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Apoocalypse now

Photo via Twitter from OrientalBayNZ

by Lindsay Shelton
A few hours after it announced another sewage spill into the harbour, Wellington Water tweeted today that its offices were closing at midday. It’s on holiday till January 3. I couldn’t help thinking of how the Australian Prime Minister faced widespread criticism for holidaying in Hawaii when Australia was on fire. Read more »

120-year-old sewage pipe rescues overflow from 90-year-old pipe

Wellington Scoop
The sewage tunnel that collapsed under the CBD last week was dug by hand in the 1930s. Read more »

VUW’s name change that isn’t a name change


by Hugh Rennie
A year ago this week, the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced his rejection of VUW’s request for a change of name. Here again is the main part of the Minister’s public statement: Read more »

No room for more cars; why more lanes won’t fix anything

by Guy Marriage
We do have a traffic problem in our city, albeit a relatively small one: we have more traffic than our roads can take. Read more »

Increasing traffic, rising prices, and flights of fancy

by Ian Apperley
A bumbling year for the pre-election Wellington City Council. Transport, housing, Shelly Bay, the airport expansionism, and climate change were all hot topics, and little progress was made. Instead, the city was off on flights of fancy with the election effectively stopping any movement forward for months. Read more »

Silence on Shelly Bay

by Benoit Pette
When the news arrived, it left many people shocked. The resource consent for Ian Cassel’s development of Shelly Bay was granted for a second time, and the proposal could go ahead, destroying Shelly Bay’s natural and cultural heritage and paving the way for decades of worsening traffic on the peninsula. Read more »

All electric? But when? (2)


A possibly quicker timeline for electric buses in Wellington has emerged via an exchange of tweets. Read more »

Quicker, more reliable?

by Lindsay Shelton
While feedback seeking advice on changes for the Golden Mile doesn’t close till the end of this week, LGWM has gone ahead and announced plans to improve bus services throughout the city. Read more »

All electric? But when?

by Lindsay Shelton
2025? 2030? 2050? Wellington has been given conflicting forecasts for when we can expect to be rid of the city’s polluting fleet of diesel buses. Read more »

Fixing the housing regulations

by Conor Hill
One of the most important things the Wellington City Council will do this term is to update the District Plan to accommodate more Wellingtonians. Currently the plan is a Russian doll of nonsense, too complex for professionals let alone laymen to understand. The council concedes the point in Kafkaesque fashion – the first chapter of the guide to the District Plan is an overview to using the guide.
Read more »

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