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VUW: rebranding, without stealth

by Hugh Rennie
Before the next meeting of the Victoria University Council on Monday, you may wish to make your views known to Council members about VUW’s “brand refresh” (or whatever it is being called this week). Read more »

From blogging to campaigning

Campaign launch photo by Georgina Campbell from Twitter

by Conor Hill
My mayoral campaign started out as a blog last year. The idea was to write about what could make Wellington better, particularly its housing and transport. People started taking the title seriously, so I did too. Three weeks ago I wrote a post asking people what they thought of me running. The general feeling was very positive, and a number of people offered specific help, which was very humbling. Read more »

Re-electing Daran and Roger

by Chris Calvi-Freeman
Three of the five regional councillors from the Wellington city constituency will not be standing again in October. That leaves room for at least three new faces with new ideas and energies around the regional council table. Undoubtedly, one of their main priorities will be to get the bus network back to a reliable and fit-for-purpose state, as quickly as possible. Not an easy job! Read more »

She won’t spray and walk away

by Lindsay Shelton
On the same day that Barbara Donaldson announced she will be standing again for the Regional Council, an on-line survey showed 91 per cent dissatisfaction with the new bus system for which she’s responsible as chair of the council’s transport committee. Read more »

Compelling, but costly

At the heart of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving debate is the question about what is the best mass transit solution for Wellington’s southern reaches: is it a slam-dunk for light rail as its advocates claim, or would some other technology (Bendy buses? Trackless trams? Flying cars? Individual hover-boards?) be a better bet? Read more »

Sham trams, wishful thinking and the Zhuzhou experiment

by Brent Efford
Last month’s forum on ‘trackless trams’ was clearly no friend of rail, light or heavy. Read more »

Getting serious about fixing the Library


by Lindsay Shelton
The most powerful statement at last night’s public meeting about the Central Library came from a structural engineer with 40 years experience. He said that work to reopen the building could start in two months – “if you had the will to do it.” Read more »

Two new parties … three mayoral candidates


The election campaign has begun. In Wellington, not one but two new political parties say they’ll be naming candidates for the city council. And there’s an independent candidate challenging mayor Justin Lester. In Lower Hutt, Ray Wallace is being challenged for the mayoralty by Councillor Campbell Barry. And in Kapiti, Gwynn Compton has launched an active campaign full of specifics about how he would run the coastal community more effectively than Mayor K Gurunathan. Read more »

Overcoming a crisis of confidence

by Ben Schrader
A recent article by Ian Apperley and also a DomPost feature about Wellington’s general malaise suggests to me that the city is experiencing one of its periodic crises of confidence. These have been a feature of the city’s life since its colonial founding and have included the exodus of settlers after the 1848 earthquake, the 1932 Depression riots, and the botched 1990 sesquicentenary (when the city became a national laughing stock). Read more »

Strange behaviour

by Lindsay Shelton
Our “greater” regional council is behaving strangely. It’s asking us to tell it what we think about its new bus service, though it’s already had 12 months of being told – every day – about the problems. Read more »

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