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Andy Foster: Wellington’s amazing ecological journey

by Andy Foster
“The morning before people arrived, 130 bird species lived on the New Zealand mainland alone. In their tens of millions, they greeted the first light with the planet’s last untouched morning chorus.” (Zealandia Visitor Centre) Read more »

Transport a top issue – the heat index

by Roger Blakeley
Over the last month I have attended 20 public meetings to “meet the candidates” in the 2019 election campaign, with various combinations of Mayoral candidates, City Council ward candidates, Pōneke/Wellington constituency candidates for the Regional Council, and District Health Board candidates. The meetings, organised by community groups, were well attended, lively, good-humoured, and occasionally quirky: at the Aro Valley meeting we were squirted with water if one second over the allocated time, and at the Vogelmorn meeting we were offered a haircut with a deep and meaningful conversation in a barber’s chair. Read more »

No resource consent, but new waterfront building is now leasing


Questions are being asked about Willis Bond’s promotion of leases for a big new building on Site 9 on the waterfront – because the building has not yet been approved by the Environment Court. Read more »

Blocking bus windows – distracting from the real issue

by Helene Ritchie
What is wrong with the Wellington Regional Council and their more and more stupid bus decisions…they just keep coming, unlike the buses! Read more »

A candidate surveys the candidates

by Conor Hill
We had our penultimate mayoral candidates meeting on Monday. It’s like coming to the end of a school production. Someone’s lost their voice, someone’s got over their stage fright, and win or lose, we’re all ready for the closing night party! Read more »

Three years after the 2019 election – dreams are free

by Norbert Hausberg
The 2019 election results three years on – Jenny Condie won her Ward and became Deputy Mayor. Against all odds Norbert Hausberg won the Mayoralty. Conor Hill sneaked into his ward by three votes ahead of his contenders. Steph Edlin and Teri O’Neill got in the Motukairangi/ Eastern Ward. Humphrey Hanley and Laurie Foon made it in Paekawakawa/ Southern Ward. Tamatha Paul, Iona Pannett and Lee Orchard swept into Pukehinau/Lambton Ward and Rohan Biggs, Michelle Rush … the list could go on. Read more »

Answering questions about Extinction Rebellion and activism


by Gregor Thompson
By all accounts Friday’s climate change march was a great success, particularly in the capital where an estimated 40,000 Wellingtonians participated. The sun was out with the temperatures reaching upwards of 16 degrees on a late September afternoon, a convenient irony I suppose. Read more »

Chris Calvi-Freeman: Shelly Bay 2015-2019

by Chris Calvi-Freeman
The Shelly Bay area was designated a Special Housing Area (SHA) in 2015 under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 (HASHAA). The HASHAA was designed to streamline the consents process and encourage developers and land owners to provide more housing. Unfortunately, the HASHAA reduced the level and breadth of consultation usually involved in a consent applications and removed some of the protection of the City Council’s District Plan in terms of building heights and other parameters. Read more »

Ask Dr D: who should I vote for?

by Demetrius Christoforou, PhD
For several elections now, both local and general, I have enjoyed engaging with candidates, especially at meetings or when they knock on my door. I firmly believe it is incumbent on us to become informed on what each candidate stands for and vote accordingly. Often, this is not easy, as many tend to be vague in what they support. Read more »

Tales of two i-sites


by Norma McCallum
We’ll do it ourselves was the watchword from a group of Waikanae volunteers when the Waikanae information office closed. Once part of the Waikanae library, when the dreaded mould closed the library the small popular information office, run by volunteers, disappeared. Read more »

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