more »

Opponents of runway extension launch “myth-busting” campaign

News from Guardians of the Bays
Local residents against the proposed Wellington Airport runway extension want the project’s backers to come clean on the proposal so voters can have their say in this year’s local elections. Read more »

Jo Coughlan wants the council to buy Victoria University’s Karori campus

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan today announced that as Mayor she would urge the Wellington City Council to acquire Victoria University’s Karori Campus to secure options on the land for the future. Read more »

A record: 8 per cent more tourists in Wellington this summer

News from WREDA
Holidaymakers flocked to the capital in record numbers this summer, thanks to sustained high temperatures and an exceptional programme of major events. Read more »

New radio technology for faster self-service at city libraries

News from Wellington City Council
A new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) self-service book issuing system is being installed across all Wellington City Council libraries. Read more »

VUW students support stronger checks on unhealthy flats

News from VUWSA
Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) supports recent research that recommends strengthening the Residential Tenancies Act to include a rental Warrant of Fitness (WoF). Read more »

A great idea, till you ask difficult questions

by Matthew Plummer
It’s the start of city council election season in Wellington, and I thought I’d look at some of the big campaign ideas doing the rounds. First up: beware of any politician who pledges to build a new 10,000-12,000 seat indoor stadium. It sounds like a great idea, until you ask some difficult questions.
Read more »

Young ideas help shape Upper Hutt’s future

Press Release – Upper Hutt City Council
Upper Hutt City Council is consulting on the draft Land Use Strategy 2016 – 2043. As part of this, the Council decided to seek input from the city’s young residents in order to provide additional balance and vision to the feedback. On March 24, twelve students representing Maidstone Intermediate, Fergusson Intermediate, and St Joseph’s Catholic School attended a workshop at the Council to provide their ideas for the future of Upper Hutt. Read more »

Wellington Airport planning to sell seven-year bonds worth $75m

BusinessDesk report by Paul McBeth
Wellington International Airport, which is controlled by Infratil, is looking at selling up to $75 million of seven-year bonds, joining a growing number of companies taking advantage of record low interest rates through the debt market. Read more »

Mayor flies to Canberra to strengthen economic ties and sign agenda

News from WCC
Wellington’s Mayor Celia Wade-Brown leaves for Canberra today for talks to establish stronger economic ties and formalise a relationship with the Australian capital. Read more »

Jo Coughlan makes demands about support for runway extension

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral Candidate Jo Coughlan today said when it came to the airport runway extension, she would be weighing up Wellington’s long-term interest, not the short-term interests of airlines. And if the city did invest, it would need to be reflected in its ownership stake in the airport, not a donation. Read more »

“We can do better,” says new candidate for Onslow-Western ward

Press Release – Diane Calvert
Diane Calvert a long term resident of Khandallah has announced her candidacy for this year’s Wellington City Council elections in the Onslow-Western Ward. The Ward stretches from Makara through to Karori and ends in Broadmeadows. Read more »

Wellington councillors want to spend more money on arts funding

News from Wellington City Council
A significant expansion of Wellington City Council funding for arts and culture has been proposed by today’s meeting of the Council’s Economic Growth and Arts Committee. Read more »

Cycling off the edge of the world

by Ian Apperley
The Eastern Suburbs Cycleway consultation launched today. Only it didn’t. At the time of writing, no one could find anywhere online either to read the proposed documentation or put in a formal submission. Read more »

End of polystyrene recycling in Porirua – contract being terminated

Loading ‘Ecoslab’ in the Trash Palace yard for delivery to New Plymouth last week, demonstrating the expanding niche market for this 100% recycled eco-product.

Press Release – Poly Palace
Poly Palace, the environmentally savvy polystyrene re-manufacturer and recycler opposite Trash Palace at Spicer Landfill, is terminating its recycling contract with Porirua City Council and seeking compensation. Read more »

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