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Why special housing areas were a real problem for Wellington

by Andy Foster
Frank McRae’s article on the City Council not rolling over eight special housing areas is chock full of errors. Read more »

Engaging with Metlink about the buses – on Facebook

by Mark Cubey
Last night saw the launch of Metlink Live: On Our Way, a Facebook forum “developed to listen further” to concerns about changes to Wellington’s public transport network. Read more »

Stopping the name change, and saving Victoria University


by Hugh Rennie QC
When I submitted on 16 July and 25 July, it was very difficult to make any submission, as VUW had released very little of the basic information needed to enable any response which could be based on full information. Since then, some information has been released, on a highly selective basis. More significantly, information which had been available has been withdrawn. Read more »

Affordable homes, special housing areas, and how the council voted


by Frank McRae
Wellington’s housing crisis has dramatically worsened over the last few years with rapidly rising rents, record low listings, and lines down the street for flat viewings. Remarkably then the Wellington City Council has just voted, against the advice of its own experts, to remove eight key Special Housing Areas which were set up to help ease the city’s housing shortage. Read more »

Bad timing with the hubs


by Lindsay Shelton
Bad luck if you want to use the new bus hub in Brooklyn. Read more »

The cashflow problems at Whitireia and Weltec


There were two different ways of describing yesterday’s $15m payout to Whitireia polytechnic. Whitireia welcomed it as a “cash injection.” But RNZ described it as a “bailout” after extreme financial difficulties, and Education Minister Chris Hipkins said Whitireia had cashflow problems which were “exacerbated by a major building project.” Read more »

An open letter about that AA rating

An open letter from PCGM
to Dave Cull, Local Government New Zealand

Dear Dave,
Congratulations on your ascension to running Local Government NZ – about time the Southerners got their hands on the reigns of power, even if it’s just at a talking shop. But it’s all grist to the mill, right? Read more »

Inner city living


by Lindsay Shelton
We all know them. If they’re asleep, we step around them. If they’re awake, we say “hello” if they’re making eye contact.
Read more »

Jumping the gun on a $180m spend


by Lindsay Shelton
Mayor Justin Lester jumped the gun when he announced last week that the city council is “gearing up for a sod-turning in 2019” for the $180m Cable Street building designed to house a convention centre and Peter Jackson’s movie museum. Read more »

A new/old idea for the Chinese Garden

With a High Court appeal next month challenging the city’s plans to remake Frank Kitts Park and to build a walled Chinese Garden on part of the park, it’s time to suggest that reverting to the original site for the garden could be a way of avoiding more costly court battles. Read more »

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