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Why they can’t see beyond roads

by Michael C Barnett
Let’s Get Wellington Moving is well into the second year of its initiative to improve Wellington’s transport infrastructure. Public consultation on its four possible scenarios is now closed. More road construction features strongly in three of the scenarios, while mass rapid transit in the form of light rail has low priority – kicked down the road as a future possibility. Read more »

A fully electric network – delayed for 25 years by removal of wires

by Glen Smith
The evidence is that the current destruction of our historic trolley wire network will delay the introduction of a fully electric bus system by at least a quarter of a century (I invite members of the Regional Council to logically refute that assertion). Read more »

Transmission Gully as a toll road – it’s on the list

BusinessDesk report by Paul McBeth
The New Zealand Transport Agency is eyeing up tolls on four uncompleted roads which it says could support their successful opening and smooth the way for user-pays road pricing, documents released under the Official Information Act show. Read more »

2017 – counting our losses

by Lindsay Shelton
It was the year when we lost our trolley buses – the Regional Council chose instead to gift us with eight months of an all-diesel fleet. Read more »

Let’s get Wellington really moving

FIT Wellington / David Randall Peters

by Michael Barnett
FIT Wellington has done much work in identifying feasible routes for light rail connecting the Wellington Railway Station with the Airport, and we consider a viable route exists that avoids the potential mode conflicts at the Basin Reserve. We now call on Wellingtonians to tell the powers that be that the time has come for future proofed, sustainable, efficient, desirable mass rapid transit. That solution isn’t BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), it is LR (Light Rail). WLR (Wellington Light Rail) is the future that Wellington deserves and you need to ask for it, now! Read more »

Focus on roads is “$2.3bn bust;” FIT makes the case for light rail


News from FIT
“The Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) proposals are a $2.3bn bust,” says Fair Intelligent Transport Wellington. Space is at a premium in Wellington, yet LGWM wants to pour over 80% of its proposed spending into the most space-hungry transport mode — cars. Read more »

Saving the Basin, again

by Tim Jones
I read some interesting news over the weekend. John Milford, the chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce (who’s been a major supporter of a Basin Reserve flyover) says his organisation plans to churn out hundreds of submissions to the Let’s Get Welly Moving process. Read more »

Missing the smart city solutions

by Ian Apperley
In the latest debate on how to solve our traffic woes – in the form of the “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” campaign being run by the NZTA – Wellington is missing the Smart City solutions that could help deal with congestion. Read more »

Are they flyovers? No, they’re bridges


by Lindsay Shelton
We called it a flyover. The transport planners called it a bridge – before and after it was rejected first by a Board of Inquiry and then by the High Court. And in spite of those two rejections, last night they announced not one, not two, but three options which include a bridge (or bridges?) alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Campaigners appalled at three new plans for a Basin Reserve flyover

Press Release – Save the Basin Campaign
The Save the Basin Campaign says that aspects of new Wellington transport plans unveiled tonight “feel like a slap in the face of the new Government”. Read more »

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