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What’s luck got to do with it?


by Lindsay Shelton
Andy Foster should be reconsidering his comment that the two major collapses of Wellington sewage pipelines were “bad luck” – since then, there’ve been five (Feb 15: now eight) more reports of pipeline problems. How much bad luck can the city afford? Read more »

Classical music, young listeners, and a monumental blunder

by Tom Frewen
The same day that RNZ announced that Concert FM would be replaced by a new “music brand” aimed at 18-34-year-olds, the BBC’s classical music station Radio 3 reported that a surge in young listeners had boosted its audience ratings to their highest level in three years. Read more »

RNZ: derision, dismay, disbelief

by Lindsay Shelton
RadioNZ’s decision to disembowel its Concert Programme has been met with derision, dismay and disbelief. I havent seen any support for the plan. But the numbers against it are huge. The petition that had 8000 signatures yesterday morning had reached more than 18,000 signatures tonight. (Update: More than 25,000 on Tuesday morning. .) Read more »

RNZ – an insider’s plea

Open letter from Charlotte Wilson
To Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, Grant Robertson, and Kris Faafoi

Kia ora
If you allow RNZ Concert to be axed, then Labour will lose this election. We are your supporters: liberal, educated people who have so far been delighted in the Labour government and Jacinda Ardern. But doing this to us is such a massive slap in the face, I can’t possibly vote for you and my friends and family all feel the same. Unless another party promises to bring Concert back, then for the first time in my life I will have to abstain. Read more »

RNZ – outrage at a giant loss


An open letter from Claire Cowan
To the Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Jacinda Ardern
To Kris Faafoi, Minister of Broadcasting, and the relevant leadership at RNZ.

I am writing to express my outrage and sadness over the proposal to disestablish the jobs of all presenters on RNZ Concert and reduce the station to online and AM frequency only. These changes will be the death of classical music in this country, and reflect an incredible disregard for the art form and naivety around the value of this station and what it does for listeners of all ages. Read more »

RNZ – destroying a success


“… we don’t really have any position on what the brand is going to be yet, and what it’s going to be called…”
– Paul Thompson, Chief Executive Radio New Zealand

by Marc Taddei
Just yesterday, Paul Thompson, the Chief Executive of Radio New Zealand and Willy Macalister, Music Content Director, announced that they would be changing the nature of New Zealand’s only Art Music Radio station – RNZ Concert. They propose that RNZ Concert will cease broadcasting on FM (in order to free up slots), and move to AM and streaming services. Furthermore, they propose that the broadcast be largely automated, delivered by a skeletal crew. It appears to be similar to a constantly evolving Spotify playlist. Gone will be the in-depth shows that showcase New Zealand Art Music and its practitioners. Read more »

Waiting for the library plan


by Lindsay Shelton
We’re due to see the engineers’ report on the closed Central Library this month. Read more »

A tale of two cities (and sewage)

by Lindsay Shelton
What a difference between the Wellington and Hutt approaches to wastewater infrastructure problems. In the capital, new mayor Andy Foster has been quoted as saying it’s “appallingly bad luck” that two of his city’s major sewage pipelines collapsed within a month of each other. The new mayor of Hutt City has taken a tougher stance. Read more »

Avoiding congestion at the (new) Melling Bridge


by Glen Smith
First published in May 2018
The New Zealand Transport Agency has put forward three plans to improve traffic flow on State Highway Two at the congested Lower Hutt turn-off across Melling Bridge. Improvements at this interchange deserve support since the aim should be to improve the efficiency of all transport modes and to reduce the potential for accident related deaths and injuries. Read more »

Another emergency – are they struggling?


by Lindsay Shelton
On Friday, Wellington Water’s chief executive said “we would be struggling if anything else was to happen.” Then yesterday, Wellington Water announced another emergency. Read more »

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