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Police complain that protestors disrupted traffic and “created safety issues”

News from NZ Police
Police are disappointed with the behaviour of protestors outside the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) conference in Wellington today.

During the protest at Westpac Stadium, nine people were arrested; eight for obstructing a public roadway and one for disorderly behaviour.

A number were released on pre-charge warnings.

Police must balance the lawful right to protest against the public’s right to go about their daily business without being disrupted by protest action.

We are disappointed that a number of protestors behaved in a way that created safety issues, disrupted traffic, and caused delays that inconvenienced the wider public.

“I would like to acknowledge the patience shown by our staff, who conducted themselves with professionalism and acted appropriately based on the situation that was presented to them,” said Inspector Neil Banks, Operations Manager. “We are aware of allegations about police conduct and would remind anyone with concerns that there are several avenues available to them if they wish to make a complaint.

“Police are also aware that further protest activity is planned this week, and we will continue to respond as appropriate.

“Police would also ask that those taking part in any ongoing protest activity continue to keep the safety of themselves and others in mind.”

Correction from NZ Police
Earlier today, we reported that a number of people, who were arrested for obstructing a public roadway and disorderly behaviour, were released on pre-charge warnings. This is not the case. A number were in fact bailed to appear in court at a later date.


  1. Anabel, 11. October 2017, 8:01

    It is the wars and weapons that lead to safety issues (and the refugees).
    The police would do well to follow their own advice.

  2. Mark Shanks, 11. October 2017, 16:46

    Absolutely Anabel and also “caused delays that inconvenienced the wider public” , WTF! War has been and continues to be the biggest inconvenience to the wider public. The Police do not understand irony or their complicity in this moral travesty.