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Issues of democracy and governance

by Helene Ritchie
If there is one matter that the Wellington City Council and the public are united on today, it is a desire for the mayor and councillors to be find a way to focus without distraction on the major issues confronting the city and the council. Read more »

Who chooses independence?

Before Andy Foster yesterday chose the reviewer to carry out an independent review of governance at the Wellington City Council, former deputy mayor Jill Day had challenged him on the process. Read more »

Changing governance for an elected council

Statement from Mayor Andy Foster
It has become apparent we have arrived at a crossroad that requires us to make a significant change in our governance. The time to do that is now. Read more »

Investigation of Library decision; request to Auditor-General

Letter from Cr Fleur Fitzsimons to the Auditor-General
Dear Mr Ryan,
I am a Wellington City Councillor with portfolio responsibility for libraries. I request that you investigate a rather irregular resolution made by the Council’s Annual Plan/Long Term Plan Committee meeting on 18 February regarding the future of the Wellington Central Library building. The Annual Plan/Long Term Plan Committee is a committee of the Wellington City Council. Read more »

LGWM: failing its health check

An open letter from Brent Efford to the Wellington Regional Council
Dear Daran, Roger, Thomas, Josh, Penny, Glenda, David, Jenny, Chris, Ken, Prue, Ros and Adrienne
Read more »

Confusion about the Library

by Helene Ritchie
The Wellington City Council is very confused. The mayor and councillors don’t seem to know what they resolved at the Council meeting yesterday. I hesitate to say this, but it is evident that they don’t know what they are doing. Read more »

Keeping our character

by Felicity Wong
The official numbers are in. An overwhelming majority of Wellingtonians reject losing the character of their city in planning changes ordered by Phil Twyford when he was Minister of Urban Development. Read more »

What can we afford?

by Lindsay Shelton
I was out of town last week, up in the Coromandel hoping to take a break from Wellington issues. I chose the wrong week – almost every day of the holiday was interrupted by surprising or even disturbing headlines from the capital. Read more »

Finding the right housing solution

by Marian Evans
It’s gold, listening to in-person submissions to the Wellington City Council. I love seeing and hearing people whose submissions are based on lived experience in a particular place, caring about a particular community. I can then place their experiences alongside mine, in a tiny Mount Victoria hillside community overlooking Oriental Bay, where gardening residents encourage and support bees and other insects and small creatures on the roadside reserve that adjoins their dwellings. Read more »

Looking ahead – the next ten years

by Felicity Wong
The Wellington City Council is preparing to release its draft long term plan – budget for the next 10 years. Some early consultation with stakeholders and partners indicates the priorities Wellingtonians have for Council expenditure (“investment”). Read more »

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