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Getting control of all those vehicles

In the last couple of articles we’ve been exploring how Wellington can meet the goals set out in the City Council’s Te Atakura – First to Zero climate response strategy. The document underlines the importance of addressing the climate breakdown by decreasing our carbon emissions, and puts tangible goals in place – a 10% reduction by 2020, 43% by 2030, 68% by 2040 and a big fat zero by 2050. Read more »

VUW – a name change by stealth


by Hugh Rennie
If you feel that VUW’s Council and Vice Chancellor are the gift that keeps on giving, read on… Read more »

Making the grade on climate change

Fresh from the Wellington City Council’s declaration of a climate change and ecological emergency, there’s a new sense of urgency in getting to grips with the city’s emissions. So a quick tour around the WCC’s strategy is in order, to see whether we’re actually going to make that much-needed goal of being zero carbon by 2050. Spoiler alert: not on the current WCC trajectory. Read more »

Blaming everyone else

by Lindsay Shelton
We learnt last week that the Regional Council is blaming everyone except itself for the continuing problems with Wellington buses. Read more »

Why we should do what Auckland has done

by Guy Marriage
If we continue to leave the Regional Council (a bunch of out-of-their-depth councillors with no training in transport solutions) involved in organising a valid transport solution for Wellington, they will never achieve a decent end result – or even start along that path. Read more »

Moving slowly


by Lindsay Shelton
Let’s Get Wellington Moving, now in its fourth year, is continuing to move … slowly. It has reached agreement on a “vision:” the need to move more people through the city with fewer private motor vehicles, and the need to spend money on better public transport, walking and cycling. But there are few specifics. Read more »

A matter of priorities


by Benoit Pette
Three years ago, we voted to elect the Wellington City Council. Three years of progress and controversy, hope and disappointment. With another election looming, now is a good time to look at what surprised us in a positive way, and where we have felt let down by our elected councillors in the past triennium. Read more »

What’s needed is action


by Ian Apperley
The fur is flying over today’s vote at the Wellington City Council on whether to declare a Climate Emergency. The usual suspects on social media from both sides of the divide are in full voice, while the rest of us are struggling to figure out what it means. Read more »

Sham trams – a massive mistake in the making

by Brent Efford
It would appear that the anti-rail forces are gearing up for a real selling job next Tuesday, with a Wellington presentation about trackless trams by Professor Peter Newman of Western Australia’s Curtin University, who believes they are a viable mass transit solution. But trackless trams in Wellington would cause a permanent severance of mass transit between the suburban rail system – the PT spine for three quarters of the region’s half million population and quite light-rail-like in its operation – and the three quarters of the regional economic activity that takes place south of the Railway Station. Read more »

They’ve agreed at last: a deal is signed for the music centre

The view from Wakefield Street – the Municipal Office Building (left) and the Town Hall, both opened up with a new look for the national music centre.

by Lindsay Shelton
The future of Civic Square took a turn for the better yesterday, with the signing of a long-negotiated partnership deal for the Municipal Office Building to become part of the planned national music centre. Read more »

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