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Three bad choices: why cycleways were withdrawn

by Dr Jenny Condie
Many people were left wondering what on earth had happened when the Covid-19 Innovating Streets paper was withdrawn from the Wellington City Council’s agenda last Tuesday morning. The majority of submitters had supported all the proposals. We had the votes for most, possibly all, of the five pop-up projects. Why had we decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Read more »

Staying at home (2)

by Ian Apperley
All the dinosaurs have been out over the last few days trying to bully public servants and other staff back to working in less than humane conditions in CBD offices because the retail sector is suffering. The Finance Minister and some councillors have all had a crack, their toothless roars echoing through empty city concrete canyons. Read more »

Staying at home (1)

The NZ Herald tells us about a survey of 2000 Wellingtonians that shows two thirds of them would like to spend more time working from home. Read more »

The bells, the bells

bell tower navigator

by Lindsay Shelton
Peals of bells have always been heard at the end of major catastrophes – to mark the ceasefire after a world war for example. In Vincent Ward’s 1988 feature film The Navigator, the bells ring out to bring an end to a plague that had engulfed the medieval world. So that’s a link to the bellringing which was heard from Wellington churches at lunchtime today. Read more »

Foreign correspondent: new challenges in the South Wairarapa

ian's new home

by Ian Apperley
We have been here in the South Wairarapa for a month now. The full moon came up through the pine shelter belt last night, a strange yellow ball casting shadows across the paddocks, an ice ring surrounding it, the promise of cold weather to come. Read more »

Ignoring consensus for the Library

central library consensus ignored

by Helene Ritchie
With fascination I watched this week’s Wellington City Council meeting where councillors yet again discussed the future of the Central Library which sits empty, barricaded in the heart of Wellington as a sad symbol of Council paralysis. Read more »

Better for cyclists and drivers – in support of a Brooklyn Hill bike lane

brooklyn hill 1
Trucks ascending Brooklyn Rd creating pinch points with pedestrian build-outs and parked cars – photo Sam Donald, May 2020.

by Nick Mouat, James Burgess, Sam Bridgman & Sam Donald
A2B (Active to Brooklyn), a local group seeking to support safe, healthy ways to move about in and around Brooklyn, has sent a submission to the Wellington City Council on the plan for a pop-up uphill bike lane on the Brooklyn Road – a very topical subject in the community. We strongly support this proposal. Read more »

Saving the Library? First: draft proposals and practicable options

by Lindsay Shelton
We’re told that today’s meeting of the Wellington City Council is to “expedite” decision making on the future of the Central Library, after last week’s meeting was postponed for a week, to get more information and advice.
Read more »

Noise from the sky

aircraft light

by Benoit Pette
Wellington on a balmy day: countless people enjoying being in the sun. If you can’t hear the bird song or cicadas, it’s because the sound of the waves has drowned out their music for a moment. Kids are running and laughing. Up the hill, residents look after their gardens or simply chill, with friends and family. Paradise, right? Well yes. But …..
Read more »

Foreign correspondent: a report from Taumata Island

ian's new home Taumata Valley
Gretel Lagoon – Our bottom paddocks on the left

by Ian Apperley
A month after moving from Strathmore to Taumata Island, outside Carterton, population 80, I’ve finally come up for air. Lindsay Shelton is calling me his “foreign correspondent”, and in some ways he’s right. Despite only being an hour from Wellington city and still part of the region, it feels a lot further away. Read more »

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