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Ōhāriu deal same old same old, says Greg O’Connor

Media release from NZ Labour Party
“The same tired message to Ōhāriu voters to vote for Peter Dunne will produce the same result,” Labour Party Ōhāriu Candidate Greg O’Connor said today.

He was responding to Bill English’s plea to Ōhāriu voters to vote for Peter Dunne.

“I am confident the good folk of Ōhāriu will see that such an arrangement denies the opportunity for the fresh approach to Ōhāriu that I represent” Mr O’Connor said.

Mr O’Connor said he was not surprised by Mr English’s instruction, and always knew he was taking on two parties when he decided to stand.

“From speaking with people on doorsteps, workplaces and other venues including sport grounds, I am confident that people will use their votes wisely and will not be bullied or scared into this arrangement by a dictate from the Beehive.

“I will continue to focus on the big issues in Ōhāriu – the schools which are using school libraries as classrooms, housing which is rapidly becoming out of reach, and the Johnsonville town centre which desperately needs an upgrade. I will offer myself as a proven, credible and fresh alternative to an electorate full of potential.”