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Suddenly so many cycleways

Yesterday’s council decision to spend $6m restructuring the Island Bay cycleway is just the tip of a cycling iceberg for Wellington. A total of seven other projects for cyclists are being built or being planned, with the aim of making city cycling safer. Read more »

Cultural capital loses cultural venue

Rebecca McMillan Photography

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington may claim to be the cultural capital of New Zealand. But last night it allowed a hundred-year-old theatre to close its doors – with the city council having done nothing to try to keep it open. Read more »

Campaigning on the street


by Lindsay Shelton
There aren’t any election billboards in our Brooklyn street, But even without them, the election campaign has repeatedly reached us. Read more »

Climate change, diesel trains, and flawed logic on the main trunk line


by Roger Blakeley, Bob Norman, Alex Gray and Keith Flinders
Leaked documents show that KiwiRail’s decision last December to replace electric locomotives on the electrified section of the North Island Main Trunk (NIMT) with diesel locomotives was based on flawed logic and justified by misleading information. Read more »

Anti-rail tactics for the election

Painting by Wallace Trickett, owned by the Light Rail Transit Assn. Click here for large version.

by Brent Efford
In the final days before Saturday’s general election, the National Party has reverted to its old anti-rail tactics. Read more »

Getting rid of the trolley buses – still time to stop the scandal


by Glen Smith
More than a month ago I wrote to Chris Laidlaw, chairman of the Wellington Regional Council, requesting information relating to his Council’s decision to dismantle our electric bus system. Despite having a legal obligation (under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act) to reply within 20 working days, no reply has been received. Read more »

Kissing, hugging, or shaking hands

by Rachel Pommerol
Wellington people and French people have different rules of politeness. French people are well known for their kisses (la bise) when greeting each other, but they shake hands in the professional sphere. In Wellington, it’s everything or nothing. Read more »

Driving blind in Brooklyn

by Lindsay Shelton
They repainted the white centre lines on our narrow Brooklyn street last week. But they didn’t realign them. So the crazy road design continues unchanged. Read more »

Happy birthday to Unity

Photo: BennettnSlater

by Lindsay Shelton
The Paramount is closing after 100 years, the trolley buses are being pulled off the roads after almost 70 years, but not everything in Wellington is changing for the worse. Let’s congratulate Unity Books on launching into its second fifty years in Willis Street. Read more »

Do they really think they can compete with Lambton Quay?


by Lindsay Shelton
A plan to set up a new retail centre in competition with Lambton Quay needs to be hit on the head as quickly as possible. The proponents must have forgotten the failure of the Retail Centre on Queens Wharf, which showed that customers aren’t willing to forego the familiar streets of the CBD for something off their beaten track. Read more »

Design, scale, traffic, and cost – some of the concerns about Shelly Bay plans


by Andy Foster
Some people seem to think the Wellington City Council is committed to the proposed development of Shelly Bay and all the consultation is window dressing. I suspect those people have missed the real concerns that have been publicly raised over several months by some councillors, notably myself, Chris Calvi-Freeman and Sarah Free. Read more »

It’s logical: the Basin should be the new 10,000-seat venue

Robbie Williams at the Basin Reserve in 2015

by Glen Smith
The logic, cost and viability of a new indoor arena versus using our existing facilities needs to be seriously questioned. There may be a niche for a 10,000+ venue. But it doesn’t need to be indoor. Read more »

Not explaining the blackout


by Lindsay Shelton
There has been a disturbing lack of information about last night’s huge power cut in Wellington city streets. Those responsible seem to be in denial. Read more »

Why we’re familiar for foreigners


by Rachel Pommerol
Wellington is cosmopolitan. Many languages in the streets, people coming from everywhere in the world to discover such a magnificent city. Many cultures are mixed, which create particular vibes. Restaurants are everything but Kiwi, the suburbs give the impression that you’re travelling from one country to another. Read more »

Hard questions about the indoor arena


Dave Armstrong’s devastating dissection of the indoor arena proposal should be making local politicians move quickly to cancel the extravagant idea. Read more »

Countless: Peter Jackson among those concerned about Shelly Bay development


by Lindsay Shelton
The city council is making it difficult to assess what Wellingtonians are thinking about the Shelly Bay development plans. What can readily be discovered, however, is that there’s a substantial amount of public interest. Read more »

Viewing politics through a different prism

by Peter Dunne
Since my announcement that I was not seeking re-election to Parliament, after 33 years as an MP, a couple of things have taken me by surprise. Read more »

Thinking jitneys, on the Miramar Heights bus

by Michael C Barnett
Most days during the week I go to the Freyberg pool in the late morning for a daily dose of physical exercise. Some days I swim, other days I go through a gym routine and every day I grab a coffee from Bernies. To get there and back I have taken to riding on the Miramar Heights bus, which picks me up and drops me off at the top of Awa Road, from where it is a short walk down the hill to my home in Karaka Bay. Read more »

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