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Upper Hutt’s Youth Hackathon Weekend rescheduled

Press Release – Upper Hutt City Council
Youth Development Upper Hutt is on the lookout for participants in the upcoming Youth Hackathon Weekend, which has been rescheduled for 28 – 30 July.

Upper Hutt City Council is supporting Youth Development Upper Hutt’s second annual Youth Hackathon Weekend in late July. The Youth Hackathon Weekend is an opportunity to promote and establish youth wellbeing projects in the community using an organic and collaborative model.

Taking place from 28 – 30 July, the Hackathon Weekend will bring together a diverse range of people and skills to collaboratively work together on three new projects for youth.

Several youth wellbeing projects have been submitted and three of these will be progressed during the weekend. Youth Development Upper Hutt is now seeking participants to come along and invest their time, energy, skills, expertise, and/or experience to help these projects get off the ground. Anyone is welcome and participants do not have to be experts in any particular field.

A team of trained facilitators will be guiding the event to maintain focus and stay on track.

A recent successful youth initiative, the Spearhead Leaders Programme, was developed and launched at last year’s Youth Hackathon Weekend.

“Working with our community and young people on these projects been a great success and given our youth a sense of ownership and pride in their community,” says Council’s Community Development Team Leader and 2016 participant, Sue Colville.

Registrations are open for individuals to participate in the Youth Hackathon Weekend until 24 July.

This is a free event where everybody is welcome. It is all about participants offering the tools and experience that they have, from teaching, full-time parenting, engineering software products, or anything in between. It’s a weekend of collaboration and doing, of helping, and meeting like-minded people who are keen to improve youth wellbeing in Upper Hutt.

Participants can register online until Monday 24 July. Go to www.upperhuttcity.com or email yduh@googlegroups.com

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