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Trevor Mallard’s teeth get mention at election meeting in Wainuiomata

News from NZ Labour Party
Labour is proud to support a better quality of life for seniors in Wainuiomata. Few, however, would have expected Labour MP for Hutt South Trevor Mallard’s teeth to make a guest appearance.

Over 70 people attended a community event in Wainuiomata last week hosted by Ginny Andersen, Labour candidate for Hutt South and attended by Annette King, Labour MP for Rongotai and Spokesperson for State Services.

The event was opened and closed with a blessing from Francis McGregor. ‘I’ve had a vision that Labour will win the election,’ McGregor told the meeting.

The group of mostly elderly people listened keenly to Labour’s policies for improved mental health services and subsidised dental care.

‘Annette has done a fantastic job leading the debate on health and social services in this country,’ says Labour Candidate for Hutt South Ginny Andersen. ‘It’s great that we have someone of her calibre to work with us in these last few weeks before the election.’

Annette King entertained the group with stories of her political life. The story of Trevor Mallard losing his teeth during a particularly robust debate in the House prompted a few chuckles.

‘During the debate Trevor’s dental plate shot out of his mouth and landed on a senior minister’s shoulder. Trevor whipped it up and popped it back in while he was still talking.’