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Getting it wrong about population growth

by Hugh Rennie
Early 1970s official estimates for population growth predicted that within 20 years the Judgeford/ Grenada/ etc areas would be full, the Hutt Valley would be bulging, and Featherston would have a population of 10,000 commuting to Wellington. This was based on assumptions about employment in manufacturing, processing, distribution, office and other industries, etc which were wrong. Read more »

Wildly optimistic about population growth

by Ben Schrader
The Draft Spatial Plan’s presumption that Wellington’s population is going to increase by 80,000 over the next 30 years is wildly optimistic. Read more »

In it together – rethinking the city’s economy

by Diane Calvert
When discussing the city’s economic future with a local iwi business leader, his phrase “he waka eke noa” (we are in this waka together) struck a chord with me. This collegial approach amongst our many business and social leaders existed pre-Covid-19 and it’s our city’s key weapon in coming out the other side of Covid-19, even stronger. Read more »

Why bother with consultation?

growth planning logo

by Benoit Pette
In August last year, Wellington started a journey called ‘Planning for Growth,’ asking how the District Plan should be amended to make room for the expected growth of the city in the next 30 years. A city wide consultation was undertaken: Read more »

Hidden and ignored: the 2013 report on the Central Library

by Helene Ritchie
In May this year, while researching my submission to the Wellington City Council requesting re-opening of the Central Library, I unearthed a 2013 report commissioned by council staff and written by the reputable firm of Holmes consulting engineers who had been asked to “evaluate the likely seismic performance of the existing Wellington City Library Building.” Read more »

What will they do about parking?

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council announced a new parking policy this week. But it left us in the dark by failing to give any details of what the changes will be. Read more »

SCOOP IMAGES: House fire in Abel Smith Street

fire 1
Photo: Thomas Corn

Wellington photographer and videographer Thomas Corn lives across the street from the landmark house in Abel Smith Street which went up in flames last night. So he was well positioned to record the fire from start to finish. Read more »

Transmission Gully: urgent review of delays and cost increases

TG overbridge

In its announcement last week that there’ll be another delay to the opening of Transmission Gully, the NZTA held back the final cost of the new road till the last sentence of its lengthy release. It then revealed that the highway is now costing $1.25billion, but it didn’t mention that the the initial budget was $850million. The huge cost increase was of immediate concern to the government, which called for an urgent review. Read more »

Transmission Gully opening in September next year, at cost of $1.25billion

trans gully Linden interchange
Transmission Gully – Linden interchange with SH1

News from NZ Transport Agency
The Transmission Gully motorway north of Wellington will be open by September next year as part of a settlement agreement reached following the conclusion of negotiations related to the commercial impacts of the COVID-19 shutdown on the project. Read more »

Saving a hall and its history

hall for marines

By Gregor Thompson
The Titahi Bay Marines Hall, built in 1942 as a recreational hall for US soldiers stationed in New Zealand during World War II, has stood empty since 2012 due to structural issues. Read more »

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