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Catamaran sinks in harbour, 3 people (with lifejackets) rescued by yacht

News from NZ Police
Lifejackets have played a major role in two boating incidents on Wellington Harbour.

At 11:44am today Police received a call from occupants of a 6metre recreational catamaran saying their boat was sinking approximately 300 metres west of Somes Island.

A short time later they advised Police that their boat had sunk and they were in the sea.

All three people were wearing lifejackets.

As the Wellington Police Maritime Unit vessel Lady Elizabeth IV responded, a passing yacht spotted the trio in the water and uplifted them. They were safely returned to shore.

“Today’s incident goes to show just how quickly things can go wrong despite the calm conditions on the water today. The fact they were all wearing lifejackets has prevented what could have been a potentially tragic situation,” says Senior Launch Master Stu Main, Police Maritime Unit.

In another incident last weekend, a 6.7metre recreational boat collided with the sea breakwater wall just outside the Seaview Marina. All three people on board sustained injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. They too were all wearing lifejackets.

The boat sustained damaged but was recovered by commercial operators the following day.

Police are investigating both of these boating incidents.

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