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New move towards choosing a contractor to strengthen the Town Hall

The Wellington City Council has advised prospective contractors of the timeline for its open tendering process that will next year select a company to strengthen the Town Hall.

In a notice on the government’s electronic tenders service website, the council says its design team is concluding the developed design stage to upgrade and earthquake strengthen the Town Hall to 100 percent of the New Building Standard. The council approved funding for the work in June.

A project summary on the Council’s website details the proposed work plan. It says:

The Town Hall will be strengthened and upgraded over three years approximately, with these extra features:

The tiered Ilott Theatre will become a flat floor space suitable for standalone performances and a support space for the main auditorium.
The West Hall (between the Town Hall and the Municipal Office Building) will be rebuilt to provide access from Wakefield Street to Civic Square and a link to the adjacent building.
The main auditorium will have a new, stronger floor.
A new basement under the main auditorium will provide public toilets and usable space.
Servicing storage and public facilities will be improved, including better loading facilities in the main auditorium with a second stage lift.
The Town Hall pipe organ has been restored and will be reinstalled.

Scanning technology will be used to determine accurate measurements and options. Once the building is scanned, the data will be imported into 3D drafting software to determine strengthening options. The architects can then use the actual dimensions in their drawings to create 3D models.

Time frame

Developed design complete – late 2017
Issue Expressions of Interest documents for Town Hall upgrade and strengthening – late 2017 or early 2018
Decision by Victoria University on acquiring Municipal Office Building to be part of a national centre for musical excellence – late 2017
Issue Request for Tenders for Town Hall upgrade and strengthening – second quarter of 2018
Appoint main contractor – second half of 2018