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Test result pleases police: capacity crowd at stadium was “well behaved”

News from NZ Police
There was plenty of drama on the field, with tonight’s Lions defeat of the All Blacks, but no dramas for the police as a capacity crowd watched the second test at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium.

Wellington District Operation Lions Commander Inspector Neil Banks said the crowd had been very well behaved with low levels of intoxication and no arrests.

“The crowd’s been fantastic. Together with the Hurricanes match on Tuesday, we’ve really enjoyed policing the Wellington leg of the tour.

“There’s been thousands of Lions fans in town over the past week, and they’ve created a really fun atmosphere. It’s also been great to see local fans engaging with our visitors and embracing such a special event.”

Inspector Banks said a large number of people were expected to head into the central city after the match, and Police would have a visible presence to help keep people safe.

“It’s also worth reminding Lions fans who might be celebrating their win with a few drinks that if they’re driving tomorrow, they might still be over the limit when they set off. That’s why we recommend that you wait at least 12 hours after drinking before driving.”


  1. Mary M, 2. July 2017, 7:33

    To claim a low level of intoxication, the Police would have had to test everyone – they did not. Police then talking about people over the limit even the next day drunk driving, as though it keeps people safe. I saw plenty of intoxicated people, the Police must be living in a bubble of propaganda.

  2. Michael, 2. July 2017, 11:59

    I think the Police did a great job and any criticism about intoxication should be aimed at people who elect to drink irresponsibly, and the bars that serve them when they are over the limit. In a massive crowd spread around the city, how can anyone expect the police to assess and deal with every single person.

    There were thousands of people out all over Wellington last night partying up who all knew the drink-drive law and many choose to ignore it. So why should the police be held responsible for the decisions and actions of these individuals? It would seem the days when people were expected to accept the consequences of their own actions have gone. We seem to have a society that blames police, schools, government, and anyone else, when individuals elect to break the law or act inappropriately.

  3. Mary M, 3. July 2017, 8:20

    @ Michael, the Police PR is just helping hold the “drunk driving”- alcoholism culture in place. No one was “blaming ” Police alone for perpetuating the culture. Why do we have a police force at all if you think they have no responsibilities and they are ignoring (and not administering) the drunk driving legislation? When the mind’s state and ability to act and think is compromised by spirits, is this called being “responsible”? Sounds very much like a alcohol marketing spin.