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Labour’s Ohariu candidate will “work even harder” to become MP

News from Labour Party
“I want to acknowledge Peter Dunne’s hard work and his service to the electorate over the last 33 years,” said Labour Ōhāriu candidate Greg O’Connor, following the announcement that long-serving Ōhāriu MP Peter Dunne will retire.

“While I believe it’s time for a change in Ōhāriu, and conversations with voters have told me this is the mood across the electorate, this is still a sudden end to a long political career.

“I’ve learned a great deal from watching Peter over the last six months of campaigning about what it means to be an effective local MP,” said Mr O’Connor.

“He has dedicated half his life to this electorate and it shows everywhere I go. There are many things about his tenure that I would strive to emulate as an electorate MP, and I have tried to make my respect for him clear throughout this campaign.”

“And make no mistake,” Mr O’Connor added, “this is no champagne-popping moment. The game has changed and I will work even harder to convince the voters of Ōhāriu that I will be a worthy and effective MP.”