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Greens’ Rimutaka candidate helps shape bill championing internet freedoms

News from Green Party
Championing Internet rights and freedoms, the Green Party has today launched New Zealand’s first ever crowdsourced Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill. With her unique background and experience in human rights law and ICT, Green Party candidate for Rimutaka, Susanne Ruthven, helped Gareth Hughes MP to shape this Bill. Read more »

Results of Pacific Advisory Group elections

News from WCC
The results of elections for Wellington City Council’s Pacific Advisory Group have now been finalised. Read more »

Tweeting the news

by Lindsay Shelton
Twitter has played a big role in spreading the news about changes at Scoop. Read more »

Reports from Wellington elections – donations and expenses

Press Release – Wellington City Council
Under section 112A of the Local Electoral Act 2001, candidates who stand for local election have to supply details of their expenses and the electoral donations they’ve received. To view the candidates’ returns for electoral donations and expenses, select their names below. Read more »

Five into one: Commission proposes one mayor and one council for Hawke’s Bay

Press Release – Local Government Commission
A proposal designed to lift the performance of Hawke’s Bay by providing strong leadership through integrated local government is now open to public submission. The Commission has released its draft proposal, after considering applications from the community and from local authorities and conducting wide consultation. The Commission is proposing a ‘whole of Hawke’s Bay’ approach involving one council supported by a layer of boards which would have the power to represent established communities. Read more »

Hey Peter – electorate message to Ohariu MP

A third “Hey Peter” billboard has been put on display in Johnsonville. Read more »

A little capital with big ambitions … opportunity to make a difference

by Celia Wade-Brown
Wellington is a little capital with big ambitions. I want to talk about Wellington’s past, present and future. Read more »

Aiming to be inclusive and decisive, mayor creates 4 new committees for council

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown’s new committee structure for the Wellington City Council has been released today. The mayor says the new structure is designed to be inclusive at both a political and community level, and will facilitate quality decision making. Read more »

35-year-old mother of four named as deputy mayor of Porirua City

Press Release – Porirua City Council
Nick Leggett, New Zealand’s youngest mayor of New Zealand’s youngest city, has today announced the appointment of 35-year-old councillor ‘Ana Coffey as deputy mayor; together, the youngest mayoral team in the country. Read more »

Justin Lester named as deputy mayor – “willing to work … with all councillors”


News from WCC
Justin Lester will be appointed as Wellington City’s new Deputy Mayor, Mayor Celia Wade-Brown announced today. Read more »

A new sustainable deputy mayor


The new Celia Wade-Brown era has begun with her choice of 34-year-old Johnsonville councillor Justin Lester as her new deputy mayor. Read more »

Celia Wade-Brown increases her majority; Helene Ritchie keeps her seat

News from Wellington City Council
The remaining 650 special votes in the Wellington City Council elections have been qualified and counted and there have been no changes to the results from election day. Read more »

Porirua deputy mayor defeated in final count

Press Release – Porirua City Council
After adding special votes to the final tally, the Registrar of Electors has confirmed the new Council for Porirua City. Read more »

The woman who wishes she was mayor

Raewyn Bleakley seems to wish that she was the mayor. This has been obvious in eight of her (many) recent press releases, and is most obvious in her extraordinarily dictatorial article today in the DomPost. Read more »

Ray Wallace, with 18,000 majority, promises “steady hand” for Hutt City

News from Hutt City Council
Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace says he will continue to keep a steady hand on city finances while promoting new enterprise and community development after being returned with the highest majority ever for a contested Lower Hutt mayoralty. Read more »

Everybody counts – a clear mandate to work together, says re-elected mayor

Newswire photo by Julie Taylor

by Celia Wade-Brown
This victory is not mine alone, but the strength of many of us. I acknowledge all those mentors and ancestors who have gone before us. The lessons from my grandmothers, parents and other leaders helped me stand for the Mayoralty in 2010 and again in 2013. Read more »

Celia Wade-Brown defeats John Morrison, wins second term as mayor of Wellington

Celia Wade-Brown has been re-elected as mayor of Wellington. She won the mayoralty on the fifth round of voting with 26,854 votes. John Morrison got 24,570. Read more »

Wellington elections: the official results

Wellington City Council
2013 Triennial Elections
The preliminary result for the Wellington City Council elections held on Saturday 12th October is as follows.

