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Housing crisis? What housing crisis?

There’s a perception around town that the capital’s property market is on the verge of a boom, and that the city may need to act fast to prevent the sort of housing affordability crisis that has enveloped Auckland (and by extension, the National government). It’s sufficiently concerning that newbie mayor Justin Lester has created a Housing Task Force to look at housing affordability and availability, and has appointed deputy mayor Paul Eagle as leader of the newly-created Housing portfolio. Read more »

Portfolios, expectations, overlaps

by Ian Apperley
On the face of it, the Wellington City Council’s reallocated portfolios look fresh and hopeful, a significant change to the last term. The question is how they will play out over the next term with a council that needs to get some runs on the board. Read more »

Chris Calvi-Freeman and Sarah Free take over city’s transport responsibilities

Veteran city councillor Andy Foster has lost his responsibility for the Wellington City Council’s transport portfolio. Read more »

Shuffling the portfolios

Watching new mayor Justin Lester aggressively shuffle the Wellington City Council portfolios is an interesting contrast to the softly-softly start that Celia Wade-Brown employed six years ago. Then, it was a few gentle nudges to avoid upsetting the old order too much. Now, it’s all change, as some long-standing responsibilities are reallocated. Mayor Lester is reshaping the council with a different vision. Read more »

From Andy to Chris: the city’s new and (very) experienced transport leader

Who is Chris Calvi-Freeman, the newly-elected councillor who is taking over from Andy Foster as leader of the Wellington City Council’s transport strategy and operations? His impressive experience in transport planning is detailed on his election website. Read more »

Justin’s first ten days: the changes begin

by Lindsay Shelton
In the first ten days since he was elected as mayor, Justin Lester has announced two sets of decisions which will change the workings of the Wellington City Council. Read more »

Mayor Lester setting up housing task force to deal with issue of affordability

News from WCC
Wellington Mayor Justin Lester has announced the establishment of a Mayoral Task Force on housing to tackle the escalating issue of housing affordability in the Capital. Read more »

New city councillor aims to support families facing cycle of poverty


News from WCC
Jill Day has become Wellington’s first female Māori City Councillor. Mayor Justin Lester has appointed her to head the council’s Children and Young People and Iwi Partnership portfolios. Read more »

The media critic inside the council

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington has a new media critic. He’s inside the Wellington City Council. Read more »

Paul Eagle to be Wellington’s first Māori deputy mayor

News from WCC
Wellington will have its first-ever Māori Deputy Mayor when Paul Eagle is formally sworn into office at the Wellington City Council inauguration ceremony on 26 October. Read more »

Costing the runway, and paying for it

airport runwway longer

“If the cost was $458m, it’s highly unlikely the project would proceed.”
Read more »

Biggest voting turnout since 2001 – election statistics announced

News from WCC
The final vote count for this year’s Local Body election is in, with a total of 65,567 Wellingtonians voting, its highest turnout for a Local Body election since 2001. Read more »

Scrapping committees: all councillors will participate in all decisions, says Justin

new mayor justin

News from WCC
New Wellington Mayor Justin Lester has signalled major changes to how the Wellington City Council will operate, with a new committee structure designed to give Councillors more input into decision-making and open up more spending decisions to public oversight. Read more »

Delivering on his promises

justin mayor
Photo: Liana Pantaleo

by Ian Apperley
Wellington’s new mayor Justin Lester has his work cut out for him. And what of the promises that he made during his campaign? Are they achievable? Read more »

Looking back on eight campaigns, and also saying thank you

It ended not with a bang, but with a short wait until the machinations of STV had run their course. And now it’s out with the old mayor, and in with the new mayor. But instead of speculating about policies and portfolios and the rest of wellington’s concerns, let’s look back on the campaigns of the contenders. Read more »

Justin is mayor, with a majority of 6000; Nick second, and Jo in third place

justin 2
Photo: Liana Pantaleo

Justin Lester has been elected Mayor of Wellington, with a majority of over 6000 votes. Read more »

Justin says “I love Wellington,” promises summit within six weeks

News release from Mayor Justin Lester
Newly elected Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester has pledged to hold a summit within six weeks to build a united plan for the city and reset the relationship with central Government. Read more »

Justin’s council has a Labour/Green majority

andrew and justin

by Ian Apperley
A Labour landslide across the country today as Justin Lester was elected the new Mayor of Wellington, Lianne Dalziel was re-elected in Christchurch, and Phil Goff won Auckland. Read more »

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