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Light rail – on the wrong track?

by Brent Efford
Whether 2019 brings any real progress towards light rail and the essential ultimate achievement of a complete rail transit spine serving all of greater Wellington remains very much up in the air, with signs that the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project may be headed down the wrong rail transit track. Read more »

Undeniable: the case for light rail

When the DomPost published an article on light rail the other day, much attention was paid. For Wellington.Scoop readers, the subject is much more familiar. We’ve published dozens of articles – all building the “how” and “why” case for light rail as being inevitable for Wellington. Here are some of those articles. Read more »

The Reading mystery


by Lindsay Shelton
I agree with Leviathan at eyeofthefish when he writes about the closure of Reading Cinemas: So far, no one is talking much sense about the Courtenay Central close-down … I can’t figure out why it should be closed down, so suddenly, from some unspecified potential seismic risk. Read more »

Bus issues: timeliness, capacity, transfers … and route changes

by Daran Ponter
To say that 2018 was a difficult year for Wellington public transport would be an understatement. The new bus network did not roll out smoothly, with frustrating issues for all concerned: timeliness, capacity issues, transferring etc. Read more »

A shrinking culture capital

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington may claim to be the culture capital – as WREDA has branded us – but the city is now short of 6000 seats for its culture-focussed events. Read more »

The Basin: a better venue than a new arena


by Glen Smith
In November the region’s mayors gave in-principle support for a new $200million 12,000 seat indoor arena to be built on Kings Wharf, the justification being that the lack of such a venue causes performers such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift to bypass our city. But there is a better, less costly alternative. Read more »

Vanishing points

by Lindsay Shelton
2018 was the year of the vanishing post offices. And banks. And buses. Buildings too. And views. Read more »

Slowing down to live


by Isabella Cawthorn
As we enjoy the holiday break – which often involves road trips – let’s feel the zeitgeist and slow down to live! It definitely feels like we’re starting to have conversations about “are we driving too fast?” At last – and at the cost of more and more lives – we’re starting to talk about it. Read more »

Rori iti: how little roads can help


by Kate Spencer
When I’m walking I hate slower pedestrians who hold me up and make me pass. Move, people! Don’t you know I have places to be? I also hate those who walk that much faster than I do, and bustle past me. Where are you going in such a hurry? Honestly. Chill out! Read more »

Chris Hipkins gets it right on VUW


by Barrie Saunders
Education Minister Chris Hipkins made the right decision to reject the Victoria University of Wellington’s Council request to change its name to the University of Wellington. Read more »

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