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Learning about super cycleways from Birmingham


by Glen Smith
The picture above comes from proposals in Birmingham where ‘six cycle lane schemes have been scrapped in favour of two segregated superhighways.’ A local councillor explained that “this is a real change in direction. We had individuals and groups telling us we are not delivering the right infrastructure which makes people feel safe using it. And we will get better results by providing high-quality, high-capacity cycle routes.” Read more »

Will there be enough bus drivers?

A month ago, TransUrban (also known as Tranzit) said they were still forty drivers short for their new bus service. Then two days ago, the situation seemed to have got worse. Read more »

Rates, and buses: fake news?

Fake news in Wellington? Some readers have been pointing out discrepancies. Read more »

New timetables, new buses

by Brent Efford
This coming weekend sees the biggest change to Wellington´s public transport services since, well, forever. Read more »

What’s happening in Rolleston Street?


By Peter Cooke
Mt Cook Mobilised is pleased that Housing New Zealand (HNZ) is redeveloping their apartments at 21 Rolleston St. Six decades old, the 54 apartments are not fit for purpose. Read more »

What´s upsetting the locals in Karaka Bay?


By Michael Barnett
Anyone passing along the waterfront in Karaka Bay in recent months will have seen work going on to construct a new sea wall and reinstate access to the beach beside two boat sheds opposite the properties at 321 to 329 Karaka Bay Road. Prior to the start of this work, the Council went to great lengths to consult with our community and other beach users on plans for the seawall and reinstatement of step access to the beach between these two privately owned boatsheds, which had been demolished in the winter storm of 2014. All were given the opportunity to comment. Read more »

Rostering and safety on the buses

by Gilly Tompsett
The war of words sparked by Trevor Mallard’s non-attendance at the launch of electric buses at Parliament this week has obscured the willingness of Tranzit and the GWRC to risk public safety by cutting transport costs to the bone. Read more »

Photos: the whale that stopped the fireworks

Photo by Wellington journalist and photographer Peter Dyer

From The Wellington App
Wellington’s been the right place for a visit by a rare southern right whale since it was first spotted in the harbour on Tuesday. But the presence of the whale in the harbour has led to the cancellation of the Wellington City Council’s inaugural mid-year fireworks event. Read more »

Hutt leads the way with lowest rates increase

Since we surveyed rates increases last month, there’s been a change of positioning. Now Lower Hutt has taken over from Wellington as the city with the region’s lowest rates increase. Read more »

Taking pest control into their own hands


by Gregor Thompson
An estimated 25 million native birds are killed by pests, rodents and domestic pets annually, an astonishing statistic if you consider the already limited populations. Seatoun boys Tait Burge, Hugo Reeve and Claude Ramsden Bradley have been concerned with the depleting populations of native birds for some time so have set up a self-funded project to help. Read more »

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