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Gales and rain causing slips, bringing down trees and roofing iron

News from WCC
Travellers are warned to take care around Wellington as severe gales and rain continue this morning.

Wellington City Council’s Call Centre is receiving scores of calls about trees and branches down on roads, slips and other storm-related damage including roofing iron coming loose on a number of buildings. The incidents are being reported from all parts of the city.

Roads around the south coast were still open at 8am but motorists are warned to take care in case waves drive debris ashore. The situation will be reviewed during the morning.

Motorists are urged to take care due to the likelihood of more slips and trees coming down on roads during the day.

Residents in Newtown and the city’s southern suburbs – where it’s rubbish and recycling collection day – are urged to show commonsense and either not put their rubbish bags and bins out or try to locate them in relatively sheltered positions. There have been multiple reports of rubbish and recyclable materials being blown around neighbourhoods this morning.