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Pedestrian seriously injured, hit by bus at CBD intersection

News from NZ Police
There has been a crash in central Wellington involving a bus and a pedestrian.

The crash happened shortly after 2.20pm at the intersection of Manners Street and Willis Street.

The male pedestrian is in hospital in a serious to critical condition.

Manners Street was closed between Willis Street and Victoria Street after the crash. It was reopened about two hours later.

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  1. David Bond, 9. November 2017, 17:47

    Please consider putting our major rapid-transit artery on its own right-of-way, preferably as underground rail, instead of threading it through pedestrian-rich CBD streets. The outcome, just like the general road-toll, is so utterly predictable.

  2. Concerned Wellingtonian, 9. November 2017, 18:07

    Our buses spend most of their time at traffic lights or waiting for another bus to move out of the way at bus-stops.

  3. Citizen Joe, 9. November 2017, 21:45

    Sad! Makes you wonder why the WCC rerouted buses the opposite way round a rectangle a few years back. It has done nothing to reduce travel times and there have been a few pedestrian accidents (including NZ Bus CEO) that previously did not seem to happen.

  4. Curtis Nixon, 9. November 2017, 22:32

    The public transport spine needs to go along the quays and up Taranaki St and Cambridge and Kent Tces. Both buses and light rail would be better off the Golden Mile. The current set up is ridiculous, like cruise ships sailing along Venice’s canals.

  5. Mark, 10. November 2017, 11:18

    There is now sufficient evidence to suggest this route is a serious health and safety issue – and failure to respond is verging on criminal charges being laid against council officers. This route is deadly and pales in comparison to the previous route which had few, if any incidents. The buses should be returned to their former route, where buses could not speed due to the number of turns. As pointed out below, there has been no speed advantage with the new route, and even if there was, safety should come first.

  6. David Bond, 10. November 2017, 13:01

    Curtis Nixon – good analogy, like cruise ships on Venice’s canals!

    And although speeds along the “Slowdown Mile” have already been reduced to 30Km/h, it is evident that this is still too high.

    Rapid transit and pedestrians don’t mix. If it’s to be rapid it needs to be segregated. If it’s to be safe around pedestrians it won’t be rapid. Basic fact.

  7. Neil Douglas, 10. November 2017, 21:57

    DB – enlightened Venice is planning to curtail cruise ship numbers because they are too big and the masses of tourists annoy the locals.

  8. Curtis Nixon, 11. November 2017, 0:31