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Decongesting traffic – without more roads


by Michael C Barnett
In a recent article, I challenged Wellington’s road and transport planners to expand their thinking and to ease congestion in the city by making a paradigm shift away from more road construction. I suggested that proposals to expand the road corridor between the Terrace Tunnel and Cobham Drive should be abandoned, the Vivian Street off ramp should be closed, and southbound through traffic should be redirected along Karo Drive to the Basin Reserve. How will this work and what would be the benefits? Read more »

Challenging the road planners

by Michael C Barnett
The Regional Council, the City Council and the Transport Agency are currently engaged in their “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” initiative on how to resolve traffic and transport issues in the city. Read more »

Revealed: five new transport objectives, and how you can be involved

by Tim Jones
The long-running “Let’s Get Welly Moving” process that was set up after NZTA failed to get approval for its proposed Basin Reserve flyover is beginning to produce some results – and that means that supporters of sustainable transport options need to get involved to ensure a good outcome. Read more »

Bi-partisan approach needed to fix transport problems

by Ian Apperley
It’s 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and traffic from the airport to the motorway is back to back. As I drive in the other direction, I am astounded by the queues, sadly now commonplace. Read more »

Looking for solutions: Wellington’s six top transport challenges

Transport is the perennial contentious issue in the capital. From court cases about the Basin Reserve to arguments over the Island Bay cycleway, barely a mayoral term goes by without some part of the community up in arms about transport issues. This time around, new councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman has the transport portfolio, and has inherited a whole collection of long-running challenges. Read more »

Priorities for new councillors

by Lindsay Shelton
What’ll be on the priority list for Wellington’s new city councillors next week? Here are some issues that should be demanding their immediate attention. Read more »

A friendly forum, with applause, laughter, and some flyover vagueness

Photo: Liana Pantaleo

by Lindsay Shelton
It was hard to get a direct answer about the flyover from some of the candidates at our Wellington.Scoop mayoral forum last night. But there was a standing-room-only audience (more than 300 people) at PreFab, and friendly responses from all of the eight wannabes. Read more »

What to ask about the Basin

by Tim Jones
It’s local body election time, and the candidates are subjecting themselves to a punishing schedule of meetings. The mayoral election field appears to be wide open. Read more »

What makes a good councillor?

by Troy Mihaka
What makes a good city councillor? What qualities should we seek in our public officials and how do we decide for whom to vote, so we can be sure hat Wellington is in safe hands. Before we all forget about the City Council until the next election. Read more »

Election scorecard: week 3

Wellington’s mayoral campaign moved up another notch last week, with a fifth councillor throwing his hat into the ring, allegations of Labour Party dirty politics, and a large helping of schadenfreude from a disaffected and departing council employee. It’s proving to be the most interesting campaign in recent memory. Read more »

10,000 voices saying what we want … and what we don’t want

by Lindsay Shelton
Can 10,000 people really influence the planning of Wellington’s roads and public transport? Let’s hope that they can, as the “letsgetwellymoving” process is certainly a better one than the seven years when the Transport Agency tried unsuccessfully to dictate what it wanted, ignoring the public and threatening the city council. Read more »

Minimising traffic in CBD, making public transport more reliable

News from LetsGetWellyMoving
From the insights we’ve gained so far from all the surveys and feedback, 12 draft guiding principles have been developed. These urban design and transport principles will be used as the basis for planning and assessing potential solutions. We’ll be seeking community feedback on preferred options early next year. Read more »

Lessons learned: new principles to guide planning of Wellington roads

News from Save the Basin
The Save the Basin Campaign has welcomed the draft principles for assessing potential Wellington transport solutions developed by the Ngauranga to Airport Governance Group. Save the Basin, which was part of the successful campaign against a proposed Basin Reserve flyover, said that the principles showed the flyover proponents appeared to have learned important lessons from the failed flyover proposal. Read more »

Rebooting Wellington’s transport

by Ian Apperley
Mayoral candidates are promising everything from second tunnels to a billion dollars in new roads, flyovers, more cycle lanes, cheaper public transport and an end to congestion. All well and good, but not achievable and old thinking. Read more »

Who will prevail in the mayoral race? Part four: summing up the field

Our run through the mayoral field has revealed some real contenders, some wannabes and some rank outsiders. For this week’s edition we thought a bit of summing up would be in order, so readers can start putting pen to paper and ranking candidates as soon as those ballots arrive. Let’s get to the thumbnail sketches of everyone vying for the mayoral chains. Read more »

Transport Agency researching transport growth between Otaki and Levin

News from NZTA
Recent growth projections and transport trends for the Horowhenua region have prompted the NZ Transport Agency to undertake more investigations into the Otaki to north of Levin project and its planned transport improvements, before consulting with the community in early 2017. Read more »

Bill English and his Basin Reserve confusion

by Tim Jones
It’s a tough life being Minister of Transport Simon Bridges. He had ambitious plans to promote electric cars that were shot down by his senior Cabinet colleagues, leading to a lengthy hiatus. Now one of those senior Ministers, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, has launched an extraordinary attack on the consultative decision-making process that was set up with the support of Minister Bridges in the wake of the Transport Agency’s failed Basin Reserve flyover plans. Read more »

CofC agrees Wellington isn’t progressive about transport solutions

Press Release – Wellington Chamber Of Commerce
Finance Minister Bill English is on the money when he criticises Wellington’s lack of a progressive attitude towards transport solutions, says Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive John Milford. Read more »

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