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Surveying eastern ward councillors, and one new candidate


by Ian Apperley
It’s time to take a look at Wellington’s city councillors. With the issue of Shelly Bay in the forefront of everyone’s minds, I thought we’d kick off with the Eastern Ward councillors as well as the one new candidate. I think the lack of response from Simon Marsh, Sarah Free, and Chris Calvi-Freeman on the Shelly Bay issue singles them out for attention. Read more »

More questions from Sir Peter, silence from the council


by Ian Apperley
In his third post on the Shelly Bay shambles, Peter Jackson last night released a commissioned report that shows the need for approximately 34,000 heavy truck movements to support the development. Again, he raises more questions on the back of previously unanswered questions, but the Wellington City Council remains silent. Read more »

Why we need more bus drivers, as well as compromises

by Mike Flinn
The decision to defer the introduction of changed rest breaks for bus drivers is welcome news for passengers. Read more »

Missing your bus?


These were some of the 22 bus cancellations in Wellington this morning. Read more »

Decisions, or options

by Lindsay Shelton
With only six months till the elections, Wellington needs decisions on many big issues … if anyone is paying attention. Read more »

Issue of the week: Shelly Bay

by Ian Apperley
The issue of the week has undoubtedly been Shelly Bay, and despite attempts to start some other discussions – earthquake premiums spring to mind – it has dominated the stage. Read more »


Everyone agrees that Wellington has lost its heart, with the closure of the Central Library. Read more »

Shelly Bay – it’s an election issue

Photo by Phillip Capper from Flickr

by Ian Apperley
Shelly Bay – a beautiful, if run down, part of Wellington – is fast becoming the election issue of note. The WCC is desperate to shut the conversation down, but it is not going away. It goes to the heart of matters, which is about trust of our Council. Read more »

Canberra gets light rail in 4 years


by Brent Efford
Only four years after the go-ahead, Canberra opened the first stage of its light rail network on Easter Monday – with firm promises of more to come, soon. The difference between Australia’s capital city and New Zealand’s is stark as far as public transport is concerned, and rightly an embarrassment on this side of the Tasman. Read more »

No news is bad news

by Mike Flinn
Now that Easter has ended, it is of great concern that there’s no news about how the changes to bus drivers’ rest breaks are to be implemented from May 6. All the arrangements should be in place now for an orderly implementation, particularly regarding the requirement for a 10 minute break every two hours. Read more »

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