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Cost of new reservoir for central Wellington goes up by $10m – new price is $68m

omaromo reservoir

Report from RNZ
The Wellington City Council today approved a nearly $10 million increase to the budget for building the Omāroro Reservoir. Councillors agreed unanimously to the decision, which brings the total cost of the project up to $68m. Read more »

Trains on Kapiti line delayed by signals fault

Train services on the Kapiti line were “significantly delayed” this morning because of a signals fault on the line. KiwiRail were working to fix the fault. Some services were delayed up to 35 minutes. Read more »

Air NZ increasing domestic flights in July and August

Press Release – Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand has today released its domestic schedule for July and August. The airline plans to operate around 55 percent of its usual domestic capacity (compared to pre-COVID-19 levels) during July and August. Read more »

Wellington to Canberra – planning how to start ‘test flights’ next month

Report from RNZ
Business leaders on both sides of the Tasman have proposed a trial run of the trans-Tasman bubble which would see flights between Wellington and Canberra take off by July. Read more »

Better for cyclists and drivers – in support of a Brooklyn Hill bike lane

brooklyn hill 1
Trucks ascending Brooklyn Rd creating pinch points with pedestrian build-outs and parked cars – photo Sam Donald, May 2020.

by Nick Mouat, James Burgess, Sam Bridgman & Sam Donald
A2B (Active to Brooklyn), a local group seeking to support safe, healthy ways to move about in and around Brooklyn, has sent a submission to the Wellington City Council on the plan for a pop-up uphill bike lane on the Brooklyn Road – a very topical subject in the community. We strongly support this proposal. Read more »

Singapore links maintain vital export capacity

Press Release – Auckland Airport
Demand for fresh food products drove a 100% increase in air freighted exports to Singapore despite a COVID-19 related drop in cargo capacity, according to the latest figures from Auckland Airport. Read more »

Council preference is to strengthen and upgrade the Central Library building, but all options must be considered

Wellington city councillors voted today that their preference is to strengthen and upgrade the existing Central Library. They also voted that the council will make “the reopening of a Central Library” one of its top priorities,” given that Wellingtonians place a high value on the service and there is a strong community desire to see this service return.” Read more »

Councillors agree: Central Library is one of the city’s most popular buildings

council second library meeting

Wellington city councillors spoke persuasively today about why their preference is to strengthen and upgrade the existing Central Library. However they also accepted legal advice that all options must be considered during the process of consultation which is to begin soon. Read more »

Saving the Library? First: draft proposals and practicable options

by Lindsay Shelton
We’re told that today’s meeting of the Wellington City Council is to “expedite” decision making on the future of the Central Library, after last week’s meeting was postponed for a week, to get more information and advice.
Read more »

Buses replace off-peak trains on Hutt Valley line – an old signal cable needs fixing

News from Metlink
All Melling train services, and off-peak Hutt Valley and Wairarapa Line train services will be replaced by buses today as we work on emergency signal repairs. Read more »

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