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National MPs don’t want fuel tax to pay for Wellington transport improvements

News from NZ National Party
National’s Wellington-based MPs and candidates are calling for Labour’s finance spokesperson Grant Robertson to rule out a regional fuel tax hike for Wellington.

“Wellingtonians are anxious to know whether they’ll be forking out 10 cents more at the pump to pay for Labour’s transport policies.

“Labour has promised regional fuel taxes to fund its pet projects in Auckland, which is alarming Wellingtonians who fear they’ll be next in line to pay more at the pump,” National’s candidate for Wellington Central Nicola Willis says.

Ms Willis is speaking on behalf of Chris Finlayson MP, Chris Bishop MP, and Brett Hudson MP.

“We’re calling on Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson to rule out a regional fuel tax hike for Wellington,” Ms Willis says.

“Wellingtonians are right to fear Labour uncosted transport policies because it’s hardworking families who will end up out of pocket.

“Regional taxes impose significant compliance costs to businesses and road users, and would result in much higher fuel prices for motorists in Wellington. Taking kids to their soccer game or getting to work in the morning will cost more, if Labour gets its way.

“National is committed to sorting out Wellington’s transport problems, without sneaky price hikes at the pump. The “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” project is working through proposals for improvements to our transport network. These plans will need investment and a National Government will fund it. National’s careful fiscal management means no new taxes will be needed.

“Wellingtonians don’t deserve to be hit by another tax. Robertson must rule this out.”


  1. David.Bond, 8. August 2017, 19:40

    Why do much-needed public transport developments have to struggle to squeeze funding from rates and proposed fuel taxes, while Roads of National Significance get showered with funding borrowed from future generations? Can those who would object to a 10c/L fuel tax to help fund public transport please complain about this instead.

  2. andy foster, 8. August 2017, 22:47

    They seem to have forgotten that National has already imposed 3 successive three cents a litre plus GST increases over three years which we are paying now = 10.35 cents a litre.

  3. syrahnose, 9. August 2017, 3:48

    A bigger question is why do Wellingtonians pay 10-15 cents more for litre than anyone north of Otaki? Law of supply and demand should have Wellingtonians paying much less.

  4. Neil Douglas, 9. August 2017, 10:44

    Simple: Just take 20 cents a litre or some other C/L amount from the NZTA fund and allocate straight to Wellington and other regions. Could be on a per capita basis. Let Wellingtonians spend the money as they see fit without NZTA interference.

    The question is whether our regional councillors (and city councillors for that matter) are up to the job as there is a good chance the money would just be wasted given recent decision making processes.

  5. Tommy, 9. August 2017, 11:47

    Already one of the highest prices globally for gas, we pay over and over for the govt’s erroneous roading frenzy, private borrowing, and over capitalization. How about Bill English pays for the road frenzy (mistakes)?

  6. Michael, 9. August 2017, 16:16

    @ syrahnose: Perhaps Wellingtonians pay 10-15 cents more for litre than anyone north of Otaki to help fund Auckland’s transport problems?
    We certainly don’t seem to benefit from it, especially now we are going to be saddled with Auckland’s cast off diesel buses.

  7. Luke, 9. August 2017, 21:18

    We are getting $2 billion of motorways at the taxpayers’ expense. Probably more than our entitlement. Whether it’s a good thing or not is a different discussion.