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Voting them in, voting them out

by Tony Jansen
As if it couldn’t get any worse. The Auditor-General has now been asked to investigate the Wellington City Council’s “corporate inducement” deal benefitting one of the world’s largest and most profitable airlines to the tune of up to $800,000 per annum. And it could be for ten years. Read more »

It’s unanimous: Regional Council votes for living wage

News from Sue Kedgley
The Wellington Regional Council today unanimously adopted Councillor Sue Kedgley’s her motion to become a Living Wage employer, making it the first regional council in New Zealand to do so. Read more »

Are councils redundant?

by Ian Apperley
Up till yesterday, only 10,980 Wellingtonians had voted. The last local election saw a 40.85% return with 55,716 voting papers returned. So it’s looking like this year could have an even lower return. Read more »

Free of what capital?

by Norbert Hausberg
The new slogan is out – pest free capital, predator free. I would prefer a free public transport capital. Or even better a CO2 free capital. Maybe a car free capital? How about a motorway free capital? A waste free capital? Read more »

Justin announces post-election summit to make consensus plans for growth

News from Justin Lester
Wellington mayoral candidate Justin Lester has announced his intention to hold a post election summit within six weeks of the local body elections to build consensus around a plan to grow Wellington under his mayoralty. Read more »

Council diversity … not only gender

by Diane Calvert
There are only eleven women (out of a total of 40 candidates) standing for the Wellington City Council – somewhat surprising given Wellington has had a woman mayor for the past 12 years and there are already five sitting woman councillors. Hopefully the success rate of women elected across 15 seats will be greater than 25%. Read more »

“Ambitious, achievable:” Justin will make predator-free plan his top priority

News from Justin Lester
Mayoral candidate Justin Lester is promising to make the plan for Wellington to become predator free the top environmental priority of his first term, saying it’s good for native birds, wildlife and the climate. Read more »

Jo seeking urgent, creative and pragmatic Basin roading plan

News from Jo Coughlan
Mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan today pledged to prioritise a creative and pragmatic solution to congestion problems at the Basin Reserve. Read more »

$6m surplus shows rates freeze can be delivered, says Nicola

News from Nicola Young
A rates freeze for Wellingtonians can be delivered, with no impact on core services, judging by the City Council’s $6million surplus for 2015/16, says mayoral candidate Nicola Young. Read more »

Successes, failures, and propaganda

by Ian Apperley
The Wellington City Council has just released its annual report and it makes for interesting reading. It is, once again, along with the accompanying press release, a masterful exercise in propaganda.
Read more »

Candidates and sustainability

by Dave McArthur
Rating election candidates for their sustainability is based on the question: “What if information is physical? What if the physical world is essentially information?” Read more »

Promises, promises … the campaign for number one

by Lindsay Shelton
As the voting period gets shorter (and the days get longer) you can’t help thinking about some of the stranger parts of the election campaign. Read more »

Justin Lester pledges to keep council fund that supports WoW show

News from Justin Lester
Wellington mayoral candidate Justin Lester is pledging to retain the City Growth Fund that pays for the Wellington City Council to be a partner of the World of Wearable Arts awards show, in response to the pledge by other candidates to scrap the fund. Read more »

Mark Blumsky endorses Nick Leggett

Press Release – Nick Leggett
Mark Blumsky, who was Mayor of Wellington between 1995 and 2001, has offered his endorsement to independent mayoral candidate, Nick Leggett. Read more »

A game of chance

by Gordon Campbell
Election day for local government is approaching. Around the country, the candidates seem to be the usual crew i.e. barely recognisable people offering a mixture of enticements, some of which sound kind of acceptable if you can ignore the stuff that sounds weirdly off-putting. Read more »

First Singapore flight (via Canberra) arrives, with 120 travel agents

News from Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has today launched its new ‘Capital Express’ service, linking Wellington for the first time with Singapore, via Canberra. Read more »

Six health board candidates “stood out” in survey, says association

News from PHA
A scorecard rating the Capital and Coast DHB candidates was released last night by the Wellington branch of the Public Health Association. Voting is now open in the local body elections, allowing residents to vote for elected DHB representatives for the coming term, as well as local government candidates. Read more »

Concern at influence of health group on election process

Press Release – Dr. Stan Litras
Some district health board candidates are concerned that electoral laws are being breached by a government-funded pro-fluoridation group. Read more »

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