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Government funding “Housing First” assistance for 150 homeless in Wellington

News from NZ Government
The Government today announced that up to 150 “Housing First” places will be funded in Wellington to support the chronically homeless.

Government support to bring the Housing First programme to Wellington will make a real difference for the homeless, says National’s Wellington Central candidate Nicola Willis.

“No Wellingtonian wants people to be sleeping rough. And we know that tackling homelessness is about more than just putting a roof over someone’s head,” Ms Willis says.

“We need to ensure homeless people receive the wrap-around care to support them maintain a tenancy, whether that be help with addiction, mental health issues or returning to the community after time in prison.

“I’m 100% behind the “Housing First” approach which puts someone in a house then connects them with the services they need to maintain that tenancy.

“Wellington already has some great services like DCM working to support our city’s rough sleepers. Today’s announcement will reinforce and build on those efforts.

“Rolling out and funding successful social initiatives like this around New Zealand is only possible because of National’s responsible economic management, which gives us positive choices like supporting those most in need.

“We have to stick with National’s clear economic plan so we can afford to do even more for all New Zealanders, especially our most vulnerable,” Ms Willis says.

News from NZ Government
The successful Housing First programme is being expanded into more regions across New Zealand to help end chronic homelessness, Social Housing Minister Amy Adams has announced.

“We don’t want anyone living on the street and the expansion of Housing First will provide help for up to 500 more high need individuals into permanent housing and address the root causes of their homelessness through the provision of targeted, one-on-one wraparound services,” Ms Adams says. “Housing First is delivering results in Auckland and Hamilton. We want more people across New Zealand who are sleeping rough to be supported into stable housing, and provided with the broader help they need to improve their lives.”

The additional Housing First places are being allocated as follows

• Auckland – 100 places on top of the 472 already provided for

• Christchurch – up to 100 places

• Tauranga – up to 100 places

• Wellington (including Lower Hutt) – up to 150 places.

“These locations have been identified based on the estimates of demand in those locations and the likelihood of suitable providers being available.”

Funding of $500,000 over two years will also be provided for Hamilton’s People Project so they can continue their successful Housing First work in the city.

The Government invested $16.5 million in Budget 2017 to expand Housing First into areas of high need across the country, and today’s announcement sets where those places will be allocated.

“Many of our chronically homeless are grappling with complex problems, such as mental health issues or addiction to drugs or alcohol,” Ms Adams says.

“Housing First quickly moves rough sleepers into appropriate housing and then immediately provides tailored wrap-around services to address the issues that led to their homelessness.”

International results consistently confirm that 80 per cent of people who receive Housing First services retain their housing and do not return to homelessness.

In Auckland, 150 homeless people have been helped off the streets during the first months of the $4.7 million Auckland Housing First Initiative – a collaboration between the Government and Auckland Council.

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  1. Mary M, 1. September 2017, 7:48

    Homelessness is about putting a roof over people’s heads. The unaddressed issue is poverty from lack of income support in a toxic so called social service ( MSD), which is a compassion-less govt bureaucracy. The govt and HNZ caused a shortage in public housing so this govt playing good cop, when it is in fact the bad cop, is disingenuous.