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“Life is hell:” the fate of 9 families next to the Kapiti expressway construction site

by K Gurunathan
I urge the NZ Transport Agency to seriously look into the purchase of about nine properties significantly affected by construction of the Kapiti Expressway. Read more »

What to do at the Basin? And who’ll be making the decisions?

basin panorama

by Lindsay Shelton
You thought the Transport Agency made all the roading decisions? Not according to the DomPost, which reports the Prime Minister as saying: “We need to find a solution …. I just don’t have answers to it at the moment.”
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Restructuring the Transport Agency

by Peter Dunne
Like many residents of Wellington, I was delighted when the High Court ruled that the appeal by the Transport Agency against the flyover alongside the Basin Reserve was to be rejected. And I want to say that this is the time to drop this crazy idea. Read more »

Seven years of community opposition, and the defeat of the Transport Agency

by Lindsay Shelton
Friday’s second rejection of the Basin flyover comes at the end of almost seven years’ community campaigning against the plan. Seven years when the Transport Agency persisted in ignoring the community, and eventually persuaded the city council to do the same. Read more »

Architect pleased at support for his Basin roading enhancement option

News release from Richard Reid and Associates
“Our practice welcomes the High Court’s dismissal of NZTA’s appeal,” said Richard Reid today. “In particular, we are pleased that our at-grade solution, the Basin Reserve Roundabout Enhancement Option (BRREO) has passed another stringent test. Read more »

High Court rejects Transport Agency’s bid to get approval for Basin flyover


The High Court today dismissed the NZ Transport Agency’s attempt to overturn the rejection of its controversial plan to build a 300-metre concrete flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Campaigners welcome second rejection of “ugly, unnecessary” flyover

News from Save the Basin
The Save the Basin Campaign today said that it was delighted the High Court has rejected the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal of the 2014 Board of Inquiry decision to decline resource consent for a Basin Reserve flyover. Read more »

Basin flyover decision “thorough … robust,” say architects

News from Architectural Centre
The Architectural Centre welcomes the High Court decision endorsing the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry’s decision which declined the NZTA’s proposal to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Mayor is “glad the ugly flyover won’t happen;” wants integrated planning

News from Wellington City Council
Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said today: “I’m glad the ugly flyover won’t happen but clearly some improvements are needed. Read more »

Iona Pannett tells city council to end its flyover fixation

Wellington City Councillor Iona Pannett today welcomed the High Court’s rejection of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal to build a flyover around the Basin Reserve. She said: Read more »

Helene Ritchie wants apologies

News from Cr Helene Ritchie
“I am calling on the the mayor and Councillor Foster to apologise to the people of Wellington for their flip flopping on the Basin Flyover and their latest flip flopping undermining and eroding the Town Belt and our efforts to protect it. Read more »

MPs welcome flyover rejection: “time for NZTA to work with community”

News from NZ Labour Party
The High Court decision rejecting the Transport Agency’s attempts to build the Basin Reserve flyover must now mean that the Agency finally works with the community on other options for transport solutions in Wellington, said Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Annette King today. Read more »

John Milford wants “another solution” for Basin traffic

Press Release – Wellington Chamber Of Commerce
The High Court’s finding against the appeal on the Basin Reserve is disappointing, but work must now begin urgently on finding a solution, says the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. Read more »

Fixing public transport, from the inside

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellingtonians who are dubious about some of the Transport Agency’s decisions have a chance to change things, from the inside. You can apply for a job with the Agency … but be quick, because applications close today. Read more »

Saving, or losing, the Town Belt

by Lindsay Shelton
When city councillors last night capitulated to pressure from the Transport Agency, they agreed to change draft legislation (which they’d earlier unanimously supported) that’s supposed to protect the Town Belt. So much for protection – the changes would make it easier for the Transport Agency to put bulldozers through part of the Town Belt if and when they start widening Ruahine Street to build a motorway to the airport. Read more »

Arrogance at the Transport Agency, about speeding, and the flyover

by Peter Dunne
The news that NZ Transport Agency staff had racked up 8,500 speeding infringements over a nine month period was bad enough, but the subsequent comment from the chief executive that probably no more than 50 staff were involved turned bad enough into sheer farce. Read more »

Action Station contributes to campaign against flyover at Basin Reserve

anti flyover cheque
Photo from Save the Basin

Community campaigning group Action Station has made a vital contribution to the campaign to save the Basin Reserve from a massive motorway flyover which the New Zealand Transport Agency wants to build there. Read more »

Geoff Dangerfield resigns from Transport Agency after 7 years as chief executive

News from NZ Government
Geoff Dangerfield yesterday resigned as chief executive of the New Zealand Transport Agency. Read more »

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