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The Foster and Free Show

RNZ photos

by Ian Apperley
Finally, some progress in the Wellington City Council this week with Andy Foster picking Sarah Free as his new Deputy. The Foster and Free Show is on the road and rolling for now, though may still be hampered if there is a recount for the mayoralty. Read more »

Party politics and transport

by Tony Jansen
Recently one of our newly elected regional councillors called for the reintroduction of overnight sleeper trains between Wellington and Auckland. Read more »

Ignoring Wellington

There’s a lovely scene in that delightful Monty Python movie The Life of Brian, where the rebels are getting outraged at their Roman rulers: Read more »

Hostage taking, and a lost opportunity

by Ian Apperley
No further movement so far this week in the paralysis that has been visited on the Wellington City Council by the former mayor and the six hostage-taking councillors who have set themselves against the new mayor and all other councillors. Read more »

Telling their new mayor what they don’t want him to do

by Lindsay Shelton
On the same day that Lower Hutt’s new mayor announced his deputy (who said she was looking forward to working alongside him), a group of Wellington councillors were reported to be telling their new mayor who he should not choose as his deputy. Read more »

Andy Foster on working together

Newshub Nation:
Finn Hogan interviews Wellington Mayor-elect Andy Foster, and first asks how he’s feeling about a potential recount. Read more »

Who gets what?

by Ian Apperley
It’s hard to predict which Wellington city councillors are going to lead which portfolios, especially when we don’t know what the portfolios are going to be. We do know that there are too many portfolios, and there will be changes. Read more »

Reducing the portfolios

by Ian Apperley
New Wellington city councillors will be shortly assigned portfolios. But I understand that the model may be changed. It certainly needs a refresh because right now it’s barely manageable. Read more »

Driving us backwards

by Tim Jones
Andy Foster’s transport policies put him at odds with the public’s demand for climate change action. Read more »

Getting things done

by Conor Hill
Congratulations to Andy Foster for winning the Wellington mayoralty. He had a narrow victory, with STV working its magic 7 times. It’s likely he lost four out of Wellington’s five wards. It’s unlikely that more than one (if that) of the 14 elected councillors gave him their first preference. He doesn’t have a natural majority on council, and isn’t aligned to cabinet or the regional council. Read more »

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