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Who would you vote for? Snap poll shows O’Connor ahead of Dunne in Ohariu electorate

News from TVNZ
A Q+A Colmar Brunton snap poll released today shows Labour’s candidate is leading in the Ohariu electorate.

Between 5 and 9 August, a total of 501 eligible voters in the Ōhāriu electorate were asked:

“Thinking about your electorate vote, for your local MP in the Ōhāriu electorate, who would you vote for with your electorate vote?”

The result:

Labour candidate Greg O’Connor 48%

United Future candidate Peter Dunne 34%

National candidate Brett Hudson 14%

The Opportunities Party candidate Jessica Hammond Doube 2%

ACT candidate Andie Moore 1%

Complete results of the poll are here.

National’s campaign manager Steven Joyce told Q&A’s Corin Dann that National would continue to ask supporters to vote for Mr Dunne even though the party is standing its own candidate, Brett Hudson, in the Ohariu electorate.

“We’ve got a job to do to encourage people to support Peter, primarily because he helps bring strong stability to the government,” he said.

Former National Party President Michelle Boag told Jack Tame on the Q+A panel that the poll spelled trouble for the party.

“If the National Party doesn’t have Peter Dunne, they really really need ACT,” Ms Boag said.


  1. john, 15. August 2017, 0:10

    United Future is more than Peter Dunne. In Auckland a big campaign is on the way. Yes there might be an uphill struggle but they will be back in Parliament that is foe sure.

  2. Paul, 15. August 2017, 11:17

    Sorry, but United Future has never been more than Peter Dunne. Without his seat they are toast