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Regional Council “confines” its average rates increase to 5.9% (down from 6.5%)

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
The Regional Council today voted to confine its increase to 2019/20 regional rates to an average of 5.9%, the amount forecast in its Long Term Plan 2018-28. Read more »

Porky to be candidate for Regional Council

News from NZ Taxpayers’ Union
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union mascot Porky the Waste-hater will stand for the Wellington Regional Council in this year’s local elections. Read more »

“No going back” to old bus system, says Daran Ponter

Report from RNZ
There is no going back to the old bus system in Wellington despite the myriad problems that the new systems have caused, says a Wellington regional councillor. Read more »

Replace NZ Bus, says Lester – “this is becoming absurd”

Report from RNZ
Wellington mayor Justin Lester says the regional council should consider replacing NZ Bus with another contractor. Read more »

“Zero justification” for 3.8% rates increase, says CofC

News from CofC
Families and businesses will be paying higher rates as a result ofthe Wellington City Council’s decision yesterday to again hike rates by double the rate of inflation, according to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. “An increase of 3.8 per cent is unfair because there is zero justification for it,” says Chief Executive John Milford. Read more »

$17m cost increase for essential new $58m reservoir in Mt Cook

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council today unanimously approved a $17m cost increase to secure a major investment in the city’s future – the construction of a large reservoir in Mount Cook. Read more »

Did ratepayers pay? Question from Kāpiti mayoral candidate

Media release from Gwynn Compton
Kāpiti Coast mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton is calling on the Kāpiti Coast District Council to be open and transparent on if and how much ratepayers may have been stung for in assisting Mayor K Gurunathan’s legal defence and subsequent settlement following the end of defamation action brought against the Mayor by Raechel and Vince Osborne of Waikane. Read more »

Regional Councillors reject plan to increase city rates by 16.1 per cent

Wellington regional councillors today refused to accept a proposal which included increasing Wellington city’s rates by 16.1 per cent. Read more »

There may be bus problems – but the fares aren’t going up

News from Regional Council
For a second year in a row there will be no rise in bus and train fares. The Wellington Regional Council confirmed in today’s council meeting that fares will continue to be held at current levels. Read more »

Fixing the Library, and controlling the rates


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington city councillors last week had a chance to reconsider their never-ending enthusiasm for approving annual rates increases. They debated the idea of saving a bit of money. And then voted not to save it. This week they’re facing the same issue in a more serious form – with yesterday’s sudden closure of the Central Library, they’ll need to set new priorities for spending, but they’ll have to realise that they can’t keep asking ratepayers to give them more money.
Read more »

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