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What will they do about parking?

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council announced a new parking policy this week. But it left us in the dark by failing to give any details of what the changes will be. Read more »

Transport plans: the good, the bad and the ugly


by Conor Hill
National released its transport package for Wellington and the Hutt Valley last week. Everything in it is familiar to anyone following Wellington transport plans, but it’s worth a look. Read more »

Let’s Get Wellington Moving – what went wrong

LGWM logo

Opinion from NZ National Party
The Let’s Get Wellington Moving project (LGWM) was commenced with good intentions in 2016 by the National-led Government alongside local government in Wellington. The aim was to let bygones be bygones, figure out what Wellingtonians wanted, gain as much consensus as possible amongst key agencies, and design an integrated package that looked at the needs of the city as a whole rather than on a project-by-project basis. Read more »

Choosing a Golden Mile option

golden mile lgwm logo

How many of us have read through the hundreds of pages released last month by LGWM in the latest stage of its seemingly endless saga to improve conditions on the Golden Mile. (The short version alone was 170 pages.) Read more »

Worse for pedestrians, easier for cars – a wrong decision for Hataitai

hataitai intersection

by Mike Mellor
The Wellington City Council is proposing to build a mountable roundabout at the intersection of Hataitai’s shopping centre, which it says will increase pedestrian safety – but it provides no information to support this. The new layout will in fact make things harder for pedestrians (who will have to walk out of their way to get to the re-positioned crossings) and easier for vehicles. Read more »

Why we need both

by Glen Smith
The debate over the Quays vs the Golden Mile for a public transport route is irrelevant – we need both. Read more »

Addicted to cars

The famous dictum of AA (no, not the motoring body, the other one) is that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. The Wellington City Council clearly needs to take this to heart over the private motor car, the do-we-love-it-or-do-we-hate-it icon of transportation that is still at the heart of the political log-jam that has stymied the capital for decades. Read more »

A tunnel that won’t solve problems

by Tim Jones
At 6pm on Monday, National Party list MP Nicola Willis is holding a public meeting to support her and the National Party’s push for a third Mt Victoria tunnel. (She calls it the “Double the Tunnel” campaign, but of course there are already two Mt Victoria vehicle tunnels: the Paterson Street car tunnel and the Pirie Street bus tunnel.) Read more »

Counting the (real) costs of TG


by Conor Hill
Transmission Gully has been in the news a bit recently, for reasons related to money. Read more »

After 12 years of talk, no cycleway

Photo: Patrick Morgan

by Lindsay Shelton
The need for an off-road cycleway between Petone and Ngauranga was being described as “urgent” in 2008. The urgency was clear because a prominent cyclist had been killed at the Petone roundabout. We had a reminder of the urgency this week, with the memorial ride after the death of another cyclist on the same road. Read more »

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