Mayor Iteration Votes

Celia Wade-Brown Elected 5 26,854.00
John Morrison Not elected 5 24,570.00
Jack Yan Not elected 4 9,915.00
Nicola Young Not elected 3 5,069.00
Rob Goulden Not elected 2 2,590.00
Karunanidhi Muthu Not elected 1 919.00

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 25,712. There were 70 informal votes and 512 blank votes.

Northern Ward (3 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Justin Lester Elected 1 3,826.00
Malcolm Sparrow Elected 2 3,033.74
Helene Ritchie Elected 7 2,752.79
Peter Gilberd Not elected 7 2,721.17
Reagan Cutting Not elected 3 901.44
Jacob Toner Not elected 2 376.30

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 2,744.93. There were 30 informal votes and 451 blank votes.

Onslow-Western Ward (3 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Andy Foster Elected 1 4,366.00
Jo Coughlan Elected 7 3,484.07
Simon Woolf Elected 11 3,565.98
Malcolm Aitken Not elected 11 1,967.89
Hayley Robinson Not elected 11 964.29
Phil Howison Not elected 10 705.17
Martin Wilson Not elected 8 599.33
Dan Coffey Not elected 6 501.45
Sridhar Ekambaram Not elected 5 339.47
Arie Ketel Not elected 4 222.64
Emma Macrae Not elected 3 202.16
Gill Holmes Not elected 2 80.35

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 3,402.27. There were 48 informal votes and 605 blank votes.

Lambton Ward (3 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Iona Katherine Mary Pannett Elected 1 3,353.00
Nicola Young Elected 9 2,489.70
Mark Peck Elected 11 2,332.94
Rex Nicholls Not elected 11 1,935.14
John Dow Not elected 9 1,032.34
John Woolf Not elected 8 776.88
Jennifer Gwilliam Stephen Not elected 7 592.91
Mark Wilson Not elected 6 429.33
Michael Appleby Not elected 5 382.76
Stephen Preston Not elected 3 306.68
Milton Hollard Not elected 2 137.22

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 2,218.31. There were 43 informal votes and 408 blank votes.

Eastern Ward (3 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Simon Swampy Marsh Elected 5 2,733.00
Ray Ahipene-Mercer Elected 8 2,697.47
Sarah Free Elected 8 2,612.62
Leonie Gill Not elected 8 2,300.92
Rob Goulden Not elected 6 1,196.10
John Coleman Not elected 5 846.00
Karunanidhi Muthu Not elected 4 633.00
Va’Ai Va’A Potoi Not elected 3 337.00
Graham Mccready Not elected 2 235.00
Peter Kennedy Not elected 1 159.00

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 2,547.1. There were 78 informal votes and 338 blank votes.

Southern Ward (2 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Paul Eagle Elected 1 3,609.00
David Lee Elected 7 2,311.59
Ginette McDonald Not elected 7 2,221.41
Bryan Robert Pepperell Not elected 5 953.99
Will Moore Not elected 4 608.47
Brent Pierson Not elected 3 408.48
Don McDonald Not elected 2 137.83

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 2,275.64. There were 26 informal votes and 223 blank votes.

Tawa Community Board (6 vacancies) Iteration Votes

Margaret Lucas Elected 1 899.00
Graeme Mark Hansen Elected 1 878.00
Robert Tredger Elected 1 788.00
Alistair Sutton Elected 2 706.44
Richard Herbert Elected 3 625.18
Jack Marshall Elected 7 537.01
Sally Dunbar Not elected 7 475.29

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 534.41. There were 7 informal votes and 187 blank votes.

The voter return was 40.85%, being 55,716 voting papers, excluding special votes.

Charlie Inggs
Electoral Officer
Wellington City Council
12 October 2013

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