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Is the council abandoning Takapu Valley?

takapu valley

Will the Wellington City Council defend the people of the Takapu Valley against the Transport Agency’s sudden threat to bulldoze a highway through their rural community? You’d expect the council (and the mayor) would want to defend such an area. But there’s no sign that the council is willing to take a stand. Read more »

Takapu Valley vs Transport Agency

Takapu-Valley panorama

The Transport Agency is under attack from several local communities. But the Agency does not have a record of being willing to listen to community concerns. Read more »

Flyover inquiry – more speed, less haste

Faced with a proposal from the Transport Agency for “reasonable limits on cross-examination” at the Basin flyover inquiry, a lawyer representing flyover opponents has written a letter detailing what he sees as failures by the agency and issues of credibility which need to be explored. He has also described a “snowstorm of electronic paper” without a guide to the relevant contents. Read more »

The high social cost of Autopia

by Jaqs Clarke
Autopia was first coined in the 60s to describe Los Angeles and the urban phenomena of building a city around private automobiles. While Autopia is most clearly evident in the Auckland landscape, its tentacular reach has spread down the North Island, to the Kapiti Coast and – perhaps – to the Basin Reserve. Read more »

At last, the locals talk about the flyover

If the Basin Flyover inquiry has seemed till now to be hearing a disproportionate amount of concern about the welfare of cricketers, things have changed at last with local people starting to give evidence about their concerns. Read more »

Destroying a valley with a four-lane expressway

Takapu-Valley panorama
Photo from Transport Blog

The Auckland-based Transport Blog has raised serious concerns about the surprising and unwelcome plan to build a four-lane expressway through the Takapu Valley. Read more »

First concrete poured for roof of tunnel under War Memorial Park

News from NZ Government
The Buckle Street tunnel project took a major step forward today with the pouring of the first of the concrete roof sections for the underpass. Read more »

NZ’s most dangerous intersections – but we’re on the list only 4 times

Wellington has missed out on being named in a top ten list. As it’s a list of New Zealand’s most dangerous intersections, we should be pleased. But when you expand the list to 100, it’s a different story. Read more »

Transport Agency spending $7m on landscaping for new expressway

News from NZTA
Planting work on the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway will create up to 60 local jobs and will use over one million indigenous plants from locally sourced seeds. Read more »

Traffic improvements = more traffic lanes

For those of us who aren’t paying attention to what’s happening on the inner city bypass, one of Wellington’s leading bloggers has done some pertinent observing for us. Read more »

“Impossible time frames;” why flyover hearing needed three extra months

Correspondence released today by the Basin Flyover Board of Inquiry shows how Environment Minister Amy Adams was persuaded to add three months to the length of the controversial hearing. Read more »

Flyover inquiry gets more time, and Amy Adams disappoints herself

Amy Adams is disappointed. What’s led to her disappointment? It’s her decision as Environment Minister to give three months more time to the Board of Inquiry that’s trying to decide whether or not to allow the Transport Agency to build a flyover alongside the Basin flyover. Read more »

Basin flyover inquiry gets three extra months to make its decision

News from NZ Government
The Board of Inquiry appointed to decide on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s proposal to build a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve has been given a three-month extension to issue its final report and decision. Read more »

Delay to Basin flyover inquiry “good news, inevitable,” say Labour MPs

News from NZ Labour Party
The delay in the Board of Inquiry process for the Basin Reserve flyover is good news for Wellingtonians as it increases the prospect of a better transport solution in this historic part of the city, Wellington Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Annette King say. Read more »

Cycleways and car parking – Newtown residents discuss cycle lanes

News from Cycle Aware
The Newtown Residents’ Association met tonight to discuss options for a new cycling lanes from Island Bay to the CBD. Read more »

Threatening and bullying – twice

by Lindsay Shelton
The threats from the Transport Agency to the Wellington City Council were raised again last week at the board of inquiry on the Basin flyover proposal. Read more »

Rivalling War and Peace – epic flyover inquiry starts its second month

by Tim Jones
The Basin “Bridge” Board of Inquiry hearing is turning into an epic to rival War and Peace, but with slightly fewer cannons. The hearing began on Monday 3 February and shows no sign of abating any time soon: it’s been a while since a full timetable was issued, but at this stage, the hearing looks likely to run into mid-April. Read more »

Seven reasons not to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve

by Tim Jones
Seven reasons why there shouldn’t be a flyover alongside the Basin Reserve. Read more »

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