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The year ends with cordons


by Lindsay Shelton
The cordons in Courtenay Place and Tory Street are a daily reminder that the November earthquake has had a bigger effect on Wellington than anyone at first expected. Read more »

Paul Eagle for Rongotai?

by Ian Apperley
There’ve long been rumours that Paul Eagle would contest the Rongotai seat for Labour, particularly since the local elections where he appeared to step back in line with Labour and support Justin Lester into the mayoralty, opening the way for a political appointment such as he’s reported to be considering today. Read more »

An uphill battle for light rail

Wellington’s light rail advocates are welcoming the news that the government is looking at funding light rail between the North Shore and the Airport in Auckland. They rightly point out that this could be a step-change in how public transport projects are funded – by making light rail eligible for the same 100% central government funding as motorways, thus putting trains on the same footing as cars. But the hope that the change of direction might signal support for a Wellington light rail system looks misplaced. Read more »

Annette King not standing for Rongotai – new Labour candidate to be sought

Reports today say that veteran Labour MP Annette King has decided not to stand for election in her Rongotai electorate next year. Instead, she will be a List-only candidate. Read more »

Goals and plans, but where’s the progress?

by Ian Apperley
In the last few years, the long-term goals of the Wellington City Council have changed year on year. But nearly 18 months after “Our Ten Year Plan” was introduced, very little has progressed. What’s happened to the city’s major projects? Read more »

New PM doesn’t expect protest vote; his deputy says everyone’s incredible

Report from BusinessDesk by Sophie Boot
Bill English and Paula Bennett were this morning voted in as prime minister and deputy PM by the National Party’s caucus and have since been sworn in by the governor general. Read more »

Mayoral summit discussing vision, feedback and ideas for the future

News from WCC
The Wellington Summit is being held on Friday morning – a meeting of over 100 key Wellington business and community leaders to discuss the future of the city. Read more »

Will they roll over and accept him?

by Gordon Campbell
The resignation of John Key is one thing. The way that Key and his deputy Bill English have screwed the scrum on the leadership succession vote (due on December 12) is something else again. Read more »

PM resigning next week; refers to family pressures and “nothing left in the tank”

pm resigns

Prime Minister John Key has announced that he’s resigning as Prime Minister in seven days’ time. He made the unexpected announcement at a 12.45 press conference at Parliament, called with less than an hour’s notice. Read more »

Greens choose Teall Crossen as next year’s Rongotai candidate

Press Release – Green Party
The Green Party candidate for Rongotai is Teall Crossen after a hotly contested competition for the seat. Read more »

One new building … well, actually two

bowen st parlt bldg

by Lindsay Shelton
Parliament’s Speaker announced yesterday that there’s to be a new building behind Parliament House to provide offices for MPs and their staff. But then he released images showing that not just one but two new buildings are to be constructed. Read more »

Saving the Paramount

for sale

by Lindsay Shelton
There’s dismay in Wellington’s film and cultural community over the news that the Paramount Cinema is for sale and could be replaced by a small hotel. Stopping such a plan must be a major challenge for Mayor Lester in his new self-appointed role of leader of the city’s arts and culture. Read more »

Begging for it, or giving it away

The Wellington City Council has been showing some unusual attitudes to money in recent days. Read more »

Gareth Morgan launches new political party to fight mediocrity

Wellington philanthropist Gareth Morgan has launched a new political party. He announced it this morning and said it is “a rebellion against the politics of mediocrity”. Read more »

Changes to rules for election advertising – now online as well as TV and radio

News from NZ Government
The Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill, recently introduced to the House by Justice and Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams, yesterday received its first reading. Read more »

Mayor’s strategy session aiming for three-year “unified vision”

News from WCC
Mayor Justin Lester is leading a two-day strategic planning session with councillors and senior managers this week to agree on a unified vision for the council for the next three years. Read more »

New, young, and digital

by Ian Apperley
Wellington has a new, young, tech-savvy Mayor. After two terms of a rather lacklustre approach to the technology industry, it’s good to see a renewed focus on what is an incredibly important part of the city’s economy. Read more »

Kapiti’s new mayor focusing on collaboration and transparency

Press Release – Kapiti Coast District Council
The committee structure and key appointments for the 2016-19 Kāpiti Coast District Council have been confirmed, paving the way for the work of the new Council to begin in earnest. Read more »

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