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Design problems cause delays for replacing seawall at Paekakariki

News from Kapiti Coast District Council
The Kāpiti Coast District Council’s plans to start building the replacement seawall along The Parade in Paekākāriki this financial year have been delayed.

The seawall has been in place for 38 years and has reached the end of its life. The Council made $10.9million available in its Long term plan 2015-35 to fund the renewal of the seawall.

Infrastructure Services Group Manger Sean Mallon says the project has been delayed in response to an external peer review of the original proposed option, which involved using a form of PVC sheet piles.

“The peer review has highlighted some issues with the PVC option that can be designed around but the Council has decided that this is not something it wants to take any further.

“The PVC piles allow for some flexibility when under surcharge. Aesthetically this would appear like a bulge in the wall and this was deemed unacceptable, so we are now looking at alternative material options like concrete, timber, and rock,” said Mr Mallon.

Work was scheduled to commence this financial year with an expected project completion date of June 2019.

“The delay in starting work may impact our maintenance budget as we will need to maintain the existing seawall. However, it is important that we take the time to get this right.”

Revised plans and costs for the renewal of the seawall are expected to be presented to the Council later this year.


  1. Donald James, 19. August 2017, 3:21

    Only one of several KCDC seawall and revetment projects getting delayed.
    Some of their repairs actually make the situation worse further along our coast.
    Case in point, the revetments along Marine Parade in Paraparaumu…built under false pretenses (no risk to infrastructure) only to create scouring on Raumati Beach. Truth be known, GWRC had issued a stop work order due to consent issues, but the work went on as it was deemed too expensive to send the equipment back to the depot.
    So, now we have non-native sands trucked in from a quarry miles away as a scouring remedy, only to watch it wash or blow away within a matter of a few weeks.
    Then we have a Mayor who will fall back on Climate Change as the reason for all this coastal work. Get ready when they suggest a slow planned retreat from the coast properties. Mismanaged….and don’t even get me started on their preferred vendor.

  2. Laurie Petherick, 19. August 2017, 17:58

    Building hard surface vertical sea walls is the last thing any coastal expert in the world will agree with, but KCDC never listens to such experts.
    The Marine Parade Revetment, installed contrary to the Resource Consent documentation and approved reluctantly by GWRC, has caused dramatic erosion to the adjacent properties due to “end effect” and has resulted in a vertical temporary concrete block wall being installed by KCDC which has failed in 12 months. KCDC are currently proposing to reinstall the concrete block wall for a 7 year “temporary” period to (in their words) “protect the council sewer line that runs within the private properties!
    This is a false reason as KCDC are required to mitigate the end effect erosion that the Marine Parade revetment has caused.
    Even more damming is that KCDC are proposing to obtain Resource Consent without any formal public notification and without the affected adjacent owners having any objection rights. It looks like GWRC are sadly supporting KCDC in this illegal approach to the Resource Consent process.
    In the meantime the whole Raumati coastline is going to suffer from this existing and proposed work.