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After a second tunnel – four lanes through Hataitai


by Lindsay Shelton
Reports that new mayor Andy Foster wants to prioritise a second Mt Victoria Tunnel have reminded me that eight years ago the local community was concerned to discover that a second tunnel would require the four-laning of Ruahine Street. Read more »

Commenting by clicking


by Lindsay Shelton
LGWM has emailed me, saying they need my help. They’re not asking me to write a business case. But they want me to “have my say” on the Golden Mile. So of course I responded, accepting their invitation by clicking on their link. Read more »

LGWM looks for more advice


by Lindsay Shelton
Let’s not get carried away by today’s LGWM announcement that they are seeking contractors for the next stage of engineering, design and planning work for Wellington’s mass rapid transit and a second Mt Victoria Tunnel. Keep reading and you discover that this “big step forward” (their words) is only for business cases: Read more »

The public transport myth

by Conor Hill
Many Wellingtonians have (or, prior to bustastrophe, had) a smug view of our public transport system. It was seen as pretty useful. In reality it always been poor if compared to a half decent European city. Read more »

A never-ending story


by Lindsay Shelton
What went wrong? Last year Let’s Get Wellington Moving said it would announce a recommended programme for Wellington transport improvements in the middle of this year. But instead, 18 months later, they’re starting another round of consultation. Read more »

A significant workload

by Ian Apperley
The Mayor this week announced a raft of portfolio responsibilities for the Wellington City Council. Rather than simplifying the previous list it’s been expanded to cover some fifty or so areas. Read more »

What they say and what they do

Many of wellington.scoop’s erudite commenters seem to be a bit frustrated at the lack of direction from the Wellington City Council on key issues: the airport, climate change, Let’s Get Wellington Procrastinating, and more. Some of the frustration appears to stem from a basic misunderstanding of what the council does, so here’s a short public service announcement to try and clear up the confusion. Read more »

A simple, tolling, solution


by Conor Hill
In a previous life, the view from my office window encompassed the motorway and the Bolton Street cemetery. Read more »

Responding to the climate emergency

by Paul Bruce
How do we move to a collaborative environment where we can really respond to the climate emergency? The keystone legislation for our response, the Zero Carbon Act, has been delayed by bipartisan politics. One possible answer is a Citizens Assembly as carried out in Ireland. Read more »

Voting, owning, renting

by Conor Hill
I recently ran for Mayor of Wellington. I didn’t win, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the system must be broken. In all seriousness though, campaigning for the mayoralty made me think a lot more about the health of local body democracy, and I want to write about some of these issues. Today, it’s the turn of the uber issue, turnout. (Warning to stats nerds: leans heavily on correlation implying causation). Read more »

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