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A new world

by Benoit Pette
A few days ago, with a bit of time on my hands, I started sorting out a few photos. They were shot two weeks ago, and now they look as if they’re from another world, a different era. Read more »

The covid-19 narrative, part 2 – the Ministry’s scrambled memo

by Tom Frewen
When we come out the other side of this pandemic emergency — as we surely will — we will look back and see one of its benefits was a much overdue shake-up of the country’s news media. Read more »

What can we afford? Covid-19 and the financial toll on Wellington

by Conor Hill
The news at the moment is all covid-19. Along with everything else, it will take a massive financial toll on councils around the country and Wellington in particular. Read more »

The covid-19 narrative, part 1 – taking control

by Tom Frewen
“Stay tuned,” she said, winding up her first live Covid-19 alert broadcast from the Beehive on Saturday 21 March. Addressing the nation directly via live free-to-air television from her office, the Prime Minister elbowed the news media aside and took control of the Covid-19 narrative for the foreseeable future. Read more »

Not a time for increasing the rates

by Lindsay Shelton
Is it time to talk about the rates, when there are much more serious things to consider? Well, yes it is. In the pandemic emergency, many people with reduced incomes may have trouble making the payments, specially if they are going up. And there’ve been widely diverging approaches taken by our councils. Read more »

Covid ducklings


by Val Aldridge
Look what I found on my walk today! Read more »

Changing streets, for the better

by Lindsay Shelton
We’re becoming a community. Suburban streets, usually occupied only by parked cars, are now taken over by locals on the move. Walking and greeting and keeping their distance. Read more »

Improving our streets; how to help

by Mike Mellor
As we all know these are extraordinary times, with a great deal of uncertainty. But some things are continuing: one of those (at the moment, at least) is planning for the future of transport in Wellington and the rest of the country. Read more »

Sleep: a natural tonic

by Rosie Gibson
Sleep provides a foundation for our physical and mental wellbeing. It also boosts the effectiveness of special cells involved with the body’s immune response. The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a time of acute stressors and rapid sociological changes. Losing sleep over this situation is to be expected. Read more »

Keeping our distance

by Andy Foster
Today I went for a run in my neighbourhood and I was delighted to see everyone keeping a good wide berth from each other. Yes there was still some interaction – people were waving and saying gidday – but everyone was making sure to keep a good distance, generally on the opposite side of the road. Read more »

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