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Housing crisis? What housing crisis?

There’s a perception around town that the capital’s property market is on the verge of a boom, and that the city may need to act fast to prevent the sort of housing affordability crisis that has enveloped Auckland (and by extension, the National government). It’s sufficiently concerning that newbie mayor Justin Lester has created a Housing Task Force to look at housing affordability and availability, and has appointed deputy mayor Paul Eagle as leader of the newly-created Housing portfolio. Read more »

Portfolios, expectations, overlaps

by Ian Apperley
On the face of it, the Wellington City Council’s reallocated portfolios look fresh and hopeful, a significant change to the last term. The question is how they will play out over the next term with a council that needs to get some runs on the board. Read more »

Shuffling the portfolios

Watching new mayor Justin Lester aggressively shuffle the Wellington City Council portfolios is an interesting contrast to the softly-softly start that Celia Wade-Brown employed six years ago. Then, it was a few gentle nudges to avoid upsetting the old order too much. Now, it’s all change, as some long-standing responsibilities are reallocated. Mayor Lester is reshaping the council with a different vision. Read more »

From Andy to Chris: the city’s new and (very) experienced transport leader

Who is Chris Calvi-Freeman, the newly-elected councillor who is taking over from Andy Foster as leader of the Wellington City Council’s transport strategy and operations? His impressive experience in transport planning is detailed on his election website. Read more »

The media critic inside the council

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington has a new media critic. He’s inside the Wellington City Council. Read more »

Losing another view

view 2

by Lindsay Shelton
Viewshafts such as this one are among the wonderful features of Wellington’s urban design – giving views from the CBD to the harbour and the hills. It’s always dismaying when the city council makes plans to block any of them. Read more »

Costing the runway, and paying for it

airport runwway longer

“If the cost was $458m, it’s highly unlikely the project would proceed.”
Read more »

The $5m mistake


by Lindsay Shelton
For the last three days, in a bland conference room on the first floor of the West Plaza Hotel, there’s been a debate about the city council’s plan to spend $5million reconstructing Frank Kitts Park on the waterfront. Read more »

Delivering on his promises

justin mayor
Photo: Liana Pantaleo

by Ian Apperley
Wellington’s new mayor Justin Lester has his work cut out for him. And what of the promises that he made during his campaign? Are they achievable? Read more »

Looking back on eight campaigns, and also saying thank you

It ended not with a bang, but with a short wait until the machinations of STV had run their course. And now it’s out with the old mayor, and in with the new mayor. But instead of speculating about policies and portfolios and the rest of wellington’s concerns, let’s look back on the campaigns of the contenders. Read more »

Justin’s council has a Labour/Green majority

andrew and justin

by Ian Apperley
A Labour landslide across the country today as Justin Lester was elected the new Mayor of Wellington, Lianne Dalziel was re-elected in Christchurch, and Phil Goff won Auckland. Read more »

When politics feels personal

Photo: Liana Pantaleo

by Lindsay Shelton
One of the most rewarding parts of editing Wellington.Scoop during this year’s local election campaign has been the comments from readers. I counted more than 300 of them in September alone. Read more »

Priorities for new councillors

by Lindsay Shelton
What’ll be on the priority list for Wellington’s new city councillors next week? Here are some issues that should be demanding their immediate attention. Read more »

And the winners are …

by Ian Apperley
With only a few days till we find out the results of the local elections, I thought I’d try to make some wild predictions. Read more »

Investigating the slush funds

by Helene Ritchie
The Singapore Airlines slush fund issue, and the involvement of the CEO and the deputy mayor with this “incentive,” is but the tip of the iceberg. Read more »

Subsidies, slush funds, and secrecy

Airport Sing arrives
Photo: Wellington Airport

by Andy Foster
There was much excitement as Singapore Air flight SQ 291 arrived to a warm welcome last month. It made us, well those watching in and around the airport, feel a bit more connected to the rest of the world. The question is though – should ratepayer money be involved in getting these flights here? And what about the decision-making process? Read more »

What they’re saying about the surf break and the seawall

corner surf
Photograph by Anthony Green. Click here for fullsize version

by Michael Gunson
After our last article (Dude, where’s my Surf break!) we decided to ask all 40 mayoral and council candidates where they stand on the airport’s wish to remove policies in the Natural Resourcs Plan that protect the Lyall Bay Corner surf break. Read more »

Light rail – overcoming any doubts

karlsruh tram train

by Rob Martin
Over the past three months I have been looking at tram-train systems in the UK and Europe and have also been following the debate about proposals for a light rail system to overcome the public transport congestion through the Wellington CBD. Read more »

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