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Conor Hill: Paying for it

by Conor Hill
There’s no point trying to pretend otherwise: Wellington has some major costs coming up in the next 10 years. Read more »

Show us the money

by Rohan Biggs
As the election season hots up, Mayoral candidates are trying to outdo each other in convincing voters they have the answers to transport, housing, earthquake prone buildings, and climate change. Read more »

How to vote

by Ian Apperley
Here’s a public service announcement about voting in the local body elections: Only vote for those you want to see on the council. Read more »

Mass transit – a decision for a citizens’ assembly

by Jenny Condie
The largest investment in Let’s Get Wellington Moving is mass transit. The highest profile decision we need to make on mass transit is: which vehicle technology will we use? Read more »

Getting on with LGWM, not opposing it

by Conor Hill
One of the strangest things about the Wellington Mayoral race is how two candidates who voted for Let’s Get Wellington Moving have now morphed into opposing it. Read more »

Justin Lester: I support plans to develop Shelly Bay

by Justin Lester
The overwhelming reaction I’ve had from Wellingtonians during my nine years on the Wellington City Council is that something needs to be done at Shelly Bay. Proud Wellingtonians repeatedly tell me that Shelly Bay should be a jewel in the crown for the capital city, but instead it has become a rusting eyesore. Read more »

Getting moving, with what we can afford – Diane Calvert

by Diane Calvert
We can get Welly actually moving on transport – if we get back on track now. Read more »

Political compromise on roading is unacceptable – Andy Foster

by Andy Foster
It is no surprise to see NZTA’s confirmation that the Let’s Get Wellington Moving package has been politically compromised. Read more »

Unstoppable, and unstoppably costly

The convention centre from Te Papa, with which it will be competing for convention business.

by Lindsay Shelton
Many of us think that the Wellington city council should have put a hold on building the new convention centre, thereby making $154m available for fixing and reopening the Central Library. Read more »

Cheers, driver – Conor Hill’s plans to fix the buses


by Conor Hill
I want to see a public transport that works for all users and for the drivers who keep this city going. As a non driver, I rely heavily on buses for all kinds of trips. Like all Wellingtonians I am deeply frustrated by the failure to deliver a quality bus service. I will lead on fixing the myriad issues affecting our buses. Read more »

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