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Regional Council seeking candidates for local elections

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
Nominations will soon open for the Greater Wellington Regional Council elections and people are being encouraged to think about putting their names forward. Read more »

Who will prevail in the mayoral race? Part five: voting tactically

The time has come when we need to talk about STV – despite how it sounds, it’s a voting system, not a disease. How you allocate your votes makes a huge difference in deciding who will be our esteemed leader in the years ahead, so how you use the complexities of STV can make a big difference to the outcome. Read more »

How to run your election campaign

In the spirit of public service – and, let’s face it, also in the entirely selfish spirit of not wanting to be bored to death with tedious campaigning – we’ve compiled the ultimate campaign guide for aspiring local body politicians. We’ve consulted highly-paid consultants, talked endlessly with an army of spin doctors, and researched the latest in needlessly manipulative publicity techniques to bring you a state-of-the-art guide to winning that local body position you’ve always craved. Read more »

Clean, quiet and cool: regional council gets report on hybrid bus trial

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
Customers loved the quiet ride and the cool look, drivers loved the smooth ride, the bus company loved the cheaper fuel bill and everyone loved the reduced transport emissions. Read more »

Rebooting Wellington’s transport

by Ian Apperley
Mayoral candidates are promising everything from second tunnels to a billion dollars in new roads, flyovers, more cycle lanes, cheaper public transport and an end to congestion. All well and good, but not achievable and old thinking. Read more »

Light rail – find out what it really means

News from Trams-Action
Find out what ‘light rail’ really means in Wellington. There has been a lot of talk about ‘light rail’ for the capital for decades, and it will be a talking point again in this year’s local body elections. But how much is actually known about the world’s fastest-growing public transport mode here in the region most in need of it? Read more »

Who will prevail in the mayoral race? Part four: summing up the field

Our run through the mayoral field has revealed some real contenders, some wannabes and some rank outsiders. For this week’s edition we thought a bit of summing up would be in order, so readers can start putting pen to paper and ranking candidates as soon as those ballots arrive. Let’s get to the thumbnail sketches of everyone vying for the mayoral chains. Read more »

The council and the All Blacks

As we watched the All Blacks take on Wales on Saturday night for a thrilling 36-22 win, little did we know that we had the Wellington City Council to thank for the great game – at least, this is according to a breathless press release from Celia Wade-Brown and Jo Coughlan. We’re quite surprised that Steve Hansen didn’t thank them by name after the match. Read more »

A “full house” weekend in Wellington

Press release from WCC
The ‘full-house’ signs were up at the Westpac Stadium – and around the region – last night as the accommodation and hospitality sector enjoyed the financial windfall from the All Blacks-Wales test. Read more »

Dr Roger Blakeley standing for Regional Council and health board

Press Release – Dr Roger Blakeley
Dr Roger Blakeley announced today that he will be standing for election for the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) in the local elections in October. Read more »

Nurse with 20 years’ experience standing for health board

Press Release – Eileen Brown
With more than 20 years of nursing experience, and an extensive background in health policy and health governance, Eileen Brown stands out from the crowd as a front runner for election onto the Capital and Coast District Health Board in the DHB elections in September as the Labour Party candidate. Read more »

Cheaper public transport? Regional Council starts a ticketing review

Media release from Justin Lester
Wellington mayoral candidate Justin Lester and regional council candidate Daran Ponter have today taken the first step in delivering their campaign pledge of cheaper public transport for Wellingtonians. Read more »

More central city parking wanted by Karori mother

Opinion – Hayley Robinson
I consider myself to be fairly green. I have a yard full of chooks and vegetables and I care about carbon. However I also care about mathematics and valid conclusions and I fail to see how insufficient parking is serving either our businesses, consumers or the planet. Read more »

Council candidate wants crowd funding to pay for his election campaign

Press Release – Troy Mihaka
We’ve had new businesses crowd funded, we’ve had shows and community events crowd funded, we’ve even had a beach crowd funded. And now Troy Mihaka, a Wellington City Council Lambton Ward hopeful, has turned to PledgeMe to get crowd fund his City Council campaign – Wellington’s biggest Crowd Funding site. Read more »

Who will prevail in the mayoral race? Part three: Nick and Keith

In a nice spot of symmetry, there seem to be two mayoral candidates in each of the big categories – left, right and outsiders. So having dispensed with our analysis of the two ends of the political spectrum, it’s time to turn our attention to the Don Quixotes of the mayoral race – Nick Leggett and Dr Keith Johnson. Read more »

A boring mayoral campaign: where are the new ideas?

by Ian Apperley
We’ve seen some reasonable analysis of the various candidates on Wellington.Scoop and in the Dominion Post. However, I am left feeling bored by the campaign so far, and I think that the policies to date, while solid, are littered with old thinking while new ideas are largely missing. Read more »

Porirua council sets rates increase of 3.3%

Press Release – Porirua City Council
There was robust discussion by the Council yesterday on the Annual Plan for 2016/17, which includes providing $200,000 to raise the pay of those staff on or around the minimum wage. The result is an average rate increase of 3.3 per cent. Read more »

Kapiti council plans 4.58% rates increase

Press Release – Kapiti Coast District Council
Kāpiti Coast District Council has made decisions on the Annual plan 2016/17, which is now being finalised ready for adoption by the Council on 23 June. Read more »

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