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What they’re not telling us about what’s on in Wellington

Wellington-City-view-from-Mt-Victoria__Focus 2
Photo from WREDA

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington’s regional economic agency has been spending a lot of its post-lockdown energy promoting restaurants. And more recently highlighting the number of tickets sold for three events. But strangely left out of its promotions are some of the city’s most important and popular cultural activities. Read more »

The reality for the convention centre

convention centre april 2020

by Gordon Campbell
Reportedly the US stock market is being kept aloft during this deep Covid recession because so much US economic activity is being underwritten by government bailouts, loans and guarantees. Much the same can be said for the Wellington and Christchurch convention centre projects, which are forging ahead as if Covid-19 hasn’t happened, and as if conventioneers will still be merrily winging their way around the planet to large gatherings in packed halls, without a care in the world. Read more »

Winter doldrums


by Ian Apperley
Low lying mist early in the morning is a constant in the South Wairarapa now, as the winter doldrums peak with just a few days before we start to see the light returning at either end of the day. Our neighbour, an elderly gunsmith with a wicked twinkle in his eye, tells us that it has been mild, so far. Read more »

Where’s the focus on saving the Central Library?

Open Letter from ICW to Wellington City Councillors
Inner City Wellington sincerely hopes that the Special Consultative procedure for our Central Library moves ahead with public support. This open letter is prompted by our concern that, if not appropriately focussed and supported by relevant and robust information, the Proposal to be brought to the Council on 21 July may meet the same vociferous rejection that caused the Council to send staff back to rework their recommendations last time. Read more »

Choosing improvements for the Golden Mile

by Ellen Blake
Wellingtonians have long said we want to keep our city compact and walkable, building better on the good we have. Since our Covid19 lockdown experiences, we have come to understand how pleasant low traffic, quiet and social our public streets can become, with the main sounds being people talking and birds twittering. People in densely populated areas needed those local walks to green parks or the seaside. This idea of how our city could be is the silver lining to the distress of the pandemic. Read more »

Roads for people, not parking

airport light rail

by Sam Donald for FIT Wellington
Roads are public space and are primarily intended for the safe and efficient movement of people and freight, by whatever means is most appropriate and cognisant of the declaration of climate and ecological emergency, which must remain front and centre of all of the Wellington City Council’s decision making. Read more »

LGWM offers three ways to get traffic (but not buses) off the Golden Mile

by Lindsay Shelton
Let’s Get Wellington Moving has released a “short list of options” for reducing traffic on the Golden Mile. It’s 176 pages long. Some short list. There’s also a “long list” version, if you need to keep reading. And a strategic case with more than 150 pages, which lists four outcomes: Read more »

Quake-risk policy causing life-changing losses and disruption

by Geraldine Murphy for ICW
Hundreds of people in Wellington are suffering the consequences of owning an apartment home in a building that has been assessed as earthquake-prone. They are being forced to manage and bear the full costs and risks of delivering a public benefit without any protections or compensation. Read more »

What’s in a name?

by Lindsay Shelton
For many of us, this week was the first time we’d heard about “Experience Wellington.” Is it an instruction, or an offer? Is “experience” a verb or a noun? Read more »

Why, who, what and how?

concern about library

by Inner City Wellington
In accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, the Wellington City Council has announced a ‘special consultative procedure’ to determine the future of the Central Library. Under special consultation, the WCC is required to prepare and adopt a ‘Statement of Proposal’ and, to this end, they must ensure that ‘a summary of the information contained in it is a fair representation of the major matters in that statement of proposal.’ Read more »

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