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Street lights out all over Wellington; cause being investigated

There were widespread power outages in city streets last night. The Wellington City Council received calls from residents in many suburbs, all concerned that their streets are without lights.

The breakdown was acknowledged by Wellington Electricity. On its website was this message:

Wellington Electricity advises there has been a fault on the electricity network providing power supply to street lights in Central, Eastern and Southern suburbs of Wellington City.

Field crews are on site and expect to progressively restore power to the street lights during the evening. We apologise for the loss of this service and are investigating the cause.

However the outages section of Wellington Electricity’s website insisted that there were no outages. It said, confusingly:

There are currently no known outages.

The website invited people to report an outage. But when you click on the section for reporting streetlight outages, it denied responsibility. Its website said:

Streetlights are owned by your local council. Contact your local council.

But the council was telling callers to contact Wellington Electricity.

Council staff did however confirm that work crews had been called out to fix the city-wide problems. But they could not give any idea of when this would be done. And they indicated – as did Wellington Electricity – that the cause of the problem had not been identified.

Late last night, the Wellington City Council announced on Twitter:

We have been advised by Wellington Electricity that the most of the street lighting in Wellington has been restored. There may be a few exceptions which they will work on fixing.

This morning, the websites of Wellington Electricity and the City Council make no mention of the fact that there was a breakdown, and give no explanation of its cause.

Why are they not explaining the reason?