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Suddenly so many cycleways

Yesterday’s council decision to spend $6m restructuring the Island Bay cycleway is just the tip of a cycling iceberg for Wellington. A total of seven other projects for cyclists are being built or being planned, with the aim of making city cycling safer.

Work has started on building an off-road cycleway [1] on the harbour side of Cobham Drive [2]. It’ll run from Miramar Avenue to the intersection with Evans Bay Road.

Plans are being developed for the cycleway to continue on Evans Bay Road. [3] Two options are being offered – a two-way cycleway on the harbour side, or two cycleways on opposite sides of the road. Whichever plan is chosen, cyclists will be able to ride safely from Cobham Drive to Carlton Gore Road on Oriental Bay.

There’s also to be a two-way cycle path on the Maupuia side of Miramar Avenue [4].

Work is continuing on the Hutt Road [5], where a separate cycle path [6] is being created alongside the footpath, and parking on the footpath is being phased out. Cyclists coming into the city can soon expect to ride on their own cycleway as far as Tinakori Road – but after that intersection, planning for cycling on Thorndon Quay has not yet been worked out.

In the central city, there are plans for Featherston Street [7] to have a 1.6m-wide bike lane between Bunny Street and Ballance Street.

There are also plans for a short bike path through Post Office Square [8] so people can ride from Customhouse Quay to Jervois Quay and Queens Wharf. The path would be inside the bollards beside the road on a small width of the paved area.

And at the Basin Reserve end of Kent and Cambridge Terrace [9] there are plans to create bike crossings next to the pedestrian crossings, to create new shared paths and to widen footpaths.

However there’s still no complete plan for cycling through Wellington. Cyclists on Featherston Street will be on their own if they want to go further into the CBD. Cyclists using the Island Bay cycleway will get close to Berhampore, but there’s no plan for a cycle route for the rest of their trip through Berhampore and Newtown [10] into Wellington.

And the long-awaited cycleway from Ngauranga to Petone – when it was last heard of they weren’t planning to start building it till 2019 [11].