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Tranzit preparing to roll out its new buses, investing in scheduling software

News from Tranzit
The countdown is on… 240 days until Tranzit begins to roll out across the Wellington region.

Over the past 2 months we have hosted 12 Meet the Team sessions and met around 200 fantastic people from different backgrounds interested in joining our journey.

Technology makes our operational processes more streamlined therefore we have invested in new scheduling software called Austrics. This new software will help us plan and schedule timetables more efficiently. We’re also developing our own in-house software called TranzUrban which will be used by our operations team for the day-to-day rostering and management of our part of the network. We are also currently developing a smartphone app to assist everyone in their day to day duties.

Our urban operations team has grown with Steve Infield joining us as Wellington Urban Operations Manager. Steve brings with him extensive experience in managing a large urban operation and is looking forward to a new and improved bus network to work with. Joining Steve is Graham Atkinson who again has a wealth of knowledge and experience in operations and will also be assisting in reviewing our driver training programme.

Tranzit Fleet Units
(not including the Wairarapa)

114 Optare buses in build in the UK
83 BCI buses (28 double-deck, 55 single-deck)
28 Scania buses, maximising Kiwi Bus Builders’ available Tauranga output

All vehicles will start arriving 20 at a time into various ports from March.

Electric Bus Update

Our team have spent the past two years travelling the world visiting EV providers big and small, researching the vast range of technology solutions and selecting the best option for Wellington.

The difficulty we had was in providing sufficient passenger capacity and battery power – while keeping within existing NZ vehicle weight allowances. We’ve certainly done our homework – and there’s more testing to be done between now and July – but we reckon we’re on to a winner.

Ten fully electric double-deck chassis are in build and soon to be on their way from China Rail to our good friends at Kiwi Bus Builders in Tauranga where the bus body will be built.

China truly leads the world in EV technology – fully electric bus sales in China numbered over 100,000 last year compared with less than 20,000 in 2014. That’s huge growth.

The first of our ‘trial’ EV buses from China Rail rolled out of Kiwi Bus Builders factory a few weeks back and went straight to this year’s Bus and Coach Conference in Rotorua. Everyone from our team at the conference couldn’t wait to have a drive – it was almost a race to the hot seat! The acceleration, battery life and all round finished product was impressive.

Next on our to do list was lodging resource consent applications for the charging infrastructure we’ll be needing in Island Bay and elsewhere. We have opted for a pantograph system which is quick and efficient charging during route layovers, plus it has the added bonus of blending in with the surrounding streetlights.

We’ll be introducing five new depots across Wellington..

– Upper Hutt (5,300m²): construction will start by the end of October
– Lower Hutt (6,500m²): building will start late November
– Porirua (10,000m²): building will start early 2018
– Grenada North (25,000m²): plans being finalised now
– Wainuiomata: watch this space
– Rongotai: existing site expanding by a further 2,000 m²
– Wairarapa: existing sites

Our friendly HR team is based at Tranzit HQ in Masterton. The team looks after everything HR related so if you, or someone you know, has any questions about our recruitment process, what roles we will be needing to fill or what to expect when you join our team – give them a call on 0800 200 018 or flick them an email at hr@tranzit.co.nz

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been keeping a record of the most common questions asked at our Meet the Team sessions over the past few months. Here are a few FAQs

Q: Does Tranzit only offer zero-hour contracts?
A: Tranzit offers permanent full-time, permanent part-time and casual contracts. Our permanent contracts have agreed fixed hours. Our casual contracts are the only contracts that have no minimum hours, as is standard across other operators and industries. Individual agreements allow us to personalise your contract based on your preferred work/life balance, and combined with our open-door policy this allows us to be 100% transparent with you.

Q: Does Tranzit expect all drivers to turn up to work at 5am,
but only some will be given work for the day?
A: We absolutely do not make drivers show up for work and give some jobs and send others home – a happy workplace that would NOT be. We are working through our rosters now but we can confirm that a mix of fixed and rotating rosters will be used with consideration given to lifestyle and family requirements where we can, plus personal preference to working hours and days. Our Ops teams won’t be able to please everyone all the time… but without you having a work life balance that works for you – you’re not going to be happy… and an unhappy bus driver is not the aim of our game.

Q: What kind of jobs is Tranzit advertising for?
A: Yes. We have many roles needing to be filled across the Wellington region – from operations supervisors to driver trainers, drivers, mechanics, cleaners and administrators. To ensure you hear first about any roles we are looking to fill – we have your details and we will send out communication on any and all roles being advertised at that time. If you know of anyone else interested, get them to get in contact with our HR team hr@tranzit.co.nz or 0800 200 018 and register their interest too.


  1. Stop Trexit, 24. October 2017, 19:53

    Sounds unbelievably fantastic! Could Tranzit offer to buy the trolley buses off NZ Bus so we can keep our unique 100% electric buses like Shanghai did after their electric buses failed to deliver?

  2. Conn G, 24. October 2017, 20:28

    I saw those electric buses in Shanghai by the Bund back in 2014, BUT they retained the overhead trolleybus wiring, which was a very wise due to technology evolution still in its infancy; the trolleybuses are again running on their old routes.

  3. Citizen Joe, 24. October 2017, 22:43

    I wonder if Tranzit allowed for the minimum wage going to $20/hr in 4 years?

  4. G82, 25. October 2017, 1:09

    Citizen Joe, Tranzit have committed in the media to pay drivers $22 from next year, so I’m sure they’ve factored in new minimum wages.

  5. Busboy, 25. October 2017, 11:42

    Fact check. It is the Regional Council who are removing the trolley buses, not NZ Bus. The trolleys still have another 10 years’ life in them. The Regional Council don’t want to pay for the upkeep of the power supply so have decided they will get rid of that burden. Don’t blame NZ Bus – they want to keep them.

  6. Casey, 25. October 2017, 13:40

    G82: Indeed Tranzit have been reported that they will be paying drivers $22 per hour from the start of their contract, however it’s a flat rate. No extra for overtime work, such as early morning starts, late evening finishes, split shifts, weekends, public holidays. Not a great deal for the drivers,considering the responsibility they carry.

  7. Peter Kerr, 25. October 2017, 18:34

    It’s a very bad proposal for existing drivers especially those who by working overtime are able to earn a passable living. These conditions have been won as a result of bargaining between union and owners.
    Wellington buses provide a vital service in keeping the city working.

    Tranzit need to realise that this is not a rural bus operation where you might get away with low wages and flat rates of pay. It’s to be hoped that the drivers reject Tranzit’s offer, because it represents a serious blow to their conditions and livelihoods. Stripping back pay rates is the only place where operators can move when new tenders are called, and this is what has happened with this latest round.

    We need to back our drivers to the full. They have a responsible and tough job to do in a large city that is often awkward to drive and maneuver in. Assuming that rates and conditions applicable to country bus services will work here is, I think, a tactical mistake on Tranzit’s part.