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Eight standing for city council in Southern Ward by-election

News from WCC
Eight nominations have been received from candidates for the by-election in the Southern Ward of the Wellington City Council. They are:

Vicki Greco
Mohamud Mohamed
Don Newt McDonald
Laurie Foon
Fleur Fitzsimons
Rob Goulden
Thomas G P Morgan
Merio Marsters

Fleur Fitzsimons is the Labour candidate, Laurie Foon is director and designer for the fashion label Starfish, Rob Goulden is a former councillor, and Vicki Greco is chair of the Island Bay Residents’ Association.

The council has not yet provided official biographies for any of the candidates.


  1. IslandBay Cycleway, 26. October 2017, 17:02

    That’s 3 more than the 5 candidates at the local body elections for 2 seats. Good result. Some good candidates too. [via twitter]

  2. Patrick Morgan, 26. October 2017, 17:15

    STV system so we get to rank the candidates. Good. Voting runs from 30 Nov – 22 Dec. [via twitter]

  3. Stop Trexit, 26. October 2017, 18:20

    Do any of these people support trolley buses?

  4. Fleur Fitzsimons, 26. October 2017, 20:03

    I look forward to meeting fellow candidates during the coming weeks! [via twitter]

  5. Rob Goulden, 29. October 2017, 10:25

    Likewise Fleur. Lets have some decent discussion about the issues for the Ward and the City. Looking forward to meeting you all as well. Cheers Rob

  6. Rob Goulden, 29. October 2017, 10:35

    To Stop Trexit: Yes I do support Trolley Buses. However the decision has already been made by the Regional Council to exit these from the city. Perhaps some electric buses without the cables would be worth exploring in the new fleet if we can get those. Cheers Rob