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Why the movie museum should be financed privately, not by ratepayers

by Helene Ritchie
I support a Movie Museum for Wellington and I support the talents of the people who will be running it. But I consider it should be privately financed. Read more »

Spending millions, with promises

by Lindsay Shelton
We’re being asked to say what we think about plans to spend more than two hundred million dollars of public money. The owners of the two projects are showing every intention of going ahead with their spending, regardless of what’s said in the consultation process. Read more »

Facts, instead of clichés

There’s been a remarkable change in the reporting of a fatal crash this week. Media reports of road deaths are always falling back on platitudinous clichés in which words such as “tragedy” and “gutted” are repeatedly used. But after two 15-year-olds were killed in a crash in Masterton on Sunday, such platitudes were nowhere to be found. Read more »

Public open space, or buildings? We’ve known what we wanted for 20 years

green jack ilott

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council is pursuing discredited, unpopular policies from twenty years ago as it makes plans to sell a small publically-owned green park for use as a building site. Read more »

Saving open space on the waterfront: a campaign to defend Jack Ilott Green

green before

A new campaign has been launched to defend green open space on the waterfront. Save Jack Ilott Green Group has been established to oppose the Wellington City Council’s proposal to allow a building on Jack Ilott Green. The campaigners are also defending the view from the City to Sea Bridge which would be blocked by any new building.

green after
Read more »

Selling out, or falling short

The Basin Reserve was sold out for today’s cricket. But such a record isn’t likely for the Stadium when it hosts the Sevens at the weekend. Read more »

The $9m cost of the Canberra flights

by Lindsay Shelton
It seems that the Wellington City Council will be paying a subsidy – of around $900,000 a year for ten years – for the new Singapore Airlines service to Canberra and on to Singapore. Read more »

Singapore, here we come … as long as it’s subsidised

by Sea Rotmann
The Capital’s worst-kept secret has been confirmed: Singapore Airlines is starting a 4-day a week service from Wellington to Singapore via Canberra. But there are some pretty serious questions yet to be answered about how this miracle came about. Read more »

How to plan a safe place for cyclists

by Anne Greig
There is a saying “if it is not broke – then don’t fix it”. Island Bay has been always blessed with a wide safe road in comparison with many other roads in Wellington. Everyone had ample road to share including the cyclists. These cyclists are a small group of people, many of who bike to work into the central city. Read more »

Why a mother likes the cycleway

by Barbara McCallum
This week I received a one page document in my letterbox asking if I was unhappy with the Island Bay cycleway. I’m guessing that the person who delivered it did not leave their name because they knew they were being ignorant by placing it in my letterbox which clearly states “no junk mail”. Read more »

One door closes … new jobs on offer

david jones advt

On the same day that Kirkcaldie and Stains closed its doors for the last time after 152 years of business in Lambton Quay, David Jones started advertising for new staff. Read more »

How to ensure water for the hospital

by Helene Ritchie
Councils in the region need to work together urgently and with the Crown to ensure that the Wellington Regional Hospital is able to continue functioning with adequate water at the time of any major emergency. Read more »

Why we care about trolley buses

What’s been our most-read topic over the holidays? No doubt at all. Trolley buses have attracted more than twice as many readers as any other subject on wellington.scoop over Christmas/New Year. Read more »

Strange days (6) – where’s the money?

by Lindsay Shelton
What was agreed at the “Wellington Airport Expansion Project Signing Ceremony” that Jo Coughlan signed on behalf of the Wellington City Council in Beijing last September? Read more »

Strange days (5) – the hope of flying further

by Lindsay Shelton
The campaigns for and against extending the Wellington Airport runway continued vigorously last year. But strangely the airport company chose not to respond to any of the articles that we published against what it wants to do. Read more »

Strange days (4) – electric (less) vs diesel (more)

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington Regional Council doesn’t seem to have persuaded many people that getting rid of the city’s sixty trolley buses is a good idea. Especially when they’re to be replaced by more diesel buses. Which will be in city streets for ten more years as the promised all-electric bus fleet isn’t likely to arrive till 2025. Read more »

Strange days (3) – camping or not

by Lindsay Shelton
No one knew what they’d decided, after the Wellington City Council debated whether or not to approve a camping ground near the rubbish tip on Happy Valley Road. Read more »

Strange days (2) – lecturing the NZTA

by Lindsay Shelton
One of my strangest experiences last year was being invited to hear a visiting British professor telling the Transport Agency how they had mis-handled their seven-year campaign to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve. Read more »

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