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Smart transport – Melbourne shows us how it should be done

by Ian Apperley
I’ve been watching the hundreds of thousands of words and scores of articles chronicling the disaster that is Wellington transport. I’m an analyst by trade, so it’s fascinating to watch. It’s also incredibly frustrating to see the same issues play out again and again. Read more »

Home insurance through the roof

by Lindsay Shelton
Till two years ago, we’d never paid more than $2000 for insuring our Brooklyn house and its contents. Last year, the cost went up to $3000, which didn’t seem too surprising after the 2016 earthquakes. But when the bill arrived this year, the increase was beyond belief. Read more »

Promises, promises … a Trustpower deal that went wrong

by Michael Barnett
A year ago a young man, iPad in hand, walked past the window of my Wellington home. He noticed I was in and came to the door, knocked and I invited him in. He said he was from Trustpower and he invited me sign up to a bundled package of power, phone and internet services. The rates and discount being offered for power supply were better than that of my then supplier. Read more »

Claims, counter-claims, and a rogue MP on the tiles

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

The claims and counter-claims at Parliament yesterday afternoon – involving what RNZ is describing this morning as a “rogue MP” – have given a burst of energy to New Zealand’s political journalists. Read more »

Ten years of diesel buses – ten years of increased emissions

By Gillian Tompsett
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released this week calling for a steep cut in CO2 emissions within 12 years to avoid irreversible climate change, highlights the shortsighted and incompetent leadership of Wellington’s Regional Council, which scrapped the trolley bus network in November without a clear plan to replace them with an equivalent or better carbon-free bus fleet. Read more »

Coming soon: a sense of loss


The enormity of what Wellington is losing becomes clear when you read Heritage New Zealand’s official listings about the convent building at Erskine College (above; now being demolished), and all the buildings at the former teachers college in Karori (five of them are to be demolished.) They all have number one categories, but this isn’t enough to save them. Read more »

Hubs and spokes: the design flaws of the new bus network

by Lim Leong
Here is the plain English version of why a hub and spoke transport network will never work in Wellington without an underlying support infrastructure. I invite you to compare what US consultant Jarrett Walker said with what I am saying, and see which version makes more sense. Read more »

Has John Milford missed the bus?

by Michael Barnett
In a recent article, Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford commented on the Government’s transport investment programme and said “it has mostly missed the bus.” He went on to extol the virtues of the previous government’s Roads of National Significance. Read more »

Keeping a promise: electric locomotives on the main trunk line

Click on the image for a larger version

by Dr Roger Blakeley
This advertisement from the Rail and Maritime Transport Union is part of a continuing campaign by many people who are deeply concerned about KiwiRail’s decision to scrap electric locomotives on the North Island Main Trunk (NIMT) and replace them with diesels. Read more »

Farewell to a heritage building

Click on the image for a larger version

by Elizabeth Cox
Well the scaffold is up, and the main college building is coming down. Read more »

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