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Trevor Mallard is new Speaker of Parliament

Report by Scoop Team
Members of the 52nd Parliament have today been sworn in, and Hutt South List MP Trevor Mallard has been elected as Speaker.

After Royal Commissioners called the Parliament together, MPs were sworn-in in alphabetical order running from Amy Adams to Lawrence Yule.

When Trevor Mallard was nominated as Speaker, there was some delay while National MPs queried whether all MPs had been sworn in and whether they could vote. There were a number of discussions and negotiations – but there were no other nominations and Mallard was duly elected.

In one change of tradition, Mallard feigned no pretence at reluctance at the appointment and was not dragged to the chair in pantomime fashion.

Mallard said feigning reluctance would have possibly been a breach of privilege and thanked the Opposition for not forcing his Labour colleagues to express confidence in him. He said he would ensure there was free speech in the House and protect the Opposition’s ability to hold the Government to account.

Mallard said some aspects of Parliament needed to be modernised and made more family friendly. After speeches of congratulations, the House adjourned.

Tomorrow morning the Governor-General will deliver the Government’s Speech from the Throne outlining its programme. The House will then sit at 2pm to begin business.

1 comment:

  1. Michael Gibson, 8. November 2017, 15:40

    I thought that the Wairarapa MP Alastair Scott behaved disgracefully when, in his oath, he slipped in a reference to the “airs and graces” of Queen Elizabeth 11 instead of “heirs and successors”.
    Nobody else had any difficulty (though I suppose the bit of “fun” would not occur to anyone whose first language was something other than English).