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Not just future-proofing – why light rail should be an option for Wellington

Light rail in Frankfurt

A strong case for considering light rail in Wellington has been made by four transport experts. They presented it this week to consultants for the Let’s Get Welly Moving project. Here’s what they said. Read more »

A Green credibility problem

As Ian Apperley has rightly noted, the election season is beginning to get into full swing in the city. And for the Greens, Wellington is a bellwether for how they can be expected to perform on the national stage, because the Wellington Central electorate has consistently delivered a higher percentage of the party vote to the Greens than anywhere else in the country. Read more »

Who’s listening to the nurses?

by Lindsay Shelton
Nurses at Wellington Hospital are alarmed, upset, shocked and disappointed by the resignation of chief executive Debbie Chin. Is anyone paying attention to their concerns? Read more »

A good guide to bad politics

by Ian Apperley
As we head toward the general election, we’ve yet to see the Wellington candidates come to the fore. Wellington seems to be missing from the agenda so far; however we can be sure that as we approach the magical date it will warm up. Read more »

Johnsonville left out in the cold

by Kerry Wood
The Regional Council is consulting on a new public transport hub at Johnsonville. After seeing the papers, I didn’t bother: no adequate options and no opportunity for debate. Read more »

Bill’s 38th film festival

by Lindsay Shelton
The film festival which begins in Wellington next week will be the 38th annual event that director Bill Gosden has curated – it’s a record of extraordinary growth and success. Read more »

Missing every opportunity to improve public transport

The Let’s Get Wellington Moving project has been garnering headlines about its alternative approaches to addressing some of the capital’s transport woes. Front and centre: restricting parking so that bringing a car into the CBD is less attractive and people migrate to public transport. As it turns out, the city has already been doing this – so it’s a crying shame that the Greater Wellington Regional Council has squandered the recent opportunity that circumstances have handed them, to the detriment of Wellington. Read more »

Electric bus, with 3 tonnes of batteries, tested in Ngauranga Gorge


by Roger Blakeley
Regional Councillors were yesterday taken on a bus tour with NZ Bus CE Zane Fulljames. It started with a smooth ride on a full battery electric bus, an 8 year-old bus converted with batteries weighing 3 tonnes, and being used to gather data on how a fully electric vehicle performs. Read more »

Council planning another waterfront building, but it can’t explain why


by Lindsay Shelton
The city council is proposing another big new building on the Wellington waterfront – without being able to explain why it is needed. Read more »

Trolley buses, light rail, and votes

NZ First should pick up some extra votes in Wellington after the news that its policy for the elections supports retention of trolley buses and light rail to the airport. Read more »

More roads and slower travel – why Wellington mustn’t copy Auckland

by Michael C Barnett
As a teenager in the late 1950s I attended Wellington College, commuting from Eastbourne to the city by bus. My bus would leave the Eastbourne terminus at 8am, travel around the eastern bays, along the Petone esplanade, then head south along the Hutt Road all the way to Thorndon, arriving at the Wellington railway station at 8 30am, give or take a minute. A travel time of 30 minutes. Read more »

Third time lucky?


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington City Councillors have now voted three times to save and strengthen the Town Hall, which has been closed since 2013. All three votes have been unanimous. But nothing resulted from the first two. The third vote was last week. Will it bring results this time? Read more »

Ranking the rates increases

by Lindsay Shelton
Which city council is planning the smallest rates increase this year? Read more »

Vital questions ignored in Let’s Get Welly Moving’s long list of scenarios

by Tim Jones
The Save the Basin Campaign welcomes the public release of Let’s Get Welly Moving’s long list of scenarios for the future of Wellington transport. But we are concerned that some vital questions appear to have been ignored during the assessment process. Read more »

Why Wellington’s buses need better timetables and connections

by Kerry Wood
The Regional Council has timekeeping problems on Wellington’s buses (25 May) but what about the timetables themselves? Good timetables and connections are vital to the quality system the council is seeking, and will be even more important when new timetables are introduced next year. Read more »

Wellington welcome for rare visit by US Secretary of State

by Gordon Campbell
A visit to this country by a serving US Secretary of State is such a rare event that Rex Tillerson will be welcomed in style in Wellington today – even though the former ExxonMobil CEO could fairly be described as the least influential person in decades to hold the post. These days, the State Department is but a shadow of what it was only six months ago. Read more »

Ignoring events, or supporting them

by Lindsay Shelton
The city council needs to broaden its view of the events that are important for Wellington. Read more »

It’s washing away – why aren’t they saving Pukerua Bay’s coastline?


by Jim Mikoz
Why is the Porirua City Council letting the Pukerua Bay coastline wash into the sea? Read more »

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