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Rebranding – it’s to be called the Sky Stadium next year


News from Stadium Trust
Wellington Regional Stadium Trust (WRST) and Sky Network Television Ltd (Sky) have announced a new partnership that will see Sky secure the naming rights of the Stadium from 1 January. Read more »

Why Andy Foster would be a good mayor

by Ian Apperley
One of Wellington’s worst kept secrets popped out last Friday afternoon with Andy Foster announcing his run for the mayoralty with Peter Jackson in support. Read more »

Ian Cassels: failure to build Shelly Bay development could cost more for ratepayers

News from The Wellington Company
A failure of the proposed Shelly Bay development to go ahead could result in millions of dollars worth of ongoing costs to ratepayers. Speaking at the Wellington City Council’s City Strategy Committee meeting this morning, Ian Cassels made it clear he had no objection to councillors undertaking a review, but outlined the ways in which Wellingtonians could end up forking out of city coffers if the deal as it stands was to fall over. Read more »

Peter Jackson: sea level rise and the threat to Shelly Bay

by Peter Jackson on Facebook
The Wellington City Council’s failure to address the issue of sea level rise and storm surge impact on The Wellington Company’s planned development in Shelly Bay can only be described as negligent. Read more »

Regional Council declares climate emergency, agrees on “ambitious” plan to tackle it

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
The Regional Council today agreed unanimously on an ambitious package to tackle climate change, combatting the impacts already being felt across the region. Read more »

“I can and I will:” Diane Calvert promises to fix the buses


by Diane Calvert
Yes, I’m campaigning for Mayor of Wellington city. There’s a twist however: I’m not promising lots of bright shiny stuff, or things that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, or that I’ll save the world or give you a fantastic long list to make me look like Superwoman. What I am promising you is that I will deliver you a functioning bus system. Hah impossible!, you won’t get in or you can’t do it, you might say. Read more »

New (no parking) problem for Tranzurban buses

by Helene Ritchie
More bus chaos is likely next week because Tranzurban buses have nowhere to park, even if they have drivers. “Tranzurban have apparently been evicted from their Grenada depot from this Saturday and have nowhere to park their 100 buses,” says Helene Ritchie. Read more »

No more compulsory carparks, says Conor Hill

Media release from Conor Hill
Mayoral candidate Conor Hill today announced his plans to do away with mimimum parking requirements throughout Wellington city. These are council imposed rules which force new homeowners into building car parks whether or not they own a car. Read more »

Govt plans for encouraging housing growth to solve shortage of homes

Report from RNZ
The government wants to be able to direct councils to free up planning rules to allow cities to grow both out and up, in a bid to solve the housing crisis. Read more »

Translation issues for structural steel on new 20-storey apartment block


RNZ report by Phil Pennington
The builders of a high-rise block of apartments in central Wellington resisted getting translations of important Chinese quality control documents. Emails newly released to RNZ show the Wellington City Council dropped its demand for the translations after the steel supplier complained about the cost, and the project director suggested blanking out all the Chinese text. Read more »

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