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Do they know where they are?

h-and-m [1]

H&M’s media release yesterday was headlined that it had “opened its doors to New Zealand’s capital city.”

But read further [2], and you’ll discover that their new store is in a place that they call “Lower Hutt, Wellington.”

There’s more. H&M’s Country Manager, whose name is Hans Anderson, says:

“We are incredibly excited to finally open in New Zealand’s capital and the response from the Wellington public has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Are they discounting Hutt Valley shoppers? Or excluding them?

The international company, which began in Sweden 70 years ago, now has more than 4500 stores. So perhaps it can be forgiven for its vagueness about its expanding New Zealand operation. It tells us:

The H&M Wellington store is located at Queensgate Shopping Centre, Queens Drive & Bunny Street, Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Trying to have it both ways, perhaps? Or are they wishing that they’d set up shop on the Golden Mile?