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Tane Woodley, chosen as Green candidate for Ohariu, will be running hard

News from Green Party
The Green Party has selected Tane Woodley to stand as the Party’s list candidate in the election race for the Party vote in Ohariu.

“We are committed to changing the government, and as Peter Dunne has now retired from politics, our experienced candidate, Tane Woodley, will be on the Ohariu ballot paper vigorously campaigning for Party Vote Green,” says Green Party co-convenor Debs Martin.

“Across the country we are making choices to maximise the likelihood of the change in government that New Zealanders are calling for. Our decision won’t have any material effect on the campaign that Labour is running”.

Debs Martin added that the Party was extremely fortunate to have a candidate of the calibre of Tane Woodley, a former army officer with a Master in International Relations.

Tane Woodley, who has ancestry from Tuhoe and the West Coast, says he will be “running hard in the democratic competition for the Party vote in Ohariu”.

“I have stood in the electorate before, am a resident of Johnsonville within the electorate and am fully across all of the local issues.

“The difference now is that I will have more opportunities to highlight the unique values that a Green Party has to offer more directly to Ohariu voters.

“For 25 years the Green Party has been focused on practical solutions to the country’s most important issues. We have always led from the front and set the political agenda, giving a voice to the environment and to those who are struggling.

“As the Party that has been leading on policy for cleaning up our rivers, ending poverty and building a strong green economy, we will be putting the green heart into a progressive government”.


  1. Peter Dunne, 23. August 2017, 21:58

    Tane Woodley was a good NZGreens candidate in Ohariu in 2014, and has the local experience to do well again in 2017. [via twitter]

  2. Michael Gibson, 24. August 2017, 13:13

    Good to see Peter Dunne still exercising the wisdom and commonsense which has served us so well for over thirty years. I cannot remember Tane Woodley from 2014 but, after Peter’s write-up, he should be moved to an electable place on the Greens List (if there is such a thing).
    Number 27 is not good enough!!