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Chaos on the tracks

Not content with creating chaos across the Wellington train network from the last strike, it appeared today that all parties were doubling down on industrial action – with another train strike announced for Friday. And against this backdrop, stories are coming out about cancellations and maintenance problems creating chaos on the Wairarapa line. Read more »

Missing the smart city solutions

by Ian Apperley
In the latest debate on how to solve our traffic woes – in the form of the “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” campaign being run by the NZTA – Wellington is missing the Smart City solutions that could help deal with congestion. Read more »

They want to be told


The Regional Council says it wants us to tell them what matters. The question turns out to be part of their long-term planning process. But the council isn’t waiting for our suggestions – it has already decided what matters, and has made a list of five key priorities. Read more »

Making a better city: Labour candidate lists her aims


by Fleur Fitzsimons
I know that Wellington is a great place to live but that we can make our suburbs stronger and our city even better. Read more »

Giving back: candidate aims to make local voices heard


by Mohamud Mohamed
My main reasons for entering the by-election contest are to give something back to the community and the city that have become my home, and to represent the people of the Southern Ward in such a manner that they feel their voices are being heard in discussions where decisions are made. Read more »

Making change: candidate’s vision for Wellington


by Laurie Foon
Imagine Wellington as the smartest, coolest, most sustainable little capital in the world. This is my vision. It’s not a vision anyone can achieve alone, but I want my kids to grow up believing we stand up if we want to make change. Read more »

Hard to get? A rental WOF from the city council

On the coat-tails of reports that Wellington’s rental market is practically imploding, caught between the rock of rising demand and the hard place of investors apparently exiting the market, we wondered whether the Wellington City Council’s new rental warrant of fitness is making things better or worse. And how hard is it to get a rental WOF, really? Read more »

After cliches and putdowns, Waikanae is on its way again


by Norma McCallum
Having fought our way through the cliched journalism (‘Waikanae- God’s Waiting Room’) and the put downs (‘Waikanae is dying’) and the ‘That expressway is going to kill the town’ remarks, Waikanae – the Little Town that Could – is on its way again. Read more »

Not only carcinogens – a bad year for public transport

As Wellington’s train network ground to a halt with yesterday’s strike, people were wondering – how had we got to this point? And should the Regional Council deputy chair and Regional Transport Committee chair Barbara Donaldson be taking accountability for recent public transport debacles in the capital? Read more »

Are they flyovers? No, they’re bridges


by Lindsay Shelton
We called it a flyover. The transport planners called it a bridge – before and after it was rejected first by a Board of Inquiry and then by the High Court. And in spite of those two rejections, last night they announced not one, not two, but three options which include a bridge (or bridges?) alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

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