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Responding to the climate emergency

by Paul Bruce
How do we move to a collaborative environment where we can really respond to the climate emergency? The keystone legislation for our response, the Zero Carbon Act, has been delayed by bipartisan politics. One possible answer is a Citizens Assembly as carried out in Ireland. Read more »

Regional Council welcomes report recommending congestion charging

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
The Regional Council is welcoming the release of The Price is Right, a policy paper which argues for congestion charging to help manage growing peak time urban traffic snarl-ups which the report says costs the country more than a billion dollars each year. Read more »

Wellington city councillors retreat to Stokes Valley

Wellington city councillors are having a night away from home tonight – at a council “retreat” in Stokes Valley. Read more »

Porirua’s new mayor seeks govt partnership to help with costs of clean water

News from Porirua City Council
Porirua Mayor Anita Baker is calling on the government to work with councils to help manage the financial burden of achieving freshwater quality in their cities. Read more »

Voting, owning, renting

by Conor Hill
I recently ran for Mayor of Wellington. I didn’t win, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the system must be broken. In all seriousness though, campaigning for the mayoralty made me think a lot more about the health of local body democracy, and I want to write about some of these issues. Today, it’s the turn of the uber issue, turnout. (Warning to stats nerds: leans heavily on correlation implying causation). Read more »

Changing his mind

Will new Wellington mayor Andy Foster be pursuing his idea of selling the city’s shares in Wellington Airport? From his past record, it’s hard to tell. Read more »

What to do about the airport?


by Benoit Pette
Wellington Airport is a major part of the city’s landscape. It is geographically central. It plays an important role in the economy. A lot of people and businesses rely on it to organise their lives, whether for an occasional trip or regular commute. However, air traffic comes with many unwanted by-products, and adversely impacts nearby communities. Read more »

Shelly Bay development gets a second resource consent


Report from RNZ
A new resource consent has been granted for the controversial Shelly Bay development in Wellington. Read more »

“Losing dreams and ambitions is tough,” says new mayor at inauguration


Report from RNZ
Wellington’s new mayor is confident he will hold the reins for three years – even though there is a recount on the cards. Read more »

Daran Ponter is new chair of Regional Council

Councillor Daran Ponter has been named chairman of the Wellington Regional Council. He was the only nomination for the role at the council’s first meeting today.Adrienne Staples, former mayor of South Wairarapa, has been appointed as deputy chair. Read more »

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