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Preparing for more rates increases

By Jem Traylen
Wellingtonians are facing more rate increases on top of a previously signalled 5.77% average for the next decade. Read more »

Is the show over before we see the programme?

by Marcus Anselm
It’s autumn, the season for local government long-term planning and consultation. The intensely prepared, heavily workshopped consultation documents are let loose on an eager public. But do the councils really care what we think? Read more »

What must be done, and how to do it

by Guy Marriage
Both locals and imported experts have no problem observing the problems present in Wellington – you only have to stand on a street corner for 10 minutes to observe that our city has some real issues. Read more »

Finding out about the CBD

Let’s Get Wellington Moving confirmed its reputation as a data-gathering organisation with this week’s announcement of another survey. Read more »

The mystery of $75m for the airport – part 2

airport view

by Benoit Pette
Despite a pandemic, despite significant concerns about climate change, and despite already having a significant footprint over the eastern suburbs, Wellington Airport has been pushing for growth and showing it couldn’t care less about these issues. Read more »

The mystery of $75m for the airport

Wellington City Councillor Tamatha Paul was successful in leading the charge to remove $75 million for the Airport which had been in the council’s long term plan. For this, she and her colleagues have been lambasted by some – such as a letter to the Dominion Post by Nick Leggett a few days ago. But neither he nor the media appear to understand what this is all about. Read more »

Water, water and more water

Wellington city councillors will be deciding on Thursday whether to accept 39 recommendations aimed at improving Wellington’s ageing three waters system. The staff recommendations are based on 48 recommendations from the mayoral task force that was received in December. Read more »

Democracy and ideology

by Ray Chung
Do we have a dysfunctional Council or is it democracy in action? Read more »

Optimism or criticism

“We’re a great city that’s about to happen. We’re not a failed city by any means.” That’s the view of developer Ian Cassels, quoted by the DomPost in a report telling us that 21 per cent fewer building consents were issued in Wellington last year. Read more »

The rest of us against Auckland?

by George Eden, in Auckland
I’m writing this from the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau, in the middle of the fourth lockdown the City of Sails has had to endure. I’m working at the “home office” – the little table under the window – while I listen to the fractious kids and their stressed parents next door, trying to get some work done to meet a deadline. It’s business as usual in Auckland, while the rest of the country continues on oblivious to the real costs of fighting the pandemic. Read more »

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