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Making the right choice in Stebbings Valley


by Kate Spencer for Talk Wellington
The Wellington City Council is developing a brand new suburb in Upper Stebbings Valley. But it shouldn’t be another stab at big cookie-cutter houses in a dormitory suburb. It should be about building a community, not just a place to sleep. Read more »

How much will the losses be?

by Ian Apperley
Convention centres were important during the Industrial Revolution. The glory days of convention centres started in 1851 with Britain’s “Crystal Palace.” Yet 167 years later, the Wellington City Council is still trying to sell us one of them, and it appears, again, to be suffering significant optimism bias. Read more »

Trying, trying and trying again


by Lindsay Shelton
When Wellington city councillors vote next Thursday on whether to spend $154m on a convention centre, it’ll be the city’s fourth attempt to green light what is an expensive and controversial project, and the fourth version of the plan. Read more »

Berhampore, we have a problem


by Regan Dooley
The Berhampore shops on Adelaide Road might be the trickiest part to get right in the entire Newtown Connections consultation. Read more »

Changing the name of VUW – and the law

by Sir Kenneth Keith
My principal reason [for supporting the petition asking for proper consultation with members of a university before the name of any university is changed] is that the proposed change is needed to create clarity in the legal position and thereby avoid unnecessary litigation. Read more »

Seven days to say what you think about new bike lanes


by Patrick Morgan, Cycle Aware Wellington
In the last census, one in 11 people in Berhampore travelled by bike. But there are zero bike lanes, making the streets a hostile place. That will change soon. Read more »

Ferry terminal or (another) concert hall?


by Lindsay Shelton
Only six days after the Regional Council announced that Kings Wharf had been chosen as one of two options for a new ferry terminal, the region’s mayors had a different idea – they decided that Kings Wharf would be the best site for a new indoor concert arena. Read more »

Light rail lessons for Wellington

G:link, the Gold Coast LRT, is one of Australia’s more successful LRT projects – well patronised and genuinely liked by local residents, tourists and businesses.

by Neil Douglas
I’ve done four studies of trams or light rail transit trams in Wellington and two in Auckland since I emigrated to New Zealand in 1990. But none of them have come to pass. Most of my income has come from the other side of the Tasman and over the last twenty years, I’ve done LRT studies in Canberra, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Parramatta, Perth and Sydney (several times). Read more »

Follow the money: the Archives, the Library and the Dept of Internal Affairs

Photo credit: Jacob Pollock

by Don Gilling
At the height of the Watergate scandal, when the story had seemed to stall, Deep Throat told Bob Woodward that to understand what was going on he needed to “Follow the Money.” In similar vein, if we are to understand the experience of Archives New Zealand and the National and Turnbull Libraries under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs, it helps to follow the money. Read more »

40 years back: the start of the NZFC

Founding NZFC chair Bill Sheat is farewelled in 1985 by his successor David Gascoigne, who would head the organisation for the next eight years.

by Bill Sheat
I want to pay tribute to those who paid a key role in the establishment of the New Zealand Film Commission forty years ago.
Read more »

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