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By-election candidate wants interest-free loans to help strengthen buildings

Media release by Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan, Southern Ward Candidate for the Wellington City Council by-election, has announced a new policy today of providing interest free loans to those effected by urgent building upgrade requirements put on them by the council as a result of the recent earthquakes.

“It’s an easy and sensible idea that will take the pressure off building owners with an issue of life-threatening proportions. As an example right now there about 100 buildings in the city requiring urgent parapet upgrades with owners struggling to find the money for the work,” he said.

The scheme would provide loans to anyone with a council required upgrade notice and that include home owners, commercial building owners and community building owners such as churches and schools. To fund the scheme New Zealanders would be offered an attractive return to buy ‘Earthquake Bonds’ with the interest to be covered by local or central government or by any other reinvestment schemes that might be available. Mr Morgan said that he has very good lines of communication available within central government and would run the idea past both local members of parliament for the Ward – Paul Eagle and Chris Finlayson – and if needed legislation could be developed to allow the Wellington City Council to instigate the scheme in its own right.

Mr Morgan is keen to make life easier for ratepayers, not more difficult. “If the Council is going to put up ideas that are difficult to resolve then it is beholden to also offer some viable ways of dealing with the problem,” he said. He expects that the scheme might become a nation-wide initiative and the finer details would be fairly easy to sort out if the general concept was accepted.

Earlier Media release by Thomas Morgan.
‘Thomas Morgan is delighted to have been nominated for the Southern Ward by-election caused by the appointment of previous Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle as a Member of Parliament for the area. Paul has wished Thomas all the very best with the campaign.

While essentially throwing his hat in the ring, Thomas is reminded that branding is one thing while selecting the best candidate is another and Thomas urges the community to fully assess all the candidates for their strengths, abilities and recent achievements especially looking at the full skill-set being provided for their up-coming work as a city councillor.

‘I’d like to think that I have a comprehensive skill-set and capacity to be an effective councillor in a city that is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s major metropolitan areas. I’ve spent decades effectively preparing a vast skill-set for the role and it is an open offer if the community wish to make the most it’ he said.

Thomas acknowledges that the Southern Ward is a Labour Party stronghold however he says that it is an open election and a chance for the community to select the best possible candidate and not the one selected by anyone else. With a varied educational and career background in media, law, retailing, politics, business management, communication and pro-bono consulting Thomas has a very wide pallet to draw on considering he also wrote this press release himself- he has a wry sense of humour.

Voting opens on November 30 and closes on December 22 and Thomas is hoping for a rather pleasant and surprizing Christmas present!