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Enough bus drivers?

Have they found the forty missing bus drivers? We’ve heard nothing more from Tranzurban (aka Tranzit) since they told us twelve days ago that there was a shortage of drivers for their new Wellington bus contracts which start next month. Read more »

Paying up

It’s that time of the year when we get to compare all the rates increases. Read more »

Citizens tell councillors of growing concern about noise and pollution from diesel buses

by Gilly Tompsett
A group of Wellington regional councillors and Wellington city councillors have backed the damning findings by campaign group ReVolt Wellington on the impact of public transport changes on people living along routes that have been switched from trolleys to diesel buses. Read more »

Rattle and vibration – noise problems in Seatoun since the demise of the trolleys

by Gilly Tompsett
Since the end of the trolley bus era and the introduction of a diesel fleet by Wellington’s regional council, getting quality sleep has become difficult and at times impossible for residents living near the Seatoun bus terminus, in the heart of the suburb. From 6am until midnight, the rattle and vibration of idling or departing diesel engine buses reverberates throughout homes. Read more »

More tolerance? Or more deaths?

Only two days after Wellington police announced they were being more tolerant to drivers who were breaking the law, a woman passenger died in a car that crashed while it was being pursued by police in Palmerston North. It was the third such death last month. Read more »

In defence of the old Upbeat

by Brian O’Flaherty
The last time RadioNZ Concert made a change to Upbeat, reducing its duration from about 80 minutes to an hour at a later time, I reacted in protest immediately. This time I waited some weeks to see how the changes worked. They do not work for me. Read more »

Why new initiatives are needed, to get unsafe buildings strengthened

by Geraldine Murphy
Inner City Wellington’s submission on Wellington City’s Draft Long Term Plan proposes two new initiatives to enable owners of both heritage and non-heritage buildings to progress strengthening projects. Funding for these proposals comes from a range of other initiatives in the Long Term Plan, including the proposal for zoo upgrades for snow tigers and cheetahs. Read more »

Looking further ahead than ten years

by Justin Lester
Throughout its history Wellington has been a city of leadership and progress. We’ve been at the forefront of pivotal moments in our country’s history: women’s suffrage, homosexual law reform, nuclear-free New Zealand and marriage equality. We’re a city packed with creators, thinkers, dreamers, doers and lovers of life – where movements start and hikoi end. Read more »

How they’re spending $49m


When the mayor welcomed the Budget allocation of $50m for Wellington’s commuter trains, there were no details. Today we learnt that $49m of the total is to be spent on the Hutt line – it’s a huge job. Read more »

Listening, and making a difference

by Diane Calvert
Submissions on the Wellington City Council’s draft 10 year plan have just closed. We doubled the number from last time, plus we heard from a lot more younger Wellingtonians. Read more »

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