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Bad timing – nothing but diesels for the next eight months

The Regional Council has got its timing askew. It’s ending the trolley bus service eight months before any new buses arrive. During those eight months, Wellington will have nothing except diesel buses. And some of the replacements are old unwanted dungers from Auckland.

The Regional Council initially claimed that its Auckland rejects are from four to eight years old.


But this one, photographed in Courtenay Place last week, is nineteen years old.

And yesterday the Regional Council admitted that it has brought four of the really old buses to Wellington, which transport committee chair Cr Donaldson said was “undesirable”.

No wonder that its Facebook page has received scores of critical comments .

It’s been the same each time that Wellington.Scoop has written about buses – we have received scores of comments from readers saying the trolleys should be kept.

As for the ill-timed replacement schedule, back in 2014 the drivers saw things clearly. They urged regional councillors to delay a decision on scrapping the trolleys until the region was ready for fully electric buses and the technology had been proven in Wellington.

But the councillors ignored their request, and voted in 2014 to get rid of them. They’ve since refused to reconsider and they have ignored many knowledgeable people (including here and here and here and here) who have written about why the decision was wrong.

The new lower-emission diesels (and ten battery-powered double-deckers) are now being built, in England, in China and in Tauranga, where Tranzit says the bus builders are “working at capacity.”

The Regional Council says they’ll all be starting service next July. Is there any anxiety about whether they’ll be completed and delivered on time?

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1 comment:

  1. Stop Trexit, 18. October 2017, 12:19

    TREXIT is as bad as BREXIT in terms of the lack of thought that GWRC Councillors have put into thinking about the replacement old Auckland diesels that will choke Wellington streets come November.

    In terms of cost, there is the $11million to take down the wires and the $900,000 per double decker battery bus and the unknown millions of dollars for the untried battery recharging stations. It’s the regional ratepayers who will be paying for the extra costs of this ill considered GWRC decision.

    The lungs of Wellington City residents will be inhaling the clouds of diesel particulates.