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Residents want better public transport and liveability

The Mt Victoria Residents Association has told the LGWM planners that none of their scenarios appears to fully reflect the principles which have been developed for transport improvements in Wellington, particularly those regarding climate change, health and the environment. Read more »

Living Streets wants a friendlier environment for pedestrians

Living Streets Aotearoa has told LGWM that Wellington has the highest, and increasing, rate of adults walking to work in New Zealand. It says there is nothing ‘broke’ about Wellington from a walking perspective but it could be much better with even more people out enjoying walking, by reducing the frustrations for commuter walkers among others (e.g. at road crossings). Read more »

All-new CBD biking networks – Cycle Aware’s proposal to LGWM

Cycle Aware Wellington has told the LGWM planners that it wants a higher priority for public transport and active transport than for driving. Here is its submission:
Read more »

Civic Trust: priority for public transport, walking, cycling

The Wellington Civic Trust has joined other city organisations in telling Let’s Get Welly Moving that Scenario A would enable a more liveable city if priority was given to public transport, walking, cycling and open space. Accordingly, the Trust supports Scenario A+ (Scenario A plus the installation of a light rail system). This is what the Trust has stated in its submission to LGWM: Read more »

People, not cars – Save the Basin states the case for urban design


The Save the Basin Campaign has this week released its submission to the Let’s Get Welly Moving process on its four proposed scenarios for Wellington transport. It focuses on the Basin Reserve as a valued part of Wellington heritage, identity and urban design, and supports transport proposals that do not imperil that role and enhance Wellington’s status as a liveable city designed to meet the needs of people, not cars. Read more »

Buildings on their minds



by Lindsay Shelton
When Wellington city councillors meet for the first time this year (their first meeting isn’t till February 7), they should be ready to spend a large part of their agenda reviewing problematic building projects. A lot of money is at risk. Read more »

Our housing crisis – and the unintended consequences

by Ian Apperley
There is no doubt that we are having some huge issues with housing in Wellington. Finding somewhere to live is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Read more »

Learning from Bilbao


by Michael C Barnett
When it comes transport planning and development, what is it about the towns and cities of Europe that sees them streets ahead of us in New Zealand? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that European conurbations existed before the motor vehicle. In contrast, our towns and cities developed when the car was king, encouraging unlimited expansion on open green fields. Read more »

Cutting costs, by cutting bus drivers’ incomes

The Tramways Union secretary says that Wellington bus drivers are facing a “massive cut in income” because of the Regional Council. Read more »

The shrinking Music Hub


by Lindsay Shelton
Strange that a council employee is pretending it’s only a “hiccup” that Victoria University has pulled out of the plan to use the Municipal Office Building for teaching and administrative rooms for the proposed Music Hub. Read more »

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