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It’s a record: close to 38,000 people at Stadium for playoff

News from WREDA
The All Whites FIFA World Cup playoff against Peru today is expected to pump $8 million into the local economy. Close to 38,000 people will pack into Westpac Stadium for the match. More than 40 per cent of the tickets were sold to people outside the Wellington region.

Kick off time is 4.15pm, which gives the hospitality sector two bites at the entertainment cherry – brunch/lunch pre-game and the dinner/drinks post-game.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency Partnership and Events General Manager Warrick Dent says the All Whites clash will have a significant economic punch with future benefits.

“Not only will it generate a significant boost for the economy, it is focusing the eyes of the footballing world on to the city. The coverage will be reported by around 70 international journalists in Wellington to cover the game.”

Air New Zealand has arranged a number of additional flights to Wellington from both Auckland and Christchurch over the weekend.

Westpac Stadium Chief Executive Shane Harmon says the stadium is geared up for its biggest ever football crowd, breaking its record set in 2009 for the match against Bahrain.

“We are very proud to be hosting another event of this calibre and the stadium will provide a great backdrop for what is sure to be an historic occasion.”

The All Whites fixture will see Westpac Stadium hold the record for all seven of the largest football crowds in New Zealand history. Attracting big sporting events, including the two games during the Lions rugby series earlier this year, is important to the economic vibrancy of the region.

Hospitality New Zealand treasurer and Wellington Branch President Jeremy Smith says the afternoon kick off time works well for cafes, restaurants and bars.

“Most big sporting fixtures in Wellington are played in the evening, so having an important World Cup qualifier kicking off mid-afternoon is very exciting.

“We expect thousands of hungry and thirsty fans will be seeking a brunch or lunch, and then be ready for dinner and drinks after the game. I’m sure Wellington will sparkle in the spotlight.”

Largest Football Crowds in New Zealand Football history

??? All Whites v Peru, Westpac Stadium, 2017

35,179 All Whites v Bahrain, Westpac Stadium, 2009

33,626 All Whites v Mexico, Westpac Stadium, 2013

32,941 Phoenix vs Newcastle Jets, Westpac Stadium 2010

31,853 Wellington Phoenix v LA Galaxy, Westpac Stadium, 2007

26,106 Football United Tour, Westpac Stadium, 2014

24,360 Phoenix vs Perth Glory, Westpac Stadium 2010

Previewing Saturday’s game, David Weiner of Fox Sports reports:

Spearheaded by Burnley striker Chris Wood and West Ham skipper and centre back Winston Reid, the New Zealand outfit, bolstered by a Phoenix core, have also benefited from a Confederations Cup campaign, and the harrowing experience of four years ago in Mexico, where the tie was over in Mexico City before the side had even taken a breath.

News from Westpac Stadium
Several road closures will be in place pre and post-event from the following times:

1pm – 4:30pm

Featherston St Left Lane Closure to be installed in conjunction with Bunny St Closure
Bunny St closed at Featherston St end
No right turn closure Waterloo Quay, southbound into Bunny St
Stout St, no right turn into Bunny St
Featherston St Left Lane Closure south of Mulgrave St to Whitmore St
No left turn into Bunny St, southbound Featherston St

Post Event
4:30pm – 8pm

Bunny St closed at Featherston St end
No right turn closure Waterloo Quay, southbound into Bunny St
Stout St, no right turn into Featherston St and Bunny St
Thorndon Quay closed (Davis St to Mulgrave St)
Mulgrave St closed (Aitken to Thorndon Quay/Featherston St)
Featherston St closed (Mulgrave St to Whitmore St)

Drop-offs are permitted on-site in the ground level drop-off lane up until 2.00pm. After 2pm, the below provisions will apply.

Taxi and public drop-offs are available at Bunny St (Wellington Railway Station) and the Thorndon Spiral. It is then a short walk along the Fran Wilde Walkway to the front gates.

Mobility drop-offs are permitted in the ground level drop-off lane on presentation of a valid Mobility Permit. Please have your permit visible at all times and ready to present to Police or Stadium staff on arrival. A people mover service is available to transport you from the car park to the front gates. Please speak to staff for more details on arrival.


  1. Justin Lester, 9. November 2017, 10:05

    To all AllWhites fans, go absolutely bananas and DON’T STOP SHOUTING. Let’s help get the lads across the line. [via twitter]

  2. Stop Trexit, 9. November 2017, 21:53

    Justin we (NZ) are playing Peru not Ecuador at football!

    Peru is the world’s biggest source of lithium for batteries (Ecuador’s biggest in bananas).

    So Justin it’s “go absolutely battery powered for 90 minutes and forget that we’ve stuffed our 100% electric trolley buses”