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Nicola Young promises to freeze rates, focus on core business

Media release from Cr Nicola Young
“I will freeze Wellington’s rates at inflation if I’m elected Mayor,” says Wellington City Councillor Nicola Young, who is standing for the Wellington Mayoralty in this year’s local body elections. Read more »

Who will prevail in the mayoral race?

It’s just about election season for all the aspiring mayoral candidates in Wellington, so before the first flyers start rolling through our letterboxes and supporters in branded t-shirts start randomly smiling at us on Lambton Quay, we thought it was time to take an early look at how the race is shaping up. Read more »

City councillors to finalise budget for second year of Long-term Plan

News from Wellington City Council
The Capital City’s plan to encourage economic growth, foster stronger partnerships with communities and forge a more resilient city has reached an important phase, with Wellington City Councillors ready to finalise the budget. Read more »

Regional councillors refuse to approve cheaper fares for students

News release from Cr Sue Kedgley
A 25 per cent discount for tertiary students’ public transport in Wellington was voted down today by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Read more »

Promises, promises (the first few)

Local elections? Well, not till October. But some of Wellington’s seven mayoral candidates were starting to stake their claims last week. Read more »

Hutt Road decision: the council listens, and changes its plans

Opinion from Diane Calvert
I read with interest yesterday the news release from the WCC on the outcome of yesterday’s Transport and Urban Development Committee meeting regarding proposals for upgrading the Hutt Road cycleway and associated road changes. Read more »

Communication cut-back at council

by Ian Apperley
There are reports today that the Wellington Mayor and the city council’s Chief Executive have restricted communication between councillors and staff except via narrow, controlled channels. A foolish move in my opinion, as it could bring allegations of election rigging. Read more »

Lester and Ponter promise to freeze public transport fares, if they’re elected

Press Release – Justin Lester
Wellington mayoral candidate Justin Lester and Regional Councillor Daran Ponter have announced their plan today to freeze public transport fares at current levels and introduce cheaper fares for tertiary students if elected in the upcoming local body elections. Read more »

Students welcome election promise of student concession for bus fares

bus students

Press Release – VUWSA
The Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) welcomes today’s announcement by mayoral candidate Justin Lester and Regional Councillor Daran Ponter for a tertiary concession on bus fares. Read more »

Being proud of our social housing

Wellington Scoop
On the same day that the Government said it would pay for 3000 more beds for homeless people, Dave Armstrong asked an alarming question: is the Wellington City Council losing its enthusiasm for providing social housing? Read more »

Wellington doctor aiming for seat on Regional Council

A leading Wellington surgeon with a strong environmental agenda is to be a candidate for the Regional Council in the October elections. Read more »

Big election issues, or trivia?

Back in the mists of time – say, 2010 or so – Wellington’s mayoralty and council hopefuls seemed inclined to campaign and then act on the big issues for the city. Such as: what was the right transport solution around the Basin Reserve? Should we have light rail on the Golden Mile? What about a shiny new convention centre? Should there be a super-city? Read more »

Jo Coughlan wants the council to buy Victoria University’s Karori campus

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral candidate Jo Coughlan today announced that as Mayor she would urge the Wellington City Council to acquire Victoria University’s Karori Campus to secure options on the land for the future. Read more »

A great idea, till you ask difficult questions

by Matthew Plummer
It’s the start of city council election season in Wellington, and I thought I’d look at some of the big campaign ideas doing the rounds. First up: beware of any politician who pledges to build a new 10,000-12,000 seat indoor stadium. It sounds like a great idea, until you ask some difficult questions.
Read more »

Jo Coughlan makes demands about support for runway extension

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral Candidate Jo Coughlan today said when it came to the airport runway extension, she would be weighing up Wellington’s long-term interest, not the short-term interests of airlines. And if the city did invest, it would need to be reflected in its ownership stake in the airport, not a donation. Read more »

“We can do better,” says new candidate for Onslow-Western ward

Press Release – Diane Calvert
Diane Calvert a long term resident of Khandallah has announced her candidacy for this year’s Wellington City Council elections in the Onslow-Western Ward. The Ward stretches from Makara through to Karori and ends in Broadmeadows. Read more »

Cycling off the edge of the world

by Ian Apperley
The Eastern Suburbs Cycleway consultation launched today. Only it didn’t. At the time of writing, no one could find anywhere online either to read the proposed documentation or put in a formal submission. Read more »

Ian Pike contradicts Justin Lester on plan for saving Jack Ilott Green

The deputy mayor and a council employee are at loggerheads over plans to sell Jack Ilott Green. Justin Lester today came up with a proposal which he says is a better way of raising cash than selling the small green park. But Ian Pike, the manager of a council department named City Shaper, said he disagreed with him. Read more »

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