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by Lindsay Shelton
Remember only two weeks ago when Wellington had only one case of covid-19. Wellington’s first case was New Zealand’s seventh, and it was the first outside Auckland. Read more »

Strange days, with time to think

Wellington this morning. Photo from Jonathan Mitchell/RNZ

by Ian Apperley
These are extraordinary days we live in. You’ll be waking up this morning to the first day of a national lockdown, a lockdown that may last some weeks or longer. Life then takes a dramatic turn for each one of us, but one that has echoes of the past and a hope for a very different future once this is over. Read more »

Free parking in Wellington CBD, but rules still apply

News from WCC
Wellington City Council is turning off its metered parking system in the central city for the immediate future due to the impact of Covid-19. This means motorists do not have to pay for on-street parking in the immediate future. The PayMyPark app and meters will carry ‘free parking’ alerts by this evening. Read more »

Pandemic: What the WCC could (and should) be doing

The rapidly-spreading COVID-19 crisis is busy tearing up all the rule books of our daily lives and our economy. The Wellington City Council has announced pool and library closures and a range of other measures designed to slow the virus, but what else could they do? Here at the wellington.scoop global HQ, our crack team has been brainstorming some helpful ideas for how we can help hold the economic damage at bay, and we think WCC definitely has a role to play. Read more »

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder – part four

by Tom Frewen
Driving north on SH1 up the Kapiti Coast on Tuesday afternoon, I had to switch the car radio over to AM in order to listen to Parliament debating the Government’s Covid-19 emergency economic package. Read more »

Does anyone want to pay 9.2% more?

by Lindsay Shelton
Mayor Andy Foster did the right thing to postpone today’s city council committee meeting where councillors were to be asked to approve a rates increase of 9.2 per cent. But though the meeting has been put back by two weeks – with covid-19 given as the reason – councillors will undoubtedly be discussing the rates increase today, but they’ll be away from public scrutiny in a closed workshop. Read more »

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder – part three

by Tom Frewen
“By the way, Jane,” says RNZ’s Paul Thompson to NZ on Air’s Jane Wrightson in a CEO-to-CEO aside at a meeting “regarding another matter … next week we’ll be making a start on getting rid of Concert FM and firing all its presenters.” Those would not have been his actual words, of course. Read more »

From France via Townsville and Brisbane … to Wellington

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington has its first case of coronavirus (now called covid-19.) We’ve been able to track it because the patient himself has told us all the details. Read more »

Concert FM: anatomy of a blunder – part two

by Tom Frewen
I stumbled across Rutherford Ward’s name by accident while fact-checking (dread phrase!) the dubious claim in Spark’s new television commercial that Ernest Rutherford invented radio communications. Read more »

Learning leadership

Thanks to Georgina Campbell at the NZ Herald, we now know that Wellington Mayor Andy Foster is taking a $30,000 six-day leadership course in Queenstown at ratepayers’ expense. Read more »

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