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Complaints and cancellations

Above: Five minutes of tweeted news about Wellington’s bus service on Tuesday

Nine months after Wellington’s new bus system was introduced, things seem to be worse than ever. Here’s what a city councillor reported this morning: Read more »

Changing the name of VUW – the opposition continues

by Hugh Rennie QC
It seems almost trivial to write on this matter in a week with so much greater issues to confront, but one, possibly two, events next week need your attention. Read more »

Light rail – our only hope

by Leviathan
There is one good side to this bus debacle – don’t jump down my throat just yet, hear me out. Read more »

A bad week for our “greater” council

by Lindsay Shelton
It’s been a bad week for the Regional Council. (The one that refers to itself as “Greater Wellington.”) It had to deal with scores of unplanned bus cancellations, and there was derision at its request to be told what’s wrong with its bus services. Then came its announcement that it was increasing the rates by 6.5 per cent, which was quickly followed by the discovery of something it had chosen not to mention: for Wellington city the increase was to be much more than that.
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Fixing the Library, and controlling the rates


by Lindsay Shelton
Wellington city councillors last week had a chance to reconsider their never-ending enthusiasm for approving annual rates increases. They debated the idea of saving a bit of money. And then voted not to save it. This week they’re facing the same issue in a more serious form – with yesterday’s sudden closure of the Central Library, they’ll need to set new priorities for spending, but they’ll have to realise that they can’t keep asking ratepayers to give them more money.
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Wellington’s Central Library closed indefinitely – earthquake risk


Wellington’s Central Library was shut tonight indefinitely, after the city council yesterday received engineering advice about significant vulnerabilities in an earthquake. There’s no date for it to reopen. The carpark underneath the library has also closed. Read more »

Exhausted, frustrated – 5 years seeking help against discrimination

Anjum Rahman, spokesperson for the Islamic Women’s Council of NZ

By Anjum Rahman
How does a heart break? Does it shatter into a million pieces? Does it split into two aching, throbbing halves? Does it break with a low keening wail or an earth-shattering scream of pain? Read more »

“Not the New Zealand that any of us know” – PM

The Prime Minister in Christchurch. Photo from Christchurch City Council

by Jacinda Ardern
Many of you will know that this morning a contingent of community leaders met together at a refugee centre in Christchurch. It was an important opportunity for us to share the grief of New Zealanders directly with those who have experienced so much loss. Read more »

Where’s the “electric future” for our buses?


by Gillian Tompsett
By sanctioning the purchase of new diesel buses, the Greater Wellington Regional Council continues to undermine the government’s cornerstone strategic commitment to environmentally sustainable public transport systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »

Insuring, and paying for it

by Lindsay Shelton
It was six months ago that I discovered IAG wanted to get out of the home insurance business in Wellington. So this week’s news wasn’t a surprise. Read more »