Wellington Scoop

Driving blind in Brooklyn

by Lindsay Shelton
They repainted the white centre lines on our narrow Brooklyn street last week. But they didn’t realign them. So the crazy road design continues unchanged.

Turn left into our street, and the white centre line is clearly marked. But cars are parked in the left lane. So you’re forced to drive on the right-hand side. Problem is: there’s a blind corner.

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve come face to face with a car coming round that corner and not expecting to be confronted by someone driving at them on the wrong side.

Courtesy, as they say, has to prevail. There’s only been one crash that I can remember. So after one car (or the other) has backed off, to allow the other car to get through, you continue on your way down our street. Towards a second blind corner. With cars parked, again, in the left lane.

You get the picture. You-re again forced to drive on the right of the white centre line as you approach the second blind corner.

Next you come to a strip of road where cars are allowed to park on both sides, and there’s no central white line. This creates a variation on the one-way road system but – as with the rest of the street – there’s no signage warning drivers that it’s only one way.

Approaching the next blind corner, the white line reappears, but this time you drive in the left lane, relaxing. It’s almost like normal. But then as you round the blind corner, you find that cars are parked in the right-hand lane. So you’re again faced by traffic coming at you … but this time you’re in the correct lane, and they’ve had no choice but to use it too.

I won’t go on about the fourth blind corner. But there’s got to be a better way to deal with the narrow streets of Wellington.


  1. JC, 14. September 2017, 12:42

    And that is? [For a start: no parking on either side of the road on blind corners].

  2. Kerry, 17. September 2017, 7:25

    Or take out the white lines?

  3. Traveller, 17. September 2017, 12:28

    It sounds as if some one-way arrows could be useful, too.