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Apologising for the buses

by Lindsay Shelton
There’s been a second apology about the buses from Regional Council chair Chris Laidlaw. Read more »

Where’s Barbara Donaldson?

The fallout from the design and implementation of the bus network goes on and on. At the first of several public meetings, disgruntled bus users expressed their lack of enthusiasm for the new routes and new timetables. A majority seem keen for a return to the good old days – that halcyon time less than a couple of months ago, when it didn’t take three buses and two long waits to cross the city. Read more »

Light rail by 2028 – why we need to start now

by Kerry Wood
Wellington needs light rail, but waiting for more passengers to choose overloaded public transport is not the best way to get it. Read more »

Shakes, rattles and rumbles in Kowhai Park

by Terence Galuska
A vibrating, rumbling disturbance is being caused by the size of the buses now being used offpeak in the narrow streets of Kowhai Park (old number 8, now 17/17e). It is impacting on people’s health and well-being. Read more »

The cash fare rip-off

by Mike Flinn
Wellington’s new bus route structure includes several routes where cash-paying passengers are forced to pay extra (going to the CBD for example) when they have to change buses in the middle of a fare zone. Read more »

How to fix Karori’s bus problems

by Mike Flinn
In my last report, my comparison of peak-hour passenger loads in March with proposed trips in the new 15 July timetables showed that the Karori Road/Glenmore Street corridor could result in the highest average loads per trip within the city. On 6 August and 7 August I followed up with passenger counts because after three weeks I assumed the new services would have settled down. Read more »

How to fix the VUW bus problems

by Mike Flinn
Bus services to Victoria University have to cope with large numbers of students and staff arriving in time for weekday lectures beginning at 9am, 10am and 11am. Lower numbers arrive or leave for the rest of the day and only small numbers need bus services at evenings and weekends. Read more »

How to restore confidence in the buses?

by Michael Lee
Are the changes to the bus fiasco being suggested by the Wellington Regional Council likely to be fulfilled? That question needs urgent attention. Read more »

Where’s the apology?

It seems we are expecting an apology from the Regional Council about the city’s continuing bus problems. A Wellington city councillor reported this today while she was attending a meeting of the Regional Council’s transport committee. Read more »

Ten questions about LGWM’s plans for Wellington transport

by Tim Jones
When Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) finally releases its Recommended Programme of Investment (RPI) for transport in Wellington, a lot of questions are going to be about what gets funded, when, and who by. Read more »

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