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LGWM looks for more advice


by Lindsay Shelton
Let’s not get carried away by today’s LGWM announcement that they are seeking contractors for the next stage of engineering, design and planning work for Wellington’s mass rapid transit and a second Mt Victoria Tunnel. Keep reading and you discover that this “big step forward” (their words) is only for business cases: Read more »

LGWM seeking specialists to advise them on mass rapid transit and highway changes

Press Release – Let’s Get Wellington Moving
Contracts for the next stage of engineering, design, and planning work on the two largest projects in Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) have gone out for tender. Read more »

Changing his mind

Will new Wellington mayor Andy Foster be pursuing his idea of selling the city’s shares in Wellington Airport? From his past record, it’s hard to tell. Read more »

Driving us backwards

by Tim Jones
Andy Foster’s transport policies put him at odds with the public’s demand for climate change action. Read more »

Too early for a tunnel decision

by John Rankin
We don’t know enough right now to make the decision that Mayor Foster has made about another Mt Victoria Tunnel. About the only thing we know for certain is that a second tunnel is desperately needed for walkers and cyclists. Read more »

She won’t spray and walk away

by Lindsay Shelton
On the same day that Barbara Donaldson announced she will be standing again for the Regional Council, an on-line survey showed 91 per cent dissatisfaction with the new bus system for which she’s responsible as chair of the council’s transport committee. Read more »

Compelling, but costly

At the heart of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving debate is the question about what is the best mass transit solution for Wellington’s southern reaches: is it a slam-dunk for light rail as its advocates claim, or would some other technology (Bendy buses? Trackless trams? Flying cars? Individual hover-boards?) be a better bet? Read more »

Sham trams, wishful thinking and the Zhuzhou experiment

by Brent Efford
Last month’s forum on ‘trackless trams’ was clearly no friend of rail, light or heavy. Read more »

Avoiding a flyover at the Basin

by Tim Jones
For a long time, since the final defeat of the Basin Reserve flyover proposal in 2015, all we’ve had to go on are private assurances that whatever plans eventually emerged would not include a new Basin Reserve flyover. But it’s taken until the past few weeks, with the release of a slew of Let’s Get Wellington Moving reports and technical documents, to get some idea of what those plans entail. Read more »

Getting to zero on transport

It’s apparent from the Wellington City Council’s Te Atakura – First to Zero strategy that we need to make large-scale cuts to our carbon emissions from transport. It’s equally apparent from the same document that the current plan isn’t going to get us there. Read more »

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