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Silence on Shelly Bay

by Benoit Pette
When the news arrived, it left many people shocked. The resource consent for Ian Cassel’s development of Shelly Bay was granted for a second time, and the proposal could go ahead, destroying Shelly Bay’s natural and cultural heritage and paving the way for decades of worsening traffic on the peninsula. Read more »

All electric? But when? (2)


A possibly quicker timeline for electric buses in Wellington has emerged via an exchange of tweets. Read more »

Quicker, more reliable?

by Lindsay Shelton
While feedback seeking advice on changes for the Golden Mile doesn’t close till the end of this week, LGWM has gone ahead and announced plans to improve bus services throughout the city. Read more »

All electric? But when?

by Lindsay Shelton
2025? 2030? 2050? Wellington has been given conflicting forecasts for when we can expect to be rid of the city’s polluting fleet of diesel buses. Read more »

Fixing the housing regulations

by Conor Hill
One of the most important things the Wellington City Council will do this term is to update the District Plan to accommodate more Wellingtonians. Currently the plan is a Russian doll of nonsense, too complex for professionals let alone laymen to understand. The council concedes the point in Kafkaesque fashion – the first chapter of the guide to the District Plan is an overview to using the guide.
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A stand-in … for how long?


by Helene Ritchie
“I am a stand-in until the new bus arrives”
Oh really? When will that be?
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Andy’s first 21 days


by Ian Apperley
It’s time to have a look back over the last three weeks to see what our new Mayor has been up to. After a bit of a slow start caused by recount uncertainty, the new Wellington City Council has kicked into life and begun the process of stating intentions, creating straw men, and kicking off conversations. Wellington may not be moving, but Andy Foster certainly has been, along with some of his councillors. Read more »

Capitulating to the airport

by Ian Apperley
In recent weeks Wellington Airport has released more plans to expand, by paving over paradise at the golf course and taking over the old Miramar South School land to build more infrastructure. And that’s just the near-term plans, with the long-term plans guaranteed to provoke outrage and protest, but not laid out in their latest announcement. Read more »

Concern about airport expansion into Miramar residential zone


Miramar South residents met last week to discuss their concerns about the Wellington Airport extension plans. Read more »

What next for the Library? Civic Square?

by Lindsay Shelton
Mayor Andy Foster has this week given us a couple of encouraging timelines about progress on resolving some of the most serious challenges facing his council. Read more »

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