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Andy Foster: New housing plan for unpopular football ground

by Andy Foster
This week I’ve released an innovative and researched proposal to put housing on Happy Valley Park, and use the $24 – 29 million estimated proceeds for a wide range of environmental and sporting benefits. Read more »

Norbert Hausberg: Independence, or not, in the mayoral campaign

by Norbert Hausberg
As a candidate for Mayor, trucking around the meetings with the other mayoral hopefuls is interesting in many ways. Read more »

Diane Calvert: Grieving for the Library; and planning for retail

by Diane Calvert
The closure of the central library was a shock to us all. The decision was made swiftly in the best interests of both Council’s staff and visiting public. It was a sudden and the grieving process is still underway, from disbelief, sadness, anger, acceptance through to hope. Read more »

Brian Dawson: Getting real about renting

by Brian Dawson
To some, what the city council is doing around housing may lack the sexiness of a snappy title (Let’s Get Wellington … Housed?), billions of dollars pegged to delivery or the high drama of the battle for Shelly Bay, but I am proud of the inroads that we as a council have made into housing this triennium. Read more »

A petition: abolish the Regional Council

by Curtis Nixon
If you are as sick as I am of the bustastrophe caused by the Regional Council’s mis-management, made worse by their refusal to listen to the voices of everyday commuters and travellers, then I ask you to support my petition to the Local Government Commission to abolish the council. Read more »

How to vote (2)

by Ian Apperley
OK ok ok! You can all stop shouting at me after my recent incorrect commentary on how STV works. I’ve gone away and talked with someone who has put me straight. The gentleman in question, Steve, worked with the government, including the DIA, to get NZSTV (Meek’s Method) accepted by Cabinet back in 2000. Read more »

Paying for it

by Conor Hill
There’s no point trying to pretend otherwise: Wellington has some major costs coming up in the next 10 years. Read more »

Show us the money

by Rohan Biggs
As the election season hots up, Mayoral candidates are trying to outdo each other in convincing voters they have the answers to transport, housing, earthquake prone buildings, and climate change. Read more »

How to vote

by Ian Apperley
Here’s a public service announcement about voting in the local body elections: Only vote for those you want to see on the council. Read more »

Mass transit – a decision for a citizens’ assembly

by Jenny Condie
The largest investment in Let’s Get Wellington Moving is mass transit. The highest profile decision we need to make on mass transit is: which vehicle technology will we use? Read more »