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  1. Chris Horne, 6. November 2017, 19:19

    I welcome Adshel’s proposals to display rarely seen New Zealand art works on our CBD’s streets. This may go a little way to off-setting the adverse impacts of the advertising hoardings on the many scores of Adshel structures at our CBD and suburban bus stops.

    Adshel’s structures at bus stops are not worthy of the name “bus shelter”, because they provide little or no shelter on wet, windy days. Added to that failing are the advertising hoardings mounted on both sides of one wall of each structure. The advertising detracts from the amenity of our CBD and suburban streets. In certain lights, the hoardings are reflected on the glass wall at the opposite end of the structure, making it difficult to see the route number and destination of an approaching bus. Often the advertising blocks the view of the Real-Time Indicators which the Regional Council has been placing at bus stops. The free-standing, double-sided, advertising hoarding at bus stop 5000, near the Paramount, prevents waiting passengers from seeing the Real-Time Indicator, unless they get up from the seat and walk to the door of the structure. Remarkably poor planning!

  2. Marion Leader, 7. November 2017, 8:13

    If councillors from the responsible organisation(s) ever used buses they might have been troubled by the problems which Chris mentions. They might even have done something about them.
    The same goes for blocking the views when you are sitting on a bus and cannot see out of a window. If only!