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Spending $250,000 on a problem that doesn’t exist

by Kent Duston
The city council’s traffic engineers have recently proposed that the speed limit on some CBD roads be reduced to 30 km/hr. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea – after all, the laws of physics would tell us that slower crashes will equal fewer injuries. But a more detailed reading of the proposal says that it’s the dumbest way to spend $250,000 imaginable. Read more »

The council system for stopping drinking

by Lindsay Shelton
The city council was directly involved in the process that has stopped a cinema selling wine or beer to moviegoers on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Read more »

No drinking allowed at Easter movies – unless you’re eating as well


by Kate Larkindale
I thought it was important that all our Penthouse customers know what is happening over Easter weekend. The new liquor licensing laws that came into effect in December are making it so we are not permitted to sell alcohol on Good Friday or Easter Sunday unless you are at the cinema for a meal (and that’s not just a bowl of fries, apparently). Read more »

A tale of two cinemas

by Lindsay Shelton
A second cinema has been affected by city council actions (or lack of them). Read more »

How many council staff are needed to change the Embassy’s light bulbs?

embassy march 2014
Lights out at the Embassy since last month

by Lindsay Shelton
I didn’t want to tell a bad joke for a third time. So I gave the council a third chance to show that it could replace some faulty light bulbs. But it’s been unable to do the job. Read more »

Is the council abandoning Takapu Valley?

takapu valley

Will the Wellington City Council defend the people of the Takapu Valley against the Transport Agency’s sudden threat to bulldoze a highway through their rural community? You’d expect the council (and the mayor) would want to defend such an area. But there’s no sign that the council is willing to take a stand. Read more »

“We are surprised” at change of Petone to Grenada route, says councillor

by Andy Foster
I’ve been asked to set out the Wellington City Council’s position on the proposed Petone – Grenada road. The council has not yet formally discussed the NZ Transport Agency’s current proposals, though there have been internal discussions and the northern ward councillors and I have attended a number of resident meetings in Tawa including the very well attended one earlier this week. Read more »

Takapu Valley vs Transport Agency

Takapu-Valley panorama

The Transport Agency is under attack from several local communities. But the Agency does not have a record of being willing to listen to community concerns. Read more »

Your bus may not take you where you want to go – new routes and timetables

by Daran Ponter
During 2012 we held a series of well attended meetings across the city to discuss and encourage submissions on the Wellington Bus Review. This led to more than 5,000 submissions on the proposals. Read more »

Shared opinions? The council is suspicious

by Alana Bowman
The Environment Court criticised the Wellington City Council in 2012 for ignoring the advice of Waterfront Watch which it said was “a key party to the formulation of waterfront policy [and was] excluded from consultation.” But now, Waterfront Watch need feel ignored by the council no longer. Read more »

The high social cost of Autopia

by Jaqs Clarke
Autopia was first coined in the 60s to describe Los Angeles and the urban phenomena of building a city around private automobiles. While Autopia is most clearly evident in the Auckland landscape, its tentacular reach has spread down the North Island, to the Kapiti Coast and – perhaps – to the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Town belt: not for sale

by Sarah Free
Glad to say that Council last night passed ( 9 to 6) an amendment moved by Helene Ritchie and seconded by myself, to remove a potentially confusing and somewhat ambiguous option to negotiate/sell Town Belt Land in anticipation of it being compulsorily acquired under the Public Works Act. Read more »

At last, the locals talk about the flyover

If the Basin Flyover inquiry has seemed till now to be hearing a disproportionate amount of concern about the welfare of cricketers, things have changed at last with local people starting to give evidence about their concerns. Read more »

Cinema and art

Photo from IMA Brisbane

This towering helical steel structure is one of the astonishing surprises in the Simon Starling ‘in speculum’ exhibition now at the City Gallery. Read more »

Destroying a valley with a four-lane expressway

Takapu-Valley panorama
Photo from Transport Blog

The Auckland-based Transport Blog has raised serious concerns about the surprising and unwelcome plan to build a four-lane expressway through the Takapu Valley. Read more »

The council didn’t want an empty site – but that’s what it got

Six years ago the city council said it didn’t want a large empty building site in Mt Cook. It was a meaningless statement. A year later the council got what it didn’t want, when the Boys Institute swimming pool was demolished to make way for a supermarket. It was a pointless demolition. The site has been empty ever since. Read more »

NZ’s most dangerous intersections – but we’re on the list only 4 times

Wellington has missed out on being named in a top ten list. As it’s a list of New Zealand’s most dangerous intersections, we should be pleased. But when you expand the list to 100, it’s a different story. Read more »

Remembering Ernie Abbott: 30th anniversary of Trades Hall bombing

by Helen Kelly
Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Trades Hall bombing in Wellington. The bomb killed Ernie Abbott, President of the Wellington Caretakers and Cleaners Union. No one has ever been charged with Ernie’s murder. Read more »

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