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Labour promises roading upgrades, and completion of harbour cycleway

News from NZ Labour Party
Labour will prioritise work on upgrading SH58 between State Highway 2 and Transmission Gully and the Cross Valley Link between Wainuiomata Road and State Highway 2.

This week’s transport policy announcement from Labour transport spokesperson Michael Wood includes improvements to Wellington rail, roading, walking, cycling, and public transport.

Timing of the work is dependent on National Land Transport Fund availability, says Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson.

Labour will also upgrade railway stations on the network, ensuring that they are connected to shopping and community facilities. Waterloo station will be one of the first stations to be upgraded.

Labour will invest $22m to double-track the railway line from Trentham to Upper Hutt.

Labour’s commitment to improve road connections in the Hutt Valley area recognises the importance of the transport network to business growth and economic development.

Following construction of Transmission Gully and prioritisation of the Petone-to-Grenada Link Road, significant further investment in the Hutt Valley’s roading network is seen as crucial.

‘Transmission Gully makes the SH58 upgrade essential,’ says Labour MP for Rimutaka Chris Hipkins. ‘Most traffic coming off the new SH1 and heading for the Hutt Valley will come over SH58. The current road simply isn’t able to cope with the increased volume.’

When it comes to the need for roading improvements, Labour candidate for Hutt South Ginny Andersen strongly agrees.

‘Along with the Petone-to-Grenada link, we’ll need the Cross Valley Link to take pressure off The Esplanade, get the trucks off Jackson Street, and open up the potential for our local businesses. The whole waterfront area has so much potential but it’s hard for that to be realised when the roads are jammed up with traffic.’

Labour’s transport announcement includes working with Councils to prioritise walking and cycling, including the construction of the Great Harbour Way from Petone to Wellington by 2020.

‘If we are serious about reducing the number of cars on our roads we need to improve public transport and make the Hutt safe and accessible for cyclists and pedestrians,’ says Andersen.


  1. SaveTheBasin, 25. August 2017, 14:22

    NZFirst + the Greens have committed to light rail for Wellington. So NZLabour you need to commit to more than this. [via twitter]

  2. Stop Trexit, 25. August 2017, 19:48

    Disappointing to see no money/ambition on stopping TREXIT. Keeping Wellington’s trolley buses is a must for health and climate. Looks like caring Wellingtonians will have to vote NZ First or Green and get either party to support National or Labour on condition of trolley bus retention.

  3. syrahnose, 27. August 2017, 0:18

    Smart policy that recognizes the future will increasingly have autonomous electric trucks and taxis and individual cars replacing what’s on the road now. Add to that increasingly more efficient hybrids.

    Now if only someone could figure out how to make all those sheep and cows — that create the largest share of NZ’s green house gas problem — run more efficiently.

    Greens are hypocritical in ignoring the real problem for fear of slaughtering the cash cow that pays for all they want to spend.

  4. Andy Mellon, 27. August 2017, 19:22

    Bloody CVL. What snakeoil salesman has been pushing this road? It’s always had an abysmal cost-benefit ratio, and the whole principle of it makes no logical sense. You’re shifting traffic further away from the main destination and not increasing capacity on SH2 at all. It’ll just shift the congestion rather than improve it.

    Seriously getting fed up with not only 60s-style infrastructure planning, but also poorly thought through planning. The main parties are just awful at this stuff. Labour and Virginia Anderson have lost my vote over this.

    I mean ‘If we are serious about reducing the number of cars on our roads we need to improve public transport and make the Hutt safe and accessible for cyclists and pedestrians,’ says Andersen.

    To which her response is to build more roads. Maybe the Save the Basin group would be willing to offer their expertise to those in Hutt South who don’t want this road to proceed?

  5. Luke, 28. August 2017, 18:55

    Finish the Ngauranga to Petone cycleway, open a rail-served freight facility at Gracefield to take trucks off the Esplanade and SH2, build a station on Pharazyn st linked to the Lower Hutt CBD.