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Looking further ahead than ten years

by Justin Lester
Throughout its history Wellington has been a city of leadership and progress. We’ve been at the forefront of pivotal moments in our country’s history: women’s suffrage, homosexual law reform, nuclear-free New Zealand and marriage equality. We’re a city packed with creators, thinkers, dreamers, doers and lovers of life – where movements start and hikoi end. Read more »

How they’re spending $49m


When the mayor welcomed the Budget allocation of $50m for Wellington’s commuter trains, there were no details. Today we learnt that $49m of the total is to be spent on the Hutt line – it’s a huge job. Read more »

Listening, and making a difference

by Diane Calvert
Submissions on the Wellington City Council’s draft 10 year plan have just closed. We doubled the number from last time, plus we heard from a lot more younger Wellingtonians. Read more »

The bus saga: job losses, and cancellations


by Lindsay Shelton
On the same day that Wellington bus drivers are going to Parliament to tell MPs about threats to our public transport system, MetLink sent out an apology for cancelling bus services – but has failed to give an explanation for the cancellations. Read more »

KiwiRail’s incorrect advice about diesel vs electric locomotives


by Roger Blakeley, Bob Norman, Alex Gray, Keith Flinders
KiwiRail says it has received no direction from the Government to cease the de-electrification programme on the North Island main trunk line, and is continuing to decommission the electric locomotives fleet by 31 March. But there are three key issues in KiwiRail’s advice to the Minister of Transport, as reported by Radio NZ , that are not correct: Read more »

Compounding challenges for owners of quake-prone buildings

by Geraldine Murphy
Inner City Wellington (ICW) is pleased to read that the Mayor Justin Lester ‘would not pledge to prosecute those who dragged their feet’ in strengthening earthquake prone buildings. Read more »

Restoring it, not bowling it


by Alana Bowman
To the relief of cricket fans, community groups, and admirers of the Basin Reserve, Mayor Justin Lester yesterday confirmed it’s his intention that the Museum Stand will not be bowled, but will be restored. Read more »

Avoiding congestion by rethinking Melling Bridge plans


by Glen Smith
The New Zealand Transport Agency has put forward three plans to improve traffic flow on State Highway Two at the congested Lower Hutt turn off across Melling Bridge. Improvements at this intersection deserve support since the aim should be to improve the efficiency of all transport modes and to reduce the potential for accident related deaths and injuries. Read more »

Destination: CBD

by Lindsay Shelton
This week’s reports of growing morning congestion should have acknowledged the fact that all the traffic is heading into (or through) one place – the centre of Wellington, where there’s no room for any more of it. Read more »

Hope and competition, online

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s amazing what you learn online. Last week’s Wellington City Council Forum on Facebook provided new information about the continuing delays to building the Movie Museum and Convention Centre. It also revealed there may be competition for the Airport Flyer. Read more »

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