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Is it a land grab?

land grab

The battle to stop a highway being built through the pristine Takapu Valley has been growing this week since a meeting of the regional transport committee (where most of the members are mayors.) Read more »

Why the land transport plan will fail

by Russell Tregonning for OraTaiao: the NZ Climate and Health Council
Our Council commends the regional council for aiming to produce “a transport system that is resilient, reliable and easy to use”. But we believe that the regional land transport plan, with its almost exclusive emphasis on new roading projects favouring private vehicles, downgrades public and active transport modes, and so will not achieve this aim. Read more »

Panel, with pizza, to discuss no-flyover future for Basin Reserve

News from Save the Basin
Local groups that believe the decision by the Board of Inquiry into the Basin Bridge project should stand, are energetically raising funds to defend the decision against the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal to the High Court. Read more »

Mayors in control of major roading plans

Big decisions on future roading projects in Wellington will be taken today by a committee of twelve people. Eight of them are mayors. Read more »

Nine community groups want to be involved in future transport planning

Nine Wellington community organisations are proposing that they be involved in all future planning for transport projects between Ngauranga and the airport. Read more »

QC to represent Save the Basin group at flyover appeal in High Court

News from Save the Basin
The Save the Basin Campaign Inc has secured the services of Matthew Palmer QC to represent it in the High Court when the NZ Transport Agency appeals against the decision to decline resource consent for a flyover at the Basin Reserve. Read more »

The Transport Agency gets chatty

The NZ Transport Agency has been sending some strange messages over Labour Weekend. Its Wellington twitter account seemed to have separated itself from the agency’s mission “to create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.” Read more »

The Prime Minister was wrong


Ill informed and simplistic. That’s the response from the Architectural Centre which has identified incorrect statements about the Basin Reserve flyover decision that were made by the Prime Minister during an interview last Sunday on TVNZ’s Q+A. Read more »

Communities, the council, and the appeal

The Transport Agency says it wants “certainty” from its appeal against the rejection of its Basin flyover plan. But community groups see things differently. For them it’s not just a legal issue. More importantly it’s the issue of a government organisation trying to impose its will on a city and its communities. Read more »

“Disappointed and frustrated;” campaigners will contest flyover appeal

News from STB
The Save the Basin Campaign has announced that it will be contesting the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal against the Board of Inquiry decision to decline resource consent for a Basin Reserve flyover. Read more »

New Cabinet: Simon Bridges takes transport from Gerry Brownlee

BusinessDesk report by Pattrick Smellie
The biggest winner in today’s new Cabinet line-up from Prime Minister John Key is Simon Bridges, who moves from 18th to ninth in the rankings and picks up the politically important transport portfolio from Gerry Brownlee. Read more »

The flyover: whose side is the council on?

Wellington city councillors don’t seem to have had any involvement with the council’s decision that it will participate in the High Court appeal against the rejection of the Basin Reserve flyover. Read more »

City Council to speak at flyover appeal; wants clarity about District Plan

News from WCC
Wellington City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery has submitted notice to the High Court that the Council wishes to be heard in relation to one aspect of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal on its Basin Bridge proposal. Read more »

Such a short tunnel

tunnel walkthru
Twitter photo by Sean Gillespie

by Lindsay Shelton
One thought was obvious as we walked through the new tunnel under Buckle Street this morning. It’s so short. If only it had been extended under Taranaki Street. And under Cuba Street. And under Victoria Street. And under Willis Street. Read more »

Translating the Transport Agency

We’ve all looked at some of the Transport Agency’s pronouncements over recent years and wondered what they really meant. Fear not, we’re here to save the day by translating their latest statement on the Basin Reserve flyover appeal – from High Bureaucratese into Plain English:
Read more »

Flyover appeal – progress and certainty, or confusion and more delays?

by Lindsay Shelton
The Transport Agency, embarrassed by the rejection of its flyover alongside the Basin Reserve, says it’s appealing because the decision could “constrain progress.” Yet for most clear-sighted Wellingtonians a 300-metre-long concrete structure above Kent and Cambridge Terraces would in no way be seen as progress. Quite the contrary. Read more »

Transport Agency appealing against flyover rejection; wants “certainty”

The NZ Transport Agency today announced its decision to appeal against the rejection of its controversial plan to build a 300-metre concrete flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

Wellington mayor wants “fresh approach” for Basin transport planning

Press Release – Wellington City Council
Wellington City Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is urging transport officials to take a fresh approach to transport solutions in the Capital. Read more »

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