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The scandal of the Town Hall – closed for eight years? Or worse?

by Helene Ritchie
Wellington’s Town Hall is under serious threat of eventual demolition. And in any case, according to the timetable received by councillors it is to be closed for at least eight years. Read more »

The rain, the drains, the buses

by Ian Apperley
A week or so after 30 year, 50 year, 80 year, and 100 year rain events, no answers are forthcoming about why the city was shutdown because of a slip and a large puddle. Nor are any answers forthcoming on what the Wellington City Council in particular is going to do about the woeful state of its storm water. It’s a shambles and, in the middle of all of this, emergency management was really nowhere to be seen. Read more »

Tales from the floods

subway 2
Subway becomes swimming pool at Petone Station yesterday

So many stories from yesterday’s heavy weather. Read more »

Blaming the drains

by Ian Apperley
The Mayor was blaming older drains for this week’s flooding in Wellington. She points out that the council have already spent “millions” on stormwater and have budgeted $200 million for the next ten years. But that figure can’t be correct, because the new investment planned is $25 million per annum and that has to include all infrastructure, which means water and wastewater as well. So the actual figure is likely to be much lower. Read more »

Defending the waterfront

by Mary Munro
This year marks 20 years since Waterfront Watch was formed. It has been a long 20 years with some significant battles being fought. And clearly, with the present draft waterfront development plan, there is still a role for Waterfront Watch to play. Read more »

Photographing recipes and nudes

If there’s anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Unity Books and Whitcoulls, there’s a report this morning that makes things absolutely clear. Read more »

Feedback, surveys and statistics

by Regan Dooley
It was a shame to see Councillor Paul Eagle continuing to claim to speak for “the majority of Island Bay” in a May 6 letter to The Dominion Post. He also made a similar comment about representing “the silent majority” during the council debate on the draft cycling framework on April 30. Read more »

First Rex, now Kerry – why the Town Hall should be re-opened

Rex Nicholls was right when he said last month that the Town Hall should be reopened. And now his wife Kerry Prendergast has repeated the message, even more forcefully. Read more »

Propaganda and a longer runway

by Ian Apperley
With oral submissions on the long term plan being heard by the city council this week, we see the airport runway extension plan starting to come undone. Consultation to date has been, in my opinion, a sham, typical of the arrogance of the uninformed and money men (and women) who try to sell us this snake oil. Read more »

$90m runway commitment, but no council decision and no business case

by Helene Ritchie
As the former Chair of the Airport Authority for eight years, and chair of all New Zealand Airport Authorities for five, I have followed the discussion on the airport runway extension with interest. In an endeavor to be helpful, here are a few perhaps disturbing facts, relating to costs and Council decisions (or lack of them) which the public may not be aware of. Read more »

Cycleways, software and openness

The city council praised itself yesterday for the “robust and open procurement process” that was used to choose its new single-platform software system. But in comparison with the prolonged debate about cycleways (which also reached a decision this week), neither robustness nor openness have been visible during the process of choosing new software. Read more »

Burger meltdown, and parking threats

by Ian Apperley
Two excellent PR failures this week. Ekim Burgers, a caravan based grill in Cuba Street, had a massive mental meltdown with serious lashback. And Living Streets Aotearoa completely pissed off Strathmore locals with threatening behavior. Neither party is backing down. Neither party seems to understand the way that new media works. Read more »

The wish list and the missing cycleway

Cynics may well have doubts about the Regional Transport Committee’s list of priority projects announced this week – specifically the number five position for a new cycling and walking path between Petone and Ngauranga. The reason for any cynicism: it’s all been said before, with no results. Read more »

Haste and secrecy: the Basin ‘masterplan’

by Tim Jones
In March we were told that the Wellington City Council was developing a Masterplan for the Basin Reserve. At that stage, the way to have input into the Masterplan was to comment on the Council’s Long Term Plan, which would in turn influence the development of a Masterplan. Read more »

Fixing the drains or breaking the bank

There’s been quick criticism of the Wellington City Council’s claim that it can’t fix all the city’s drainage problems because this would involve “breaking the bank.” Read more »

For cyclists: a framework but not a plan, and no date for starting work

by Regan Dooley
The draft Wellington Cycling Framework that will be discussed at the council meeting on Thursday is a good document that outlines key principles to guide decision-making on building new cycleways in the city. It includes a high-level network map. But it is not a plan and doesn’t pretend to be. Read more »

P2G: three options, three time-frames

by T. Duran
The NZ Transport Agency has released some new modelling information about the Petone to Grenada link road. There are now three options on the table: Read more »

IMAGES: 40,000 cram new memorial park for 100th anniversary Dawn Service

anzac 1
Photo: Francis Cook

A crowd estimated to be 40,000 filled Wellington’s new War Memorial Park and overflowed from it this morning for the Anzac Dawn Service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. Read more »

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