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Learning from Bilbao


by Michael C Barnett
When it comes transport planning and development, what is it about the towns and cities of Europe that sees them streets ahead of us in New Zealand? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that European conurbations existed before the motor vehicle. In contrast, our towns and cities developed when the car was king, encouraging unlimited expansion on open green fields. Read more »

Who’s responsible for safety on the breakwater?

Photo via Twitter from Dr Sea Rotmann

by Dr Sea Rotmann
A little over a week ago, a white Subaru got washed off the Moa Point breakwater by a ‘rogue’ wave. Some reports said the car’s occupants were fishing “at the popular fishing spot.” Witnesses (and social media) said that three people were in the car when the wave struck – they had to smash their way out through the windows and were lucky to get out of the wild ocean alive. Read more »

Cutting costs, by cutting bus drivers’ incomes

The Tramways Union secretary says that Wellington bus drivers are facing a “massive cut in income” because of the Regional Council. Read more »

The shrinking Music Hub


by Lindsay Shelton
Strange that a council employee is pretending it’s only a “hiccup” that Victoria University has pulled out of the plan to use the Municipal Office Building for teaching and administrative rooms for the proposed Music Hub. Read more »

Carless on the coast


by Norma McCallum
Fed up with traffic jams and tailbacks as far as you can see? Here’s an idea. You can do without your car if you want a day or a few days away. Hop on the train at Wellington’s grand station and head north to the historic little station at Waikanae. Read more »

The wrong carpark


by Lindsay Shelton
Now that the Wellington City Council is likely to save $150million by not building the disputed Movie Museum, it needs to turn its attention to a much less expensive but equally controversial building project – a temporary rehearsal room for the Royal NZ Ballet. Read more »

Why they can’t see beyond roads

by Michael C Barnett
Let’s Get Wellington Moving is well into the second year of its initiative to improve Wellington’s transport infrastructure. Public consultation on its four possible scenarios is now closed. More road construction features strongly in three of the scenarios, while mass rapid transit in the form of light rail has low priority – kicked down the road as a future possibility. Read more »

A fully electric network – delayed for 25 years by removal of wires

by Glen Smith
The evidence is that the current destruction of our historic trolley wire network will delay the introduction of a fully electric bus system by at least a quarter of a century (I invite members of the Regional Council to logically refute that assertion). Read more »

Happy Christmas


Wishing a Happy Christmas to all the readers of Wellington.Scoop, with special gratitude to our contributors and everyone who joins in the diverse dialogues about what’s happening in our favourite city. And in the spirit of Christmas, three seasonal songs: Read more »

It was a view – now it’s a wall


by Lindsay Shelton
This is the enormous new building that is walling off the city from the harbour on Waterloo Quay opposite NZ Post House. So different from the skilfully fragile image (below) released by Willis Bond when they were seeking city council approval.

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