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She won’t spray and walk away

by Lindsay Shelton
On the same day that Barbara Donaldson announced she will be standing again for the Regional Council, an on-line survey showed 91 per cent dissatisfaction with the new bus system for which she’s responsible as chair of the council’s transport committee. Read more »

Compelling, but costly

At the heart of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving debate is the question about what is the best mass transit solution for Wellington’s southern reaches: is it a slam-dunk for light rail as its advocates claim, or would some other technology (Bendy buses? Trackless trams? Flying cars? Individual hover-boards?) be a better bet? Read more »

Sham trams, wishful thinking and the Zhuzhou experiment

by Brent Efford
Last month’s forum on ‘trackless trams’ was clearly no friend of rail, light or heavy. Read more »

Avoiding a flyover at the Basin

by Tim Jones
For a long time, since the final defeat of the Basin Reserve flyover proposal in 2015, all we’ve had to go on are private assurances that whatever plans eventually emerged would not include a new Basin Reserve flyover. But it’s taken until the past few weeks, with the release of a slew of Let’s Get Wellington Moving reports and technical documents, to get some idea of what those plans entail. Read more »

Getting to zero on transport

It’s apparent from the Wellington City Council’s Te Atakura – First to Zero strategy that we need to make large-scale cuts to our carbon emissions from transport. It’s equally apparent from the same document that the current plan isn’t going to get us there. Read more »

Blaming everyone else

by Lindsay Shelton
We learnt last week that the Regional Council is blaming everyone except itself for the continuing problems with Wellington buses. Read more »

Why we should do what Auckland has done

by Guy Marriage
If we continue to leave the Regional Council (a bunch of out-of-their-depth councillors with no training in transport solutions) involved in organising a valid transport solution for Wellington, they will never achieve a decent end result – or even start along that path. Read more »

Moving slowly


by Lindsay Shelton
Let’s Get Wellington Moving, now in its fourth year, is continuing to move … slowly. It has reached agreement on a “vision:” the need to move more people through the city with fewer private motor vehicles, and the need to spend money on better public transport, walking and cycling. But there are few specifics. Read more »

Having it both ways with trackless trams

Did you see that Justin Lester wants trackless trams rather than light rail? Read more »

Cheap and nasty, or nice and safe?


by Ian Apperley
Let’s Get Wellington (not) Moving has mooted a pedestrian traffic light system right across Cobham Drive, one of the busiest arteries in the city, an increasingly congested road that is critical because it allows access to and from the airport. Read more »

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