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Smart transport – throwing out the old rules

by Ian Apperley
As I wrote last time, I think that Wellington transport solutions are lacking. I’d go as far to say they are unimaginative, stuck in the 20th century, and boring. So, what does Smart Transport look like? Read more »

Light rail – why it’s affordable


by Kerry Wood
The Global Research report commissioned by LGWM notes that some respondents “…think that Wellington is too small and lacks population density for [light rail] to be economically viable.” The obvious reason is costly rail tracks. However, overseas experience shows that, on busier routes, light rail is usually cheaper than buses, all things considered. The reason is lower operating costs. Read more »

Consultation questions – frustrating, restrictive, slanted

by Wendy Armitage
Inner City Wellington questions the rationale behind the WCC’s 10-year Plan pre-consultation questionnaire that has been posted on their website. Completing the questionnaire becomes an increasingly frustrating experience with restrictive and slanted questioning. Read more »

Taking the dog for a ride


by Lindsay Shelton
Another big decision from the Regional Council. The people who decided to get rid of the trolley buses have now decided that we’ll be allowed to take dogs on their trains and buses. Read more »

Art, again


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington regained its “capital of culture” title at the weekend, when Te Papa re-opened its art gallery. For too many weeks it’s been embarrassingly impossible to explain to visitors why the city’s two biggest art galleries have both been closed. Read more »

Setting priorities – the need to focus on things we care about

by Ian Apperley
Over the past few weeks we’ve been subjected to the City Council Spin Machine pumping out PR press releases that coat tail on the achievements of others, are propaganda for the Long-Term Plan “consultation” and are worded to ensure no negative publicity is generated. Read more »

LGWM: it wasn’t a referendum, but the results are clear


by Lindsay Shelton
Now that LGWM has released the results of its public feedback, let’s remember: the preferences are not votes – it isn’t a referendum. Many people who selected a preference also wanted changes to their preferred scenario. Read more »

Making a difference: women’s rights at the council

by Diane Calvert
International Women’s Day last week celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and raised awareness of issues that women still face, in particular a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Read more »

The Downtown Levy – intended for CBD retailers, but now?

by John Albertson
Twenty years or so ago, retail in the Wellington CBD was under pressure. Analysis of credit card spending indicated considerable “leakage” from Wellington residents spending outside the CBD and there wasn’t much being gained back from the suburban areas of the Hutt Valley and Porirua. Read more »

Rates down? Rates up? Council avoids saying “increase”

The Wellington City Council tonight announced a rates increase. Sort of. But it couldn’t bring itself to use the word “increase.” Instead, it tried to convey the opposite, and said that “rates are coming down to 3.9 per cent.” The error was reinforced by the council’s headline which announced that city councillors had voted to bring the rates down. All of which indicates some embarrassment – as well as denial – about putting the rates up again. Read more »

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