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World premiere of documentary about cannabis as a medicine

Press Release – Spindle Fibre Films
An educational documentary about cannabis as a medicine for New Zealanders is to be premiered in Wellington.

Spindle Fibre Films in association with Victoria Catherwood, today releases an educational documentary encouraging informed conversation between doctors and patients around the use of cannabis as a medicine in New Zealand. The premiere to be held at Wellington Hospital, Small Lecture Theatre ~ Level D. 19:0020:00.

An exclusive look inside New Zealand’s medical profession identified medicinal cannabis is used by 1 in 20 Kiwis over the age of 15. Approx 175,000 New Zealanders suffering from chronic diseases are having uninformed conversations about treatment options with their doctors.

This unique documentary narrated by Victoria features interviews with a terminally ill cancer patient and her choice of pain relieving medication, Dr Anthony Falkov (M.D), who was the late Helen Kelly’s cancer doctor, about how doctors can have safe but informed conversations with patients to reduce harms and increase health outcomes. Dr Michelle Glass (PhD), a cannabinoid researcher, who let them peek into her worldclass research laboratory. They also got the lowdown from Nelson Lawyer Sue Grey about the legal ramifications for both doctors and patients surrounding cannabis law in NZ.

Victoria Catherwood a fifth year medical student at the University of Otago, a researcher and cofounder of the University of Otago Integrative Medicine Otago Group, says it is her aim to reduce harm by equipping doctors and the medical community about the relevance of evidence-based medicine so they can have the appropriate medicinal cannabis conversations with patients.

“The patients most at risk are those without the means to access legal cannabinoid medicine. This documentary is for them, and the doctors who treat them.”

Spindle Fibre Films Managing Director Veronica Stevenson adds it is her aim to use film to increase the understanding and uptake of science and technology.

“Tori was in such a unique position to tell this story, with a background in biochemistry, training to be a doctor and motivated by her mother’s illness there was no way I could turn this story away.”

Tickets available by koha on www.eventbrite.co.nz : goo.gl/nLDBru

Teaser available for embed https://vimeo.com/230712455

To host a screening in your city fill in the form goo.gl/LsMzBg


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