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Traffic vs pedestrians – the problem isn’t solved

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s regrettable that last week’s LGWM announcement does nothing to fix the problem of State Highway 1 traffic running through the entire length of Vivian Street.
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“Not clear when or if the LGWM plan will get us moving”

News from Infrastructure NZ
“Agreement on a 20 year long term transport plan for Wellington to create a liveable, walkable CBD connected by rapid transit looks promising, but needs to be further developed and accelerated ,” says Stephen Selwood, CEO of Infrastructure New Zealand. Read more »

Peak-hour motorway gridlock not solved by LGWM plan

Report from RNZ
LGWM’s $6.4 billion plan to overhaul Wellington’s transport network will fail to fix the gridlock for commuters coming in and out of the city, regional leaders say. Read more »

Uncertainties and contradictions among LGWM’s good intentions


by Lindsay Shelton
It’s expensive. It’s full of good intentions for fewer cars and happier and healthier walking and cycling and better buses (somehow.). But parts of today’s LGWM announcement are vague and sometimes contradictory. For example it talks about creating a dedicated mass transit route from the station to the airport. But there’s no decision on what the mass transit would be. Read more »

LGWM image shows a flyover at Basin Reserve

Press Release – Save the Basin Campaign
Save the Basin Campaign spokesperson Tim Jones today congratulated the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project partners on the positive aspects of today’s Wellington transport announcement, but said that many questions remained about the detailed plans for the Basin Reserve and the Basin Reserve precinct. Read more »

More houses, not more roads

by James Fraser
Wellington has a housing crisis. House prices and rents have both gone up steeply. The Government is determined to provide new, affordable housing – but one Government agency is working against this. Read more »

Analysis of inner-city bypass shows cost escalations and lower benefits

A paper presented to this week’s transport conference in Wellington states that Wellington’s inner city bypass had “fewer than expected beneficiaries and lower than expected benefits.” And while safety benefits were expected from the bypass, the result was the reverse – “disbenefits, involving crashes between pedestrians and vehicles.” Read more »

Election 2019: the show begins

Photo: Lynn Grievson

by Isabella Cawthorn
It’s that time again (yes, pretty quick). Candidates for local body elections are starting to emit policy information to appeal to you, The Voter. Councillors Diane Calvert and Simon Woolf have run their colours up the mast for us all to consider. Read more »

The need for long-term vision

by Keith Flinders
Had NZTA been running things in the 1920s, then the Mt. Victoria tunnel would have been designed to be one lane only, with traffic light control each end I expect. Those running and governing the WCC in the early 1900s displayed a vision which lasted well beyond their terms at the helm. Read more »

Light rail – on the wrong track?

by Brent Efford
Whether 2019 brings any real progress towards light rail and the essential ultimate achievement of a complete rail transit spine serving all of greater Wellington remains very much up in the air, with signs that the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project may be headed down the wrong rail transit track. Read more »

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