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The need for long-term vision

by Keith Flinders
Had NZTA been running things in the 1920s, then the Mt. Victoria tunnel would have been designed to be one lane only, with traffic light control each end I expect. Those running and governing the WCC in the early 1900s displayed a vision which lasted well beyond their terms at the helm. Read more »

Light rail – on the wrong track?

by Brent Efford
Whether 2019 brings any real progress towards light rail and the essential ultimate achievement of a complete rail transit spine serving all of greater Wellington remains very much up in the air, with signs that the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project may be headed down the wrong rail transit track. Read more »

Bus issues: timeliness, capacity, transfers … and route changes

by Daran Ponter
To say that 2018 was a difficult year for Wellington public transport would be an understatement. The new bus network did not roll out smoothly, with frustrating issues for all concerned: timeliness, capacity issues, transferring etc. Read more »

The Basin: a better venue than a new arena


by Glen Smith
In November the region’s mayors gave in-principle support for a new $200million 12,000 seat indoor arena to be built on Kings Wharf, the justification being that the lack of such a venue causes performers such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift to bypass our city. But there is a better, less costly alternative. Read more »

Moa Pointers, the runway extension, the Environment Court


by Sea Rotmann
A few years ago, I wrote about what it means to be a Moa Pointer. As much as I waxed lyrically about the “best sunset spot in town” and our amazing, if often endangered natural taonga, I have to highlight my prescience when writing these words: “Not going through the fast-tracked board of inquiry process is an admission that they know they would fail. Going through the more protracted Environment Court hearings has nothing to do with a ‘more open and transparent process’ and everything with buying themselves time and bleeding the opponents dry due to the high costs associated with fighting a project like this through the Court. It also means many more years of this existential threat hanging over our heads, which is stressful in many ways – emotionally, financially and physically.” Read more »

Berhampore, we have a problem


by Regan Dooley
The Berhampore shops on Adelaide Road might be the trickiest part to get right in the entire Newtown Connections consultation. Read more »

The evidence against more motorways

by Russell Tregonning
John Milford of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce wants to ‘fix congestion choke points’ in Wellington’s urban roading system. He says this will be ‘vital to our economy’. But there’s no evidence that his solution — more motorways — will achieve either aim. Read more »

What must be changed, to fix the problems with Karori’s buses

by Mike Flinn
Last week I attended the meeting in Karori where local residents and residents from adjacent suburbs told Regional Council representatives what they thought of the new bus services. All services to Karori were criticised, including the peak-hour ones along Karori Road with full buses and extended waiting times. Read more »

More than just a bad joke: the bustastrophe and the government

Local MP (and ex-councillor) Paul Eagle has raised the prospect that central government will have to step in to the Wellington Regional Council’s self-made bus-tastrophe. It appears even the Beehive is running out of patience with GWRC’s inability to make the network function effectively. Read more »

25% increase: Govt announces “record transport investment” for Wellington

News from NZ Government
Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced today a record $1.9 billion investment in Wellington will deliver a safer, better connected and more resilient transport system over the next three years. Read more »

